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"I'm so proud" Tamaki Suou announced looking stunning in his white suit. "She's number one"

The twins sighed shaking their heads. "My lord you haven't changed in five years"

"Well the two of you look the same" he replied dryly.

"We came here just for Haruhi and designed a beautiful dress for tonight's graduation party" Kaoru replied.

"What does it look like?" he asked curiously.

"That's for you to know" Hikaru replied.

Tamaki gritted his teeth, while Huni and Mori approached them. Mori wore a black suit looking more like a bodyguard to Huni who looked rather the same with his child like looks.

"Haru-chan is so smart!" Huni exclaimed happily. Mori nodded in agreement.

Tamaki smiled, "see at least someone praises her"

"Huni-senpai, don't overdo it. My lord's head is getting too big" Hikaru whispered to the small boy.

"Why you!" he began when Kyouya patted Tamaki's shoulder. "Tamaki, I noticed Haruhi looked rather pale the entire graduation ceremony"

Tamaki stopped and glanced at her from afar. She was speaking to Naru and Kyouya was right. She looked pale and was trying hard to smile. But she looked fine this morning.

"I think she's just stressed" he replied calmly, "She's been studying a lot for the last few weeks"

"Really?" Kyouya replied folding his arms. "And what have you been doing?"

"I've been working. You know my grandmother and my father have been pressuring me to take over our properties. It's been a year since we graduated Kyouya" he replied.

"And its been nearly four years since you got married" Kyouya said dryly. "With no results.." he mumbled.

Meanwhile Haruhi was talking to Naru squeezing her arm. "So this is it.."

"Yes, I can't believe we're finally done" Naru replied smiling back sadly.

"I forgot to tell you about something really important" Haruhi began and looked far away.

"What is it?"

"I used to be a member of the Host Club" Haruhi replied. "Weren't you surprised that I was so close to the guys?"

Naru nodded, "sometimes it would come across me on how comfortable you were around them.. then I realize that you were the Fujioka Haruhi of the Host Club. I ended up asking Ootori-kun about it"

Haruhi let out a small laugh. "I guess I'm busted.."

"Your really amazing Haruhi" Naru replied, "Who could imagine you pulling a stunt like that.."

Haruhi groaned. "Please..its not amazing. I had to join the club because I broke their precious vase.."

Naru laughed wholeheartedly. "But you got to meet them all and they became your friends"

Haruhi nodded, a wave of dizziness came across her. "Yeah, its true.."

"And of course there's Tamaki Suou" she added with a wink. "When I learned about the host club and saw their pictures, I instantly wanted Tamaki" she confessed. "But then he was better off with you" she laughed. Haruhi smiled nervously suddenly she felt sick. For the past few days she's been like that.

"Haruhi?" Naru's voice entered her consciousness, "are you okay?"

"Y-yeah" she choked back, cold sweat dropped from her forehead.

"Haruhi your pale!" she exclaimed making Yuzuru who was just nearby turned to look at them.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Chairman Suou—" Naru began when all of a sudden Haruhi fell forward. "Haruhi!" she shouted in surprise. Chairman Suou caught her by the second. "Haruhi!"


The hospital room was filled with all the members of the host club, including Naru, Ranka and Yuzuru. Tamaki was busy walking back and forth nervously as the doctor examined Haruhi inside the room.

"What did you do my lord?" Hikaru replied dryly.

"You got Haruhi sick" Kaoru continued.

"I was right when I noticed she was pale" Kyouya replied sitting in on of the couches. They were all staying in a private hospital lobby in a hospital the Ootori family owned.

Tamaki shrank back as everyone gave him a disapproving nod. Even Ranka looked scary to him.

"Now, now.." Naru blurted out trying to keep everything calm. "We have to wait for the doctor's advise first"

"Oh I hope Haru-chan will be okay" Huni said in small voice clutching Mori sleeves.

"She will" Tamaki answered shakily, "She's a strong girl"

Suddenly the door opened and the doctor came out with an expression they could not understand what it means. He scratched his half bald head and looked at all of them.

He looked surprise to see them all crowding in the room. "Uh, are you all family?" he asked blinking back.

"Yes" the twins replied before anyone can.

"Kawasaki-sensei" Kyouya replied in a serious voice.

The doctor looked at him and gave a small smile. "Ootori-san, are these your friends?"

He nodded, "Yes and this" the faced towards Yuzuru, "This is Chairman Yuzuru Suou of Ouran School , Haruhi's father-in-law and Ranka-san, Haruhi's father"

They all exchange their hellos.

"And of course the husband, Tamaki Suou" Kyouya replied lastly.

"What a lucky girl Haruhi is.."Kawasaki-sensei replied, "But..I must speak to the husband privately"

TAmaki's face went pale and his heart let out a sharp thud. "Sensei! What is wrong? Can't you tell us?" Ranka replied in alarm. Yuzuru nodded, "I hope its nothing serious"

"After I speak with Tamaki-kun" he said motioning to enter the room were Haruhi was being examined.

Everyone was silent as Tamaki entered the room.

Naru sat back and shook her head. "I don't like the feeling of this.."

"We will have to wait" Kyouya announced.

Meanwhile Tamaki entered the room and found Haruhi sitting up with a flushed look in her face.

"My Haruhi!" Tamaki exclaimed rushing to her side. "Are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine" she stammered.

"But your face…its beet red.." he began and looked at the doctor, who was nodding his head. "Do you want to know what's wrong with her?"


"I'll tell him sensei" she said pulling him down and whispered something to his ear.

"WHAT?! Are you sure?!" he said in surprise.

"But you see here Tamaki, we didn't do anything for the last past month" she reasoned out.

