A/N: I wrote this poem years ago before fan fiction came along. However, the situation matches Hermione's well enough, so here it is.

IMPORTANT: This takes place shortly after Ron and Lavender get together and is from Hermione's perspective.

Disclaimer: I own nothing… especially not Harry Potter

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Around This Place

I saw you sitting there,
You saw me,
You braced yourself.
I really didn't want to do anything,
I was mad, sure,
But when I looked into your eyes,
I remembered things,
Good things,
Good times,
And I almost wanted to laugh.
I remembered the other times,
The bad,
The scary,
And I felt tears coming into my eyes.
I fought them away,
And asked you why,
And you looked at me,
With those huge,
Blue eyes,
And for some reason,
I couldn't see the lies,
I couldn't picture it,
I couldn't see you crying.
And upon a closer look,
I realized how much it meant,
Not only to her,
But to me,
I found things playing back,
And all I wanted to say,
"I miss you,
Why won't you come back?"
But I know it can't happen,
Some things happen,
Too many things happen,
Life happened,
And life's not fair, you know,
So I guess it's time,
To get over a loss,
Made for the better,
One that improved our lives,
Your life, I guess,
Her life, I suppose,
And my life, too…
I just have to get used to the fact,
That even though you're stupid,
I miss you around this place.