Hey guys, I'm back with another story! Hope you'll all enjoy it adn please be sure to let me know if you do. Oh, and r4emember, I don't own any of the characters except those I made up. Anyway, enjoy!


Maeve woke up with a strange feeling. It wasn't one of evil or pain, she knew that much. It was more a sense of familiarity, of coming home. But Maeve knew that wasn't possible, Sinbad had said they were sailing…home. She had presumed he'd meant Baghdad, but now she thought about it, he had been grinning like a loon. She quickly dressed and raced top deck in time to make out the shape of land to the starboard side. She swiftly made her way to the tiller where Sinbad was standing.

"Where are we?" she demanded.

"Good morning Maeve" Sinbad returned with a smile. "And how are you this fine morning? I'm fine by the way, thank you for asking"

"Sinbad" she growled threateningly.

"We're just off shore from Eire" he grinned

"What in Goddesses name are we doing here?" She demanded. "You said we were going to Baghdad"

"No, I said we were going home. This is your home is it not?"

"No, not anymore, and it hasn't been in a long time" she sighed.

"I know, the Nomad is my home too now, but I still like to go back to where I grew up, reminisce and all that…"

"No" she sighed, frustrated. "You don't understand, I can't go back there, ever again. I don't want to be reminded" and with that she turned and fled back down below to her cabin, leaving a very confused captain.

"Did I do something wrong Dermott?" he asked the hawk who was perched next to him. "I thought Maeve would love to see her home again"

'Too much has happened there, the memories are too painful'

"Dermott?" asked Sinbad. "Did you just say that?"

'You heard me Sinbad?'

'Great thought' Sinbad. 'And now I'm hearing things'

'Sinbad, you can really hear me? I wonder how'

"Ok Dermott, speaking to me telepathetic…telepath…"

'telepathically' prompted Dermott.

"Whatever. Talking to me is one thing, but reading my thoughts is another"

'Sorry Sinbad, I couldn't help it'

"Well, try harder next time. Anyway, what's wrong with Maeve?"

'Oh captain, me getting turned into a hawk was only one chapter of Maeve's life, there is much that happened afterwards'

"Like what?" probed Sinbad.

'You know I can't tell you that Sinbad'

"I know, it's just I've never seen her this distressed before, I didn't mean to upset her"

'I know that Sinbad, and so does she'

"I'd better go and make sure she's alright" worried Sinbad. "Doubar, take the tiller" he yelled.

"Aye aye little brother" smiled Doubar before relieving Sinbad.