Time for a break

Chapter 1 Decision

The flock was flying in a loose formation with Max and sometimes Fang at the point. They had waked at first light after a night spent in the trees. 'We have sure spent a lot of nights in trees lately. It has been too long since we were able to take some time to relax' Max thought to herself. She remembered the last time they had stayed at the beach. That was the time Angel had learned to breath underwater. 'She sure scared us,' Max remembered. 'I wish we could find a spot on the beach to stay for a bit.' Max thought.

You know that you could rent a place, piped the insistent little voice inside her head.

"Sure if we had any money!" Max snapped out loud.

'I hope she's alright,' Fang thought.

Check your pocket, the voice hinted to Max.

Max gasped as she reached into the pocket in her jeans and felt the corner of a plastic card.

"You okay?" Fang asked as he flew up beside her.

"Oh, I'm fine," Max replied, "Hey Fang, do you think we could be okay at the beach for a few days?"

"Probably … It would be better than flying around in no true direction." Fang commented.

Max winced, "Oh, you noticed."

"Of coarse … but I doubt the little ones have figured it out yet," Fang pointed out.

"Hey guys, you wanna stay at the beach for a while?" Max called back to the rest of the flock, missing the searching look that Fang cast her.

"Yeah!" Angel exclaimed.

"You bet!" Nudge and Gazzy chorused.

"Where?" Iggy questioned.

'You'll see," was Max's only reply as they changed course. As they flew Max pulled out the card that she had felt in her pocket. It was a new credit card, just like the old one they used to have. The card said 'Maximum Ride' on it. 'Where did this come from?' Max thought.

Your pocket of course, the voice smartly answered.

'I know that, but how did it get there?' Max thought, 'and by the way, could you be any more irritating?'

Yes, the voice chimed before it shut up.