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Afterthe briefing the team all headed to the commissionary, although Vala had already eaten. They shouldn't really be surprised at her outgoing nature and wills to get whatever she wanted as a child, considering her behaviour as an adult, but she still managed to amaze them.

Daniel however was even madder at her, as she hadn't asked the man to bring him dinner too, and only thought about herself.

As Cameron and Teal'c went to get food for everyone, Sam took the children to a table in the corner of the commissionary, trying to keep them away from the prying eyes of the SGC personnel still fascinated with the former members of SG1.

They returned to the table carrying dinner for everyone except Vala, who just had a small bunch of grapes since she had already eaten.

"So, after this how about we get you two ready for bed?" Sam suggested

"But I'm not tired."

"I know but if we get you both ready for bed, then we can watch a movie or play a game until you guys are sleepy."