Rain crashed heavily on the homes of Surrey, England as the thirtieth of July faded into the thirty first. Those out on the road that night struggled to see further than four car lengths, so thick was the rain at that point. No stars could be seen for the clouds that had amassed into a thick smog of darkness, and even the moon which could usually be seen despite the weather, was totally obscured from view.

Harry sat on the desk in front of his bedroom window in number four Privet Drive. The window had been barred up again, though this time with Hedwig on the outside. Harry preferred it that way as she, being a natural predator, was able to feed herself and Harry was able to send letters and receive them by passing them through the bars.

It was Harry's sixteenth birthday. He had waited until midnight, as usual, and then been engulfed by pain at the ninth stroke of the clock in the Dursley's front room. His body had quaked with pain, pleasure and power. He was doused in a sheen of cold sweat, his breathing was broken and laboured and his eyes were bright, terrified and wild.

He pursed his lips together and squeezed his eyes shut tightly as another wave of pain consumed him, rolling over his body like the thunder on the clouds. As the pain passed he was then assaulted with an inexplicable pooling of pleasure whilst power burst within his mind, intense enough to blur his vision.

Harry cursed his bad luck at the sound of his uncle furiously advancing up the stairs towards Harry's room. Harry quickly scrambled under his flimsy bed sheets as his uncle fumbled with the locks on the door before bursting violently into the room.

"What are you whimpering about, boy? We can hear you over the television!" The obese man spat as he bellowed, aggravated by the noise his nephew had been making.

Harry threw his head back and gasped at the pain that went roaring through his bones, far more intense than ever before.

"Hurts." He mumbled. He managed to roll onto his stomach before the expected pleasure assaulted him and caused a stirring in his groin.

"Well write one of your freaky letters to one of your freaky friends or that murdering godfather of yours!" The man yelled before trudging back downstairs, mumbling to himself as he did so.

Harry forced himself out of bed and crawled to the removable floorboard, scolding himself harshly for being so stupid as to not think of that before, he picked out some parchment and a four inch long pencil and began to write:

"Dear Snuffles,

In pain, come quick, please and thank you.


He called Hedwig to the window and stuffed the letter in her beak before collapsing from exhaustion.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

When he came around he was ensconced in warm arms. His face and neck were wet and sticky from what he assumed was Padfoot's tongue. He groaned a little and opened his eyes, thankful for the darkness of his room.

"Harry," Remus called to him softly, "Are you alright?"

"Sore," Harry mumbled hoarsely, burrowing deeper into Remus' embrace. "What happened?"

Remus pulled Harry up into a sitting position and pressed a cup of water to Harry's lips, smiling as Harry drank it down gratefully. He ran his hands through Harry's hair and sighed. "If your muggle cousin weren't pressing his ear to the key hole I'd tell you."

"Why don't you invite him in?" Harry asked, smirking. "I'm sure he's bursting to know what caused me so much pain and, what's more, I'm sure he'd be positively delighted to meet Sirius."

Remus lifted Harry off the floor and carried him over to the bed. He stalked silently over to the door before forcefully yanking it open and dragging the squirming obese boy inside then slamming the door after him.

"Sit there." The Werewolf growled dangerously, pointing to the edge of Harry's bed. "Okay Sirius."

Dudley noticed the dog sat in the corner of the room stand up and bristle at him before looking slightly dazed. Dudley gasped in horror as the dog then contorted completely out of shape and grew into the shape of a tall, broad shouldered handsome man with thick black hair and a rugged beard. Dudley scrambled backwards off the bed and landed on his rump on the floor, causing the whole house to shake and his cousin and the convict Dudley had seen on the television once to laugh heartily.

"Hey, Pronglet, how are you feeling?" The dog-man asked Harry, walking over and brushing a calloused hand through Harry's thick, messy, now shoulder length hair.

Dudley scowled to himself; he didn't know Harry had any special names. And why was Harry's special name decent and not pathetic, like his Duddy-kins one?

"Terrible." Harry croaked. "What happened to me?"

