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After an evening of storytelling with Denzel, and Sinbad conveniently leaving out anything to do with his magic, the crew found themselves back out at sea again. Maeve and Sinbad were stood at their usual spot at the bow of the Nomad, gazing out at the night sky.

"Sinbad" Maeve started, then went quiet whilst she considered how to continue. "Thanks, for coming back for me"

"Maeve" he smiled gently. "We could never have left you behind. You are a valid member of this crew; you'd have been sorely missed"

"But you'd have had the clone, I saw her, she'd have done anything for you, and I mean anything"

"Yeah, but a copy is never as good as the real thing" he smiled.

"How did you know the clone wasn't me anyway?" she finally asked the question that had been plaguing her.

"Well" Sinbad sussed. "For one thing the clone acted nothing like you, she completely ignored Dermott and would have jumped any man that looked at her. And then there were her eyes…"

"What about her eyes?" asked Maeve, slightly jealous.

"They didn't have your spark, that fire that dances in your eyes. Her eyes were completely empty, there was no soul there"

"Oh" smiled Maeve gently. 'So you've been memorizing my eyes then' she thought to herself.

"Well, I wouldn't exactly go that far" stuttered Sinbad, pulling Maeve quickly out of her thoughts. "You just have really beautiful eyes…not that I've been judging them or anything like that…I just…"

"Sinbad…you heard me?" she asked.

"Um, yes" replied Sinbad anxiously.

"I didn't say anything out loud"

Sinbad huffed. "Ok, could we PLEASE do something about this? I mean it was nice and all getting to communicate with Rongar and Dermott but I really don't like prying into other people's thoughts or other people prying into mine for that matter"

"It's not a problem Sinbad; you just need to learn how to control it, that's all. Oh, and that reminds me, it's time you told me how you really defeated Yassil, not the story you told Doubar about slicing him in half"

"What can I say? It was the first thing I thought of" he shrugged.

"Sinbad, what really happened?" probed Maeve.

"Well, he was saying…some rather horrible things, and I went to strangle him when these blue lightning bolt things flew out of my hands and killed him"

"What did he say, it's not like you to loose your cool like that" wondered Maeve aloud.

"He was talking about what he and Denzel planned on doing with you" muttered Sinbad quietly.

"Oh" said Maeve, equally as quietly. "Anyway, I told you that you possessed magic Sinbad" she smiled, swiftly changing the subject.

"Well can you do something about it, I'm just a simple sailor, I don't know anything about magic"

"Don't worry, I can teach you" grinned Maeve as her eyes lit up.

"Um" started Sinbad nervously. "I don't know if that's such a good idea"

"Why ever not?" asked Maeve.

"Well, I, uh…"

"Oh come on Captain, you're not scared are you?" she taunted.

"Certainly not"

"Good, then we'll start tomorrow" she grinned.

"I walked straight into that one didn't I?" he smiled.

"You sure did" she smiled. "Just one last thing Sinbad"

"What Maeve?"

"Why did you kiss that clone?"

"I was just trying to encourage her to come with me so that I could lead her to the castle and get her to tell me where you were" he blushed.

"Mmmhmm" she nodded. "So how was she?"

"You mean how good was she?" smirked Sinbad as he realized she was jealous.

"Well, um, yeah" stuttered Maeve at the cocky look Sinbad was wearing.

"Only one way to see" grinned Sinbad as heslipped one arm around her waistand pulled her in for a searing kiss.

"Yep, definitely not as good as the original" he grinnedas he pulled back, gazing at a bemused Maeve.

"Listen Maeve, you asked me earlier why I came back for you; well I wasn't completely honest…"

"Maeve, Sinbad" yelled Firouz as he appeared topside. "Doubar wants to know if you two want to play poker with us"

"Sure" smiled Maeve. "We'll be down in a minute. What was it you were going to say Sinbad?" she asked gently.

"Never mind" smiled Sinbad. "I've just got to check on some things, you go down, I'll be down in a second" he smiled before she disappeared before frowning.

'Well, at least we actually got to kiss this time' he thought grumpily. 'But I swear if we continue at this rate we'll never get anywhere. By Allah, one of these days I'm going to have to lock him in a broom closet and maybe then I can have a full conversation with Maeve without any unwanted interruptions' he thought before thinking back to the kiss and grinning. 'She's worth the wait' he decided.