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Story Summary: Every afternoon, after school, Gaara meets with his therapist to try and figure out why he went crazy last year and nearly killed someone. At the same time, she helps him realize things about himself. SasuGaa mainly, mentions of NaruHina and HakuNeji.

Warnings: Rated M for language, abuse, male-male relationships (though there's nothing serious), mention of suicide, violence, and some other things.

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Dear Chiyo,

Well, it's been over six months since I stopped seeing you every day. Sorry for not writing sooner, but I never really had anything to say.

My new therapist, Tsunade, is really helping me sort out my emotions. She says that I should try finding a creative outlet for them, so I searched and searched, discovered I couldn't write worth crap, couldn't draw well enough to express my feelings, and I suck at sports by choice. Then I found music. I joined up the school band--yes, I'm a band geek, stop laughing--and play the trombone. Plus I'm teaching myself guitar, and making my own music. A lot of it isn't all that depressed, either. Maybe I'll send you a tape some time.

You might all ready know this, but Naruto and Hinata are now officially together. Funny enough, because Hinata started hanging out with Naruto, who would hang out with me and Sasuke, Neji started to hang out with us too. He's really cool, but doesn't talk a lot, and acts like a body guard or something for Hinata. Anyways, Haku also hangs out with us most of the time, and I've seen him and Neji giving each other eyes. It's really funny, since neither of them will admit it.

While I'm on the subject of couples, it merits mention that Sasuke and I had our six-month anniversary last week, and spent it watching horror movies on my couch. Well, actually, we spent most of the time cuddled up to each other, but I'm sure you'd rather think that we sat quietly and stared at the television screen. Either way, it was really fun, because we were home alone. Dad was away on a business trip, and Kankurou had forced Temari to go to a friend's house, then left himself.

Of course, it wasn't as great as it could have been. Dad came home just as Sasuke was about to leave and nearly flipped out--probably because he walked into the house to see his son wrapped around some random guy in a lip-lock. He told me later that he thought I was being raped, though. And he forced us both to sit down and went through all the talk about using protection and getting tested for all sorts of diseases before we have sex. So apparently he doesn't care that I like guys.

Though the talk was really graphic, and made me want to throw up my popcorn. Makes me wonder if he'll do the same thing when he finds out about Temari's boyfriend.

So yes, my life is looking wonderful. Sasuke told me that he found out this wonderful little secret--which is refuses to divulge--about Itachi, and now holds almost complete control over his older brother. So we get chauffeured anywhere we want to go when we feel like going ut, and Itachi isn't even allowed to say mean comments. I'm waiting for him to show up at my house in the front seat of his fancy sports car wearing a little suit and cap, and hold the door open for me and refer to me as 'sir'. It's only so long until Sasuke thinks it'd be hilarious.

This letter is getting long, and study hall is getting short, so I'll end here. Thanks for all you did for me, Chiyo. I hate to think what kind of crazy I'd be if you hadn't talked some sense into me six months ago. Maybe next you can help Naruto, I've always thought he was nuts.




Aww... It's over. I remember thinking, like back when I wrote chapter three (Wednesday), that I wanted the epilogue to be a letter to Chiyo from Gaara. Then I realised I'd need a prologue too, so I wrote about what made him crazy really quick (and it hurt me here -indicates heart- to injure Sasori-kun).

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