"You're no ordinary wizard, Harry. Similar to the way that Remus is a Werewolf and just like the way Hagrid is a Half-Giant, you are a magical creature. Around a century or so ago, some wizarding family lines mixed with magical creatures. The Blacks mixed with Nymphs, though the potency of the blood is long gone, the Snapes mixed with Vampires, much of the effects of that blood are still present as you well know, and the Potters and Malfoys mixed with Veela."

"But what you need to know is that there is more than one type of Veela." Remus said, taking over from Sirius. "There are female Veela and male Veela. The two never get along and never Mate with one another. They clash like oil and water.

So, to survive, the female Veela turned to those outside their species to Mate. They are compatible with every other kind, from Men to Trolls to Ogres to Fae. But the male Veela had more trouble. Male Veela were then all very dominant and would not submit to other raced, all of which had been influenced by the actions of the female Veela and so believed that the Veela were a race of whores.

So the male Veela turned to a dark and powerful sorcerer for assistance. He helped them, but at a price to the submissive males. He caused any and all dark haired male Veela to be impregnable and to be by nature submissive, affection-seeking, slightly masochistic and, if you will pardon the expression, to possess a feminine beauty. He also took from them their destructive powers which are unique to the Veela. The dominant male Veela still possess this trait but the submissive male Veela have only their wings which are an indestructible shield and can deflect or absorb even the killing curse."

Then Sirius was at the helm again. "Now, James never developed his Veela side, aside from his devilish good looks and protective streak that all Veela have over their loved ones, although his father and grandfather were submissive male Veela. We suspect it was because James' father and grandfather turned to human women to make their families with, thus rejecting their Veela side and resisting their submissive nature. We believe this caused the Veela gene inside of James to wait for the right candidate rather than waste its energy."

Harry breathed deeply and ran a hand through his hair. "Okay, it's not so much of a shock I suppose. I should have expected it really, I've never been normal by any stretch of the imagination. Is there anything else I need to know?"

"Just a few things about life as a Veela. I'm glad you're taking this so well Harry, if you don't mind me saying so, you've certainly matured." Remus said smiling.

"Yes, well, nearly losing one's Godfather after just finding him causes one to take things into consideration more often and to keep one's temper in check." Harry smirked.

"Goof for one!" Sirius grinned, hugging his Godson tightly, giggling slightly as the fat one shuffled further away from him.

Harry sighed and cuddled into Sirius. He really had come close to losing him, if it weren't for Pettigrew diving at Sirius for his wand, consequently shoving Sirius out of the way of Bellatrix's spell then Sirius could have died. But all had ended as well as could be with Pettigrew being arrested, Sirius' name being cleared, Rodolphus Lestrange being struck with Bellatrix's curse and thrown behind the Veil and the Dark Lord fleeing the scene leaving Bellatrix, Walden Macnair and Wilfred Nott being shipped off to Azkaban.

"Your nature is already shining through," Sirius mumbled to him, "You're being a lot more cuddly than you usually are."

Harry shrugged and smiled. He shuffled closer to his Godfather and rested his head on the man's shoulders then closed his eyes.

"Happy birthday, Harry. Ostendo sum insontis. Oh thank goodness." Sirius giggled.

"Hm?" Harry asked sleepily. He opened his eyes and looked curiously at his skin which was glowing a soft white. "Sirius, what did you do?"

"It is the sex status spell. It shows how experienced you are intimately. Your father and Sirius used to tease peter with it mercilessly at times." Remus explained. "White means that you have had no sexual experience at all. Yellow shows that the person has gone as far as kissing. Blue shows that the person has done some light petting. Purple shows that the person has done some heavy petting and finally, red shows that the person has gone all the way.

Being a submissive Veela, purity is quite essential to your Mating. Veela Mate for life with only one person, unless you are a female Veela, then you are actually quite promiscuous. Submissive male Veela are sought out by numerous dominant males, Veela as well as others, if their lure is strong. The dominant males then with one another to have the right to claim you and then they will do so, whether by the submissive male Veela's will or not.

