Title: "Dreaming Out Loud"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: R
Spoilers: Various seasons
Summary: Angel's having those dreams again . . .
Disclaimer: Angel, Cordelia Chase, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, and Darla are © & TM their respective owners and are used without permission. Everything else is © & TM Pirate Turner. The author makes no profit off of this story.

"Angel?" He looked up, and his dark eyes widened at the vision of perfect beauty that he was met with. Milky moonlight framed her slender, bronzed body, and her hair dropped in silky curls behind her. Mischievous moonbeams played over her body, highlighting every luscious curve, and his hands ached to reach out, take her, and pull her down onto his lap. Despite his confusion, he could not stop his longing gaze from traveling her tempting body.

"Cordy, what . . . ?" he tried to ask only to find that his words froze in his throat. There was a mad thundering in his ears that sounded like a heartbeat, but he knew that that could not be.

"Angel, I love you," she told him sincerely, her hazel eyes gazing deep into his black orbs from across the room. As she continued to speak, she slid slowly toward him, and he could almost swear that she was floating on air as she moved, swaying seductively one hip at a time, toward him. "I always have. I always will."

"I love you too, Cordy," he breathed in response, a smile growing on his face. Despite the elated joy that her heartfelt confession of love had wrapped him in, Angel could not release his confusion nor his nervousness for he knew all too well what danger they were falling into. "But . . . But we can't . . . " he tried to warn her but could not stop his stunned lips, heated with a longing that was more intense than any he had ever felt before, from fumbling over themselves.

Cordelia quirked one slender eyebrow at him as she told him with a grin, "Yes, we can." She held up a hand, and for the first time, he noticed the vial that she carried. "Wesley just found the cure!"

"What!" he exclaimed, his joy leaping even higher inside him. "Are you sure!"

She inclined her head in a nod as she assured him, her brilliant smile lighting the dark room, "Positive."

He was on his feet in an instant but dared not rush to her. If he did, he knew that he would not be able to stop himself and would act on what his entire being ached so desperately for before he could drink the cure. Cordelia stopped within a few feet and wordlessly handed him the vial. Their fingers brushed, shooting even more sparks through both, as he accepted the vial. Pressing the vial to his lips, he threw back his head and drank every drop before tossing it behind him.

There was a small crash as its glass hit the floor, but even as it did, Angel reached out. His hand snaked around Cordelia's slender waist and, pressing gently against the small of her back, pulled her to him. His other hand moved up to lovingly stroke her hard breasts as his lips captured hers. Their tongues dove into each other's mouths as their passion built into a full-blown storm.

Hazel eyes snapped up from a magazine as a low moan of pleasure escaped the man in the bed. The brunette shook her head, her eyes flashing. "I swear, after all that's happened, he's still having those dreams of Darla of all damn people!" She threw the forgotten magazine to the floor as fury filled her. Everything she did, and it was still those blasted blondes that he turned to! She just couldn't take it any more, and besides if he were to wake to find her in his bedroom, she would be dead meat even though she had just been keeping him company. Cordelia stormed out mere seconds before Angel whispered her name in his sleep.

The End