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-To Jordan the past year and a half was a hurricane of emotions. It all started the day that Woody was shot in the line of duty,the moment in the hospital when his anger told her to 'screw her pity and leave'. Then there was the night at the Lucy Carver Inn when passion finally gave in to itself. The meaningless fling involving Lu Simmons and the tragedy that was JD Pollack. Within those spaces were a loss of childhood when she realized her father wasnt returning any time soon,a minute of motherhood to a young girl who was a reflection of herself,the bonds of friendship being tested by alcohol and the 'symptoms of malaria' that true love can bring. Now that the murder trial and corruption charges against Judge Gordon were ending,the true guilty party who had taken away her friend and lover JD and her freedom for months,Jordan could leave DC and return to Boston.She could go home.

-Home,where her friends would be waiting with their arms wide open. She knew they had worked so hard for this moment,even a few from the BPD had risked their necks for her...again.One in particular detective came to mind...Woodrow Hoyt. The name alone sent chills down Jordan's spine. This man was everything to her. To have spent even just one day without him was unbearable. The fact that Woody held her heart so tightly in his grasp was an even more terrifying feeling than losing her freedom and spending life in prison for a crime she didnt commit.

-She only had an hour before the plane would land and she wanted to try and catch a nap so she would be a little refreshed for the mob that was about to happen at the airport. The thought of who might be waiting for her when she arrived brought her into a peaceful daydream before falling into a light sleep. Maybe Garett would be there to lend a firm shoulder and some advice as how to start over after all that had happened recently. She had missed her 'bestest girlfriend.' Maybe he wouldnt mind letting her use a little vacation time. She had missed Lily telling Brandeau that she couldnt marry him. There would be alot of catching up to do on the new relationship with Bug. Nigel,now there would be a refreshing face to see. She actually wouldnt mind getting a big bear hug and a "how ya doing,luv?" He had done so much to help the police search in the right direction for the truth. There was one person though that she was really hoping to see. Jordan wouldnt admit it but she was a little nervous to see Woody again. Now that there wasnt really anything standing in the way of them getting together 'physically' there was a whole lot to discuss 'emotionally.' But this time she was gonna get it right,or at least try to get everything out in the open. She had learned from JDs death that opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.

-The sudden thump and screech from the brakes woke Jordan from her slumber. "Well,I might as well prepare myself for the calm after the storm" she mumbled to herself. With that said she grabbed her carry on and preceded down the aisle and off the plane. Waiting for her in the lobby was a person she didnt really expect to see for quite awhile...or at least someone she really didnt care to see for some time to come...Detective Simmons.

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