The strength of your lure is determined by your innocence; the more chaste you are, the stronger your lure. Those who have thrown themselves away will not have a lure as such, they will repulse the dominant males and, unfortunately, many submissive male Veela have given their purity away before they came into their magical inheritance and have not found a mate. The only saving grace they have is that they are not bound to those they coupled with before their sixteenth birthday."

"So the slate can be dirtied but there are no chains. Well, that is good I suppose. My only question is why do I glow white?" Harry asked.

"Ah, the frightful event with Cho Chang? Well, the only thing I can think of is that she attempted to kiss you, but as you did not instigate the kiss and to you it didn't register as a kiss, more like an emotional Chinese Scotswoman trying to bite your lip off and suck your face off, so it doesn't count." Sirius explained.

"Eurgh!" Dudley exclaimed. "Somebody tried to kiss you!"

"Sickening, isn't it? And what's more I don't even like her like that." 'Anymore' Harry silently added.

"Oh, and Dudley? Ostendo sum insontis." Sirius grinned gleefully as Dudley Dursley glowed the same embarrassing white as his cousin had moments earlier.

Harry giggled tiredly. "So, I'll have one partner throughout my entire life that I might not even like and might see as a rapist. Fantastic. So much for me delving into my fame and having multiple orgies amidst wild parties. Shame."

Sirius roared with laughter and hugged his beloved Godson close. "The thing is, even if your Mate does rape you that night, you will love and cherish them however bad it gets. You'll always strive to make them happy and beg for their attention even if it means degrading yourself and being the victim of a lot of pain, you'll enjoy it to a certain extent because it is attention from them."

"Oh dear." Harry said sadly. "Imagine all those poor submissive male Veela who have been abused in their relationship by cold, uncaring partners. It's quite sickening and somewhat depressing."

"You had best hope that it is a male dominant Veela or a Werewolf who Mates with you during the Mating Season, for of all the magical creatures on this earth, they are the only two who are guaranteed to not hurt their Mates." Remus said, brushing Harry's hair from his face as the teen fell deep into sleep.

"Remus, I have a favour to ask of you. I know you and I are Mates but if anyone, anyone, who is not a Veela or a Werewolf, and we have even the slightest suspicion of them hurting Harry, advances on him during Mating Season, fight them off. Fight them off with everything you have beside me. I will not watch my Godchild be taken advantage of again.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

When Harry awoke again it was morning and he was lying on a soft bed under a thick blanket with a fluffy pillow beneath his head. He opened his eyes and rubbed them, blinking blearily before looking around. It was then he noticed that he could see perfectly well and he was not wearing his glasses. He grinned broadly and jumped out of bed.

"Remus! Sirius!" He called.

"Down here, Pronglet!"

Harry followed the voice down a set of ornate wooden stairs and through a door on the right into a sitting room where Sirius and Remus were stretched out across comfortable looking sofas.

"Morning, pup!" Sirius and Remus called cheerfully simultaneously.

"Good morning. Where are we?" Harry asked.

"Lupin Cove." Remus answered. "No one besides you, Sirius and I know of its existence. There are many wards about the place and not even Dumbledore and Voldemort working in tandem could break through because they are so ancient, so modern, so powerful, so complex and simple."

"And there's a beach!" Sirius grinned happily.

Harry chuckled and sat down next to Sirius, gratefully accepting some toast and a cup of tea from Remus.

"What do you want to do today, Harry?" Remus asked. "We can go down to the beach, we can go shopping, we can see your friends, we could explore the Veela side of you or you could study. And yes, we retrieved everything from the Dursley's, even that twelve month old rock cake from Hagrid under the floorboard alongside the invisibility cloak and the map."

"I want to do all of the above minus the last two! We can do the next two tomorrow. And I'm not studying alone." Harry said, sending shifty looks to Remus and Sirius.

Sirius whimpered and then grinned at Harry. "Right! Shopping first! You need to get your new school stuff, a whole new wardrobe and we need to get gifts for you! Then we'll drop the things off here and go down to the beach for a while and then this evening we'll go and visit your friends at the Burrow."

