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Unrequited Love


It was huge and beautiful.

But it had the same features and structure as her own high school.

Execpt it had a different name this time.

Ouran University.

The petite girl with dark brown eyes entered its gates and looked around.

At least the school didnt require wearing a school uniform.

And there were lot of people like her.

It was her second week in the University and she finally met someone who she can call a friend. Nope, its not a guy, unlike before but a sweet and kind girl named Naru Yamato.

"Hi Haruhi"Naru greeted coming up from behind her. She turned and smiled. "Good day"she greeted back.

"I wonder what's in store for us now"she said out of the blue.

"I really dont know"Haruhi answered looking around.

Naru studied in the states during highschool. Even though she didnt boast it, she knew her new friend was also wealthy like the rest.

But she was also the first person to talk to Haruhi.

They went upstairs to their first class which was across the long hallway, right in the tip.

They passed by several rooms when one room caught her eye.

"Anything wrong Haru-chan?"Naru asked. Haruhi was looking at a room that looked exactly like where they held the club two years back.

Haruhi shooked her head, and smiled weakly. "Its nothing really..lets go.."

'i wonder where they are right now'


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