Rebel Yell--Chapter 1

Cameron sat next to House's hospital bed, waiting for him to wake up. It had been three days since his surgery and no one was sure if the ketamine would work. When she, Chase and Foreman wasn't working on the latest case, she would come here. She had only been to her apartment a few hours each day to take a shower and change into fresh clothes. She wanted to be there when House woke up.

She stared at him now. It was almost 2:00 in the morning. Cameron gazed over House's stubbled chin and messy hair. He looked so peaceful and without pain. She knew that was the only time she had seen him like this and probably would be the last. She sighed, recalling his bright blues eyes. Her stomach swirled everytime those eyes really looked at her. Looking over at the stand next to the bed, she saw his most prized and hated possessions. His cane was propped up by the table. His game boy and small television were sitting next to it. Cameron hated video games, but she picked up his Gameboy, pressed it to mute and began to play. Deep down, she thought that if she played it, it was like a silent wish for him to wake up. To be healed.

What she really wanted to do, what she longed for, was to kiss his forehead, to whisper that everything would be all right. Maybe if she did, his eyes would open and he would speak her name. Allison. She so badly wanted her name to come from his lips. She'd look down at him and would finally kiss him. And he would kiss her back.

"Ah, what the hell," she told herself. She turned off the Gameboy and returned it to the table. Cameron stood up, staring at him for a brief second. She bent over with the intentions to graze his forehead. But instead, her swirling stomach got the better of her and she kissed him lightly on the lips. She hovered over him, listening to him breathe, her entire body begging for him to stir.