"Siri! A whole new wardrobe is a gift!" Harry complained whilst giggling and being shuffled towards the fireplace. "I had a bad experience with the floo before. I said 'diagonally' and ended up in a skanky old shop in Knockturn Alley."

Sirius cackled before shouting his destination and vanishing from the fireplace in a burst of green flames. Sirius caught Harry as the tiny teen came flying out of the fireplace followed by Remus who crashed into them both and the three went sprawling to the floor in a disarray of hyper giggled and flying limbs. Sirius had been out and about in busy magical places and had received a fairly warm welcome from the wizarding community, of which he was very grateful.

"Hi Tom!" Sirius barked. "Three Butterbeers tom go, please!"

"Coming right up Misters Black, Lupin and Potter. That will be two sickles and ten knuts please, Mister Black." Tom said as he handed over the drinks to the three males who were dusting themselves off.

Sirius gave the money over and then the three of them headed to the back, through the brick wall portal and into Diagon Alley, sipping contentedly at the silky smooth liquid. They headed to Gringotts first where Sirius shuttled off to another room to relieve Albus Dumbledore of his control over the Potter vaults and estates and sort them into a more beneficial state of affairs for Harry when he was ready to take over them.

They then headed off to the Apothecary, Owl Emporium, several book shops, Madam Malkins and finally to the ice cream parlour where Remus sat down at a vacant table and sent Sirius and Harry off to order.

"Well, well, Mister Lupin." A silky voice drew Remus' attention. Lucius Malfoy walked over from Flourish and Blott's to where Remus was seated. "How are you after last weeks Full Moon? It was quite a piercing one, I heard from our mutual friend."

"Yes, it was quite trying. You are not misinformed. I am fine, despite it all, thank you Mister Malfoy. How is young Draco? Still doing well in his Defence lessons, I hope?" Remus inquired politely.

Contrary to popular belief, Lucius Malfoy was not an avid supporter of the Dark Lord. Though he financially backed Voldemort and showed his face at Death Eater meetings, he had not taken the Mark and though he referred to the Dark Lord as his Lord, he would not bow before him. He could be seen playing his face to the Dark Lord and simpering for more information, but Lucius Malfoy's loyalties were neither here nor there with the Dark Lord, and well Voldemort knew it, but he would not risk losing Lucius for he relied heavily on the funds the blonde man provided.

"His overall grades and results are quite pleasing. Thankfully recent developments have not stirred him from his achievements. It was quite a shock to lose his uncle so suddenly." Lucius answered. "Narcissa is also well, appreciatively. I believe it would put her mind at ease to know what her recently cleared cousin is comfortable."

"Sirius is quite well; he is buying ice cream right now, in fact. I am glad to hear that your family is not too troubled by such disastrous events."

Lucius' eyes crept to the two dark haired male's buying ice cream. His eyes widened slightly as the realisation of Harry's changed aura hit him.

"Potter is…?" He left the question open, knowing that these things concerning the more vulnerable magical creatures were best kept quiet, particularly as it was Harry Potter in question.

"Yes. Am I right in assuming that Draco takes after you in that way also?" Remus inquired.

"He has inherited that particular development from me. It was not unexpected. Though I imagine such a development in young Harry was quite the surprise."

Remus chuckled. "I think it was more of a shock. But he has adapted well and has accepted it well enough, now I just wonder how his friends will react to it. You know how some children can be, the minute they hear the 'D' word they blanch and then get the absolute wrong idea."

"That is very true. I am not too worried about Miss Granger, but young Mister Weasley may react that way. I would suggest he prepares some notes for them to look over and that he leaves them in a place that is easy to find."

"Your advice is graciously accepted, thank you."

"Anytime, Mister Lupin, anytime."

Remus; lips quirked at the subtle invitation.

