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Passing Strangers

She walked down the street, blissfully happy and unawares of people passing by. Her new promotion had set sail her career, and now she'd be able to have the life she wanted.

Not that she didn't already have a wonderful life, in fact, she could only remember very few instances where she hadn't been happy. Mainly in her childhood…her parents divorce, her fathers drinking problems, his eventual lock up.

After that, her mother had gotten re-married, and they'd all gone to live with Allen, a wonderful man who made their mother very happy. She'd gained such wonderful memories from her childhood, she truly pitied anyone who could ever be less fortunate. Every child deserves to be loved the way she and her brother had.

She smiled as she thought of her brother, what a man he'd become. They were having lunch today, at some restaurant on 31st.

She was just about to call him when she felt that odd feeling again. She could never explain it, it just came and left unexpectedly, and the only thing she could even compare it to was… a sense of loss, but she hadn't lost anything. She sighed, knowing it would pass, when she felt the sudden urge to look up from her phone, finding herself staring into the eyes of a stranger.

In that one moment, she felt herself complete, as if her whole life she'd only been a half of something. Time seemed to stand still as she gazed into the eyes of a complete stranger… desperation, guilt, hopelessness, happiness, excitement, amazement…and sadness were all in his eyes.

And then it was gone. Time hadn't stood still…and he was gone, and she was just standing there.

Her breathing quickened…another feeling now, like dejavu but deeper. She turned to watch the mans retreating form, off to wherever he was going, without a second thought towards her…and yet her whole life was suddenly less bright, less vibrant…all because she'd looked into this mans eyes.

As she regained her composure, she settled on the fact that it was nothing, how could it be anything but?

After all, he was just a passing stranger.