Notes: Formerly called Therapy, the title changed to Emotional Instability, and probably will change again. I have this entire story written out, and I'll post once a week until all seven chapters are up--probably on Mondays, unless I'm not here. This would have been up yesterday (16 July), but my internet crapped out.

Disclaimer: Naruto and it's characters belong to Kishimoto. Not I. Boo.

Story Summary: Every afternoon, after school, Gaara meets with his therapist to try and figure out why he went crazy last year and nearly killed someone. At the same time, she helps him realize things about himself. SasuGaa mainly, mentions of NaruHina and HakuNeji.

Warnings: Rated M for language, abuse, male-male relationships (though there's nothing serious),mention of suicide, violence, and some other things.


"Hey, look who it is." God damn it all, it's the last day of school, why do they have to fuck around now?

"Get lost, asshole." I mutter, slamming my locker closed, the sound hollow now that there's no books in it. Most of the books have been returned to teachers, and I'm only carrying my math notebook. Last class of the last day, almost, and they decide to fuck with me. Today has been bad enough all ready.

A hand slams into my locker, a large hand, landing a few inches to the left of my head, the arm attached to it tensed, bared by the sleeveless jersey that one Hoshigaki Kisame is wearing. I inch to the right, only to bump into Momochi Zabuza. Finally bothering to look up, and see what the hell they want, I come face to face with Uchiha Shisui. Behind him is Itachi and this guy Sasori, who's supposed to graduate.

This won't end well. I have time to think, before there's a first moving towards my face. Amazingly, I duck the oncoming punch. Someone kicks me, right in the ribs, which makes me yelp. Something in my mind clicks--or maybe snaps--about then, and I decide I've had enough.

I don't remember much of what happens next, except pain and screams, some mine, most theirs. By the time my memory clears up again, Itachi, Kisame, Shisui, and Zabuza are gone, there's a lot of blood on the lockers and floor--I found out later I broke Kisame's nose--and my hands are wrapped around a very blue-looking Sasori's throat. He's clawing at my arm with one hand, and I wonder where the other one is, before I see it.

His left arm seems to be hanging by the socket, and there's a bone sticking out at his wrist. My eyes widen, as I let go, dropping him to the floor, backing up against the lockers. My mouth hangs open for a moment, before I start screaming, curling down on myself and shaking.

I think I black out after that.


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