"I must be going; my son is emerging from the bookstore looking positively murderous. I do wish those human girls would leave the poor boy be, he is not interested and has made it clear enough. And they can be quite despicable, as you know." Lucius turned on his heel and headed towards his family, smiling to himself about his most recent discovery. The addition of a Potter, and such a powerful legendary one as Harry, could bode well for the Malfoys.

"Was that Lucy you were just talking to?" Sirius asked, smirking as he handed over the toffee flavoured ice cream scoop to his Mate.

"Yes it was. Narcissa and Draco are well and Narcissa has been asking after you, it might be a good idea for you to visit her at some point. Draco came into his Light Veela inheritance and Lucius seems quite proud of him."

"When is Lucius Malfoy ever not proud?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Mind your tone, Pronglet." Sirius chided him with a grin. "The Malfoys aren't all bad, except to the Weasleys, you were just unfortunate to rub Draco up the wrong way when you first met him."

"Although, if that look in your eyes whilst you watch him heading towards Gringotts is anything to go by you'd much rather be rubbing him up in a completely different way." Remus giggled.

"Remus!" Harry hissed, smacking the Werewolf on his arm lightly whilst laughing. "I can't help it! I've never looked at him in this light before. I can't describe the way he is coming across to me right now."

"Powerful? A candidate with a good chance of being the one who Claims you? Worthy enough for you to be impregnated by him? But, perhaps the part that is affecting you the most right now is that he is Dominant and he displays it so well." Sirius supplied. "Draco was always a loud character and a very domineering person, but now his Veela qualities have kicked in he will be five times more governing and bossy and he will have the whole of Slytherin House on their knees."

"That is something else you ought to know about, Harry." Remus said. "Dominant Veela males or Light Veela males go deep into heavy petting if not all the way before they come into their inheritance and they continue to heavily pleasure their partners, though will not go all the way with them for obvious reasons, before the time comes for them to Claim their Mate. An experienced Light Veela male who is a veteran in combat stands more chance of getting to you but it is also essential to the Light Veela male that he is going to be competent at Pleasuring his Mate or he feels that he has failed. The Light Veela males want only to protect, please and parade their families as I'm sure you have seen Lucius do. If you fall into the hands of Draco Malfoy then you will be well looked after for the rest of your life.

Such a thought would probably disgruntle Hermione and disgust Ron, but Harry found himself loving the idea and was even preening under it; something which did not go unnoticed by the Canine and his Mate, the Werewolf. They shared a secret smile and bit back the giggles which threatened to break free; no point in making Harry feel like he was being watched and evaluated by those who only want what is best for him.

The land at Lupin Cove was like a great cliff that leapt out into the ocean. It was covered in grassland and woodland so thick that one struggled to see through it. if one was to stand upon Cove Point, or the very edge of the precipice, then to their left they would see nothing but ocean that reached up to the woods and created a salty swamp that stretched for a few metres in, a perfect place for many rare and wonderful magical plants and animals to thrive in. to one's right there would be a steep drop into the ocean with a current that pushed towards the beautiful, if small, beach there with many shells and almost no pebbles.

It was on the beach that Harry, Sirius and Remus now lay. Soaked and exhausted from the ocean they lay on lounging seats allowing the glorious mid-afternoon sun to dry them. Harry, who knew how badly he reacted to the sunlight, had placed a protective charm on his skin that would stop the sun burning and tanning, but would allow him to soak up all the natural goodness the sun's rays provided. Sirius and Remus, however, were gifted with the ability to tan and tan well and so tan they did, all afternoon, leaving them both a soft golden brown by six o clock when the trio went indoors for a snack.

They were showered and dressed up in brand new robes that night at half past seven when they fire called the Weasleys and prepared to floo over. Remus placed the obligatory anti-soot charms on them before the three burst into the living room in The Burrow.

"Harry!" Six voices chorused at once, causing Harry to jump in surprise and hide behind Remus. "Happy birthday!"

Harry emerged from his hiding place and mock bowed, causing Ginny to swipe at him. "Evening!"

"Oh my, Sirius, Remus, you do look brown!" Molly beamed at them whilst Harry scowled.

