Title: Pigtails

Author: Michey aka Vala

Summary: A turning into kid fic with Daniel and Vala

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Laundry was getting impatient, himself and half of SG-1 were waiting in the briefing room, for Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran, Daniel was meant to be presenting to them what he had found out about the device he had been studying from P3G-464, apparently he had made a big breakthrough, Vala had been helping him translate it, as the language inscribed around the base of the unit was an ancient form of Go'uld and who better to decipher it than a former snakehead.

"Colonel Carter" said General Laundry, causing her to sit to attention, "Could you go and retrieve Daniel and Vala, I'm sure they're still in Doctor Jackson's lab too wrapped in whatever it is they're working on to remember the time."

"Yes Sir." replied Sam as she left the room heading for Daniel's lab, knowing full well that this wasn't the first time he was late for a briefing after getting too excited by a new language or discovery.

When she arrived at the lab though she didn't encounter an archeologist and his ever glued to his side sidekick, instead she found two unconscious children, both lying by the side of Daniel's desk.

Moving over to their laying forms Sam quickly checked their pulses, making sure that they were both breathing and alive, then moved straight over to the SGC internal phone, and dialed the number for the briefing room.

"General, this is Colonel Carter, I think you all better get down here, I think we have a security leak."

All members of the briefing quickly looked between themselves before jumping out of their seats and heading for Daniel's office.

Once off the phone to the briefing room, Sam had called Doctor Lam in the infirmary and asked her to send a team down as well to check out the children who were still asleep to the world in the office.

"Sam?" Questioned Cameron as he entered the lab, asking as to the situation.

"We seem to have intruders on the base." replied Sam indicating to the two sleeping forms.

"Whose are they?" asked Laundry

"No idea Sir, I just found them in here."

"What of Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran?" enquired Teal'c

"They weren't here when I got arrived."

"Alright, what have we got?" asked Doctor Lam entering the room, with two nurses and a gurney.

"It seems two kids have infiltrated the base." replied a very confused General, a statement which earned him a bemused look form his daughter.

"Ok, well lets get them to the infirmary and make sure they are healthy, at least."

She replied as the two nurses lifted one child up each and placed them side by side on the gurney.

"And Human." interjected Cameron, "make sure they're human, the last thing we want is some big horrible morphing monster that can make itself look like innocent kids." he pretended to shudder.

"I'll look out for big horrible morphing monsters Colonel." Doctor Lam replied as she and the nurses pushed the gurney out the door.

The members of SG-1 all looked at each other with bewilderment before following onto the infirmary.