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by simplyjoox382

Ino knows the extent of her love towards Sasuke better than anyone else. It is about as strong as Hyuuga Hinata's undying passion for social gatherings and blind dates; in other words, nonexistent. It is a mystery to Ino why she even pursues her dream of being Sasuke's significant other when she feels nothing for the raven haired boy. Perhaps the cause of it is because of Ino's ex-best friend turned rival. No matter what, Ino refuses to loose to Sakura; but to stoop so low as to steal an important person from her closest friend, Ino knows it isn't right. That can't be the reason.

Ino's empty heart has been pinning after Sasuke's affection even before Sakura started the academy. Her fawning over Sasuke and Sasuke completely ignoring her is a constant in small Ino's loveless life. It's comforting. The fact that Ino could go to the end of the world and beyond for Sasuke's sake, and he still would not look at her is something that sooths Ino. No matter what, Sasuke would never be hers and Ino could care less. She doesn't know it, but Ino is lonely. Her obsessing over Sasuke is only a way of forget how lonely she really is.

It is a pity that she realizes this only after breaking Nara Shikamaru's unalterable little heart.