Sirius puffed his chest out and beamed right back at her. "You look lovely, Molly, have you done something different to your hair?"

Molly blushed bright red and nodded.

Sirius scratched his chin thoughtfully. "You curled it!" She shook her head. "You used a new brand of hair products!" She smiled at him. "There's something else… You've coloured it, haven't you? Well I must say, it really does suit you! It looks fantastic!"

Remus and Harry exchanged exasperated looks.

"Siri, you ought to stop chatting up my best friend's mum before a certain someone gets a little annoyed." Harry giggled.

"Harry! You've done something to your hair too!" Ron shouted.

"Oi, get your own routine." Sirius joked

Everyone laughed whilst Ron went bright red and began sputtering that that was not what he meant, though his protests were drowned out by Ginny's insufferably loud giggling.

"But you have, I know you've grown it, but, it's not like Fred and George and Bill's hair, or mine. No offence mate, but it makes you look like a girl."

"No tact Ron!" Ginny scowled at her brother. "I think you look great Harry. It really suits you. I'm sorry if this is bold, I don't want to be stepping on Ron's big feet, but you do look very sexy."

Harry laughed outright and slung an arm around Ron's shoulder.

"Don't worry, Ginny; I'm sure Ron knows he's the only Weasley for me." Harry grinned.

"When did all these children get so funny? I'm going to have to watch my reputation here." Sirius jested.

"Well, let's not stand around!" Arthur said. "Come into the garden. Hermione and a few others ought to be arriving soon. Harry, be mindful of Dumbledore, he's none too pleased that you've left the Dursleys."

Sirius pulled Harry into a one-armed hug. "Well, if that meddlesome old doo-lally-tap tried to split up my family he'll have one ex-convict, one angry Werewolf and, hopefully, a horde of angry Weasleys stepping on his beard."

"Too tight he will!" Fred and George shouted together.

Harry smiled brightly at the people around him. "Thank you. This has been the best birthday I have ever had!"

The nine were shortly joined in the garden by Hermione and her parents, by Neville Longbottom and his Grandmother (who succumbed quite quickly to the charms of Sirius Black), Luna Lovegood (who also became quite smitten with Sirius and equally as taken by Remus, much to Harry's amusement) and her father and finally Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall.

Harry's night was absolutely perfect. Neville's Grandmother, Molly Weasley and Hermione's mother, Eliza, had quickly put together a feast fit for a king and they had made a huge birthday cake. Everyone had gorged themselves on the food and several people (Sirius, Arthur, Daniel Granger and, surprisingly, Minerva) had gotten extremely drunk.

"What I want to know is how McGonagall managed to get drunk when she hadn't touched the alcohol tonight." Ron said whilst staring at his giggling Head of House in amazement and amusement.

The twins shifted their feet guiltily. "We might be to blame for that." Fred said.

"You see, she had gotten up to go to the ladies' room,"

"And left her trifle all on its own,"

"So we went over,"

"And saw how depressed it was,"

"And being fine, upstanding young gentlemen,"

"We endeavoured to cheer it up,"

"With wine." They finished together.

As the night drew to a close, Albus half carried a still intoxicated and madly giggling Minerva towards the fireplace. He turned around to face the crowd who had gathered to see them off and smiled benignly at them all.

"Come along, Harry, it's time for you to go back to your family."

"I don't understand, sir." Harry said innocently, feigning confusion. "My family are all here in this room."

"The muggles, Harry, your aunt, uncle and cousin are probably very worried about how you took off like that in the middle of the night. I'm sure you have enjoyed this adventure, and it will go unpunished because it is your birthday, but play time is over and you have to return to where you belong now." Albus said.

Remus, whilst not quite drunk, was still slightly affected by the alcohol he had consumed. He stepped forward and pulled Harry backwards into a protective and possessive his whilst growling threateningly at the elderly wizard.

Sirius, who was completely off his nipples on fire whiskey, was much bolder and more forward in expressing his displeasure.

"Sling your hook, Albus! And try not to trip on your beard on your way out!" He slurred.