"Yeah your right" he said.

Kawasaki-sensei let out a long sigh. "What do you mean you didn't do anything? That's crazy. Why don't you.." he motioned Tamaki to sit in the chair beside Haruhi's bed, "both of you think about it before you come up with crazy excuses and I'll go talk to your fathers" he said going out and leaving them both.

Tamaki's own face began to turn red. "He wants us to remember uh..our..uh.. the time we..um.." he began.

Haruhi rolled her eyes and began to recall.

- -Flash backs- -

"I'm so tired!" Tamaki grumbled as he climbed the stairs. He didn't know corporate meetings would take hours to finish. Plus it was so boring. Everything seemed new to him. Shima greeted him as he reached the top. It was around, ten already and he was dead tired.

"Have you seen Haruhi?" he asked.

"She's not in your room" she said motioning one of the maids to get his suitcase.

"Oh" he said and nodded, "I'll look for her. Thanks.."

But looking for her became quite a hassle, providing you got more than 20 rooms in a mansion. Yet luck was on his side when he spotted an half open door that led to the 2nd library.

"Haruhi?" he called peeping inside. Light from the fire place brought the library a warm glow.

"Hey.."he whispered and spotted her in a couch fast asleep with one of her law books in her lap. The light from the desk lamp was flickering about.

A smile formed in his lips as he approached her and turned off the desk lamp.

She looked so beautiful with her long brown hair falling into her low cut blouse. She wore a knee high skirt as well. Tamaki, mesmerized by her beauty, got the book out of her lap and began giving her soft kisses in her cheeks and neck.

That was what stirred her up.

"T-tamaki.."she said softly rubbing her eyes.

"Did you have a nice nap?" he said in husky voice.

"What time is that?" she asked.

"Nearly eleven.."he answered wrapping his arms around her small waist.

"Then I must have had a long nap" she said with a small sigh. Then she looked at him their face close to one another. "Did you just got home?"

He nodded giving her a light kiss on her cheek.

"Then you must get some rest. It's late.." she said to him.

"Suddenly I don't feel tired" he said kissing her neck and pulling her close to him.

"Tamaki" she replied fighting the sensation in her body. She still had to study. Her exams are coming up in two weeks.

"Not now Tamaki" she said pushing him away from her. "I still have to study"

"Your always studying and I miss you.."he mumbled breathing against her neck..

"Not now" she said sternly pushing him firmly away. Tamaki sighed and stood up. "I'm sorry. Your right you need to study.."he let out a forced smile. "Good luck!" he said patting her shoulder.

Haruhi stared at him.

He smiled and left.

'Now that was easy..' she thought surprised by his actions. He was almost near the door when she called him. "Tamaki Suou" she said out loud.

He paused. "Yes"

"What's up?" she asked standing up.

"Nothing" he simply said without turning back to look at her.

"Strange.."she said walking up to pick-up her book and sat down in front of the fireplace in a carpeted floor that had several pillows as well.

Tamaki glanced at her, "Hey what are you doing?"


"But why are you staying there?!" he said in disbelief, walking towards her.

"The light in the desk lamp is busted" she muttered squinting her eyes while reading.

"Then go to another room"he said sitting down in the floor trying to pull the book away.

"No, I like it here" she shot back tightening her grip on the book.

"No, don't stay here" he argued back pulling the book towards him.


"Haruhi!" he yanked too hard causing her to fall into him.

"Aw!" Haruhi yelped.

"Are you okay?" Tamaki asked. She blinked back, "I should be asking you that.."she said staring at his mesmerizing violet blue eyes. Tamaki smiled, "I got save by the pillows"

"Okay.."she said feeling her face red while trying to comprehend their current position.

"Uh.."he began, "I can't move.."

"Oh sorry" she sat up looking away.

"Please don't study in the fireplace" he said. She nodded looking at the fire. "It's beautiful.."she whispered. He stared at her face, shadows playing around it. "Your beautiful" he said without thinking.

"What..?" she asked looking at him. He reached out and touched her face. "Oh Haruhi, I love you.."

She blinked back and smiled. "Tamaki.."she whispered giving him a kiss to his surprise. He pulled her down with him, slipping his hands under her skirt.

"Tamaki..your not serious are you.." she gasped looking at his handsome face.

He smiled mischievously. "Do I look like I'm joking?" he said kissing her neck.

"We're in the library" she said weakly.

"The more I want it" he whispered huskily.

She laughed and kissed him back. "Fine, who cares.." and began to unbutton his dress shirt.

And they ended up spending a passionate night in the library. Well, there's a first for everything.

-- End of flash back--

Tamaki and Haruhi stared at each other.

"Now you remember?" Kawasaki-sensei replied in a bored tone at his back everyone were looking at them.

The two let out a laugh.

"Yay! Haruhi-chan is pregnant!" Huni replied giving her a hug. Haruhi blushed looking at Tamaki.

"I hope he'll be a cute as Huni-senpai" Tamaki said proudly.

"Are you sure its going to be a boy?" Kyouya asked.

"If its a girl, she may look like her dad" Naru replied. Yuzuru and Ranka nodded in agreement.

"I hope it's twins" Kaoru and Hikaru said in unison.

Tamaki shook his blonde head. "No, I don't want our children to look like you two" he gritted.

But after nine months Haruhi did have twins. A beautiful baby girl with hair of gold and brown eyes and a handsome baby boy with light brown hair and violet blue eyes. And after five years they had another child as well.

For the Tamaki Suou and Haruhi Fujioka whose love had to endure the test of time had prove that even an unrequited love can have a change of heart...eventually.



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