Hayner is considering asking his mom to move across town. Not only would he be closer to Pence and Olette that way - his house is in the opposite direction, and he'd like to walk home from school with them - but he would also be farther from Seifer. It's not as though he wants to go anywhere but home after school; Pence and Olette are good kids who do their homework and go to bed early on school nights, so it would be a waste of time to hang out with them before the weekend.

Problem is, Seifer and the rest of his little gang go straight home too. And they live past Hayner. Which means, unwillingly, he walks home with them every day. He's tried walking slowly, but Seifer just looks at him like he knows, and Hayner gets frustrated that he's pretty much hiding from the older boy.

So they walk in rows, Seifer by Fuu, and Rai by Hayner, because at least Rai is capable of being civil. Hayner secretly thinks that he's too stupid to understand that they're not friends, but keeps this to himself so as not to be punched by either of Rai's friends.

"Windy," Fuu comments, and almost almost sounds happy.

"Still too hot though, y'know?" Raijin adds, to which Seifer gives a frustrated noisy of agreement before undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Trust Seifer to start taking off his school uniform before he even gets home, Hayner thinks, and gives his best death glare to the back of the blond's head.

The walk home always sucks, but today is particularly bad.

Because it's windy, and Fuujin is walking right in front of him. Wearing the school uniform. Short skirt and all. And it's not like he's trying to look up her skirt, but the breeze keeps lifting it and--

White cotton.

Boring, Hayner thinks. Olette's are usually patterned - not that he looked in her panty drawer during their last sleepover or anything. The blond blinks, and eyes the hem of her skirt for a moment longer. A flash of something - ribbon, perhaps?

"The train will be arriving shortly," The loudspeakers informs them, and Seifer curses, dashing towards the stairs. Fuu and Hayner follow suit quickly, and after a moment of struggling with the three backpacks he's carrying, Rai does too.

Running up the stairs, Hayner watches the fluttering pleats in front of him. He squints, and finally at the top of the stairs, heading towards their train, reads;

"Property of Seifer Almasy."

Fuujin's hands fly to her skirt, tugging it down as she gives him her worst glare. He flinches.

Seifer, however, for the entire train ride home, looks very smug.

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