Somerset and Mills arrived at the police station shortly after noon. Rain was falling slowly, with short, low rumbles in the distance. An average day in the city. Somerset noticed many new faces hanging around the station, along with a few familiar ones that caught his attention. Mills stopped in front of the door and stared at it.

"I remember the first time I ever walked into this place. And the last." He said aloud.

Somerset decided not to say anything and opened the door. David followed after him. Many of the officers who had known him greeted him and smiled, and Mills got many strange glances as he passed by. They all knew his history. What John Doe did to him. What Mills did to John Doe. It had been on the news for weeks. People wrote books on it, had television shows about it, and people had attempted to replicate it. None had made it past the first murder, since they left too many clues.

The chief was pleased to see them and held out his hand.

"Mills. Somerset. Glad to see ya back here."

Somerset shook his hand, followed by Mills.

"Not glad to be back but I gotta do my duty." Somerset said smiling.

Mills just stood there, quietly. The chief handed Somerset the file.

"That's everything we got so far. Now I'm hoping you two fill solve this thing before it escalates."

"We will." Mills said, and walked off.

"I agreeā€¦" Somerset said softly, and followed him, knowing the next few days could the be the longest in his life.