"Thank you for coming tonight, Albus, Minerva," Molly said, smiling. "It has truly been a wonderful evening. Let's not spoil it now and make us regret inviting you, headmaster. I think, as it is getting late and Minerva will certainly need to lie down soon, that you ought to be leaving."

"I don't need to lie down, thank you." Minerva said, managing to keep from slurring too much despite her condition. "But I agree, it is time to leave, Albus. Happy birthday, Harry, and thank you ladies and gentlemen for providing such wonderful food. The trifle was excellent."

Several people sniggered at that.

"Albus, leave Harry's life alone. It's time you got a life of your own to meddle in. he's been there a month; there's no reason why he can't stay with his real family now. I still stand by what I said before; they're the worst kind of muggles imaginable, Harry never should have gone there." Minerva snapped whilst dragging the reluctant old man to the fireplace.

Moments later the two were gone and Harry felt a bubble of joy well up inside of him. He spun round and clung to Remus, grinning madly, whilst whispering 'thank you thank you thank you' to everyone in the room over and over again.

The Longbottoms, Lovegoods and Grangers left soon after with arrangements made to meet in the Leaky Cauldron at half an hour past nine on September the first. Ginny had fallen asleep and so the twins took her upstairs before they themselves went to bed.

"Are you three sure we can't tempt you with staying the night?" Arthur asked, he and Sirius having sobered up a fair bit as the night went on, helped along greatly by the potions that Molly had slipped into their last drinks.

"I'm not sure," Remus answered, "We really should be getting home. We were going to get up fairly early tomorrow to work on exploring Harry's magical creature inheritance."

Remus looked over to Harry and Ron, who were engrossed in Harry's new chess set and were trying to break them in, with little success as Harry's side refused to cooperate.

"Harry is a Dark Veela." Remus whispered it quietly. "We know he'll have wings and we are hoping to discover how much he can use them tomorrow, how big they are and how strong they are. There is already one development which I'm sure you've noticed; Harry no longer has any need for glasses, he has perfect eye sight."

"A Dark Veela." Arthur whistled low under his breath. "Whoever Mates with him will be exceedingly gifted, blessed and lucky. Harry has always been an excellent catch, but this is a whole new level."

"It is also quite the tragedy. We always had hopes of Ginny and Harry somehow ending up together. Is there anyone who Harry has expressed interest in? you were in Diagon Alley today, weren't you?" Molly asked,

"There is but we're not sure how well you will take it, or Ron and Ginny. We're very aware of the family feud that has been going on for the last two hundred years." Remus said, smiling a little.

"Draco?" Arthur asked. He winced but nodded. "I should have seen it coming. He is a very domineering little piece of work, isn't he? I suppose the Veela in Harry thinks he is a worthy and powerful candidate. It makes sense. Nonetheless, Harry is the honorary Weasley and as such, if he gets Mated to the young Malfoy there is no way we would ever turn either of them away."

Molly nodded her agreement and smiled.

"Harry will be very glad of your support." Remus said smiling. "But now we really must go."

Sirius looked over to the two best friends and smiled. They had seemingly given up on the chess game and packed it away and had been lulled into sleep by the adults' low voices. Ron lay back in the chair with his mouth wide open and he was snoring slightly. Harry was bending over the table with his head on his arms breathing softly and looking more peaceful in his sleep than Sirius had ever seen him

"Just one thing before you go." Molly said. "Sirius, will you please let me cut yours and Harry's hair? Please?"

"No! Go away you infernal piece of redhead!" Sirius and the Weasleys laughed.

Remus carefully lifted Harry up into his arms and passed the sleeping boy to Sirius, making a mental note of how light Harry was.

"Do you need any help with Ron?£ Remus asked quietly.

"If you don't mind." Arthur smiled. He stepped forward to help Remus but put his hands down by his side when he saw that Remus' Werewolf strength allowed him to life Ron with ease.

"Goodnight." Sirius and Remus whispered together as they apparated away with Harry in their arms.

Ma Lune Se Levante -My Rising Moon

A new story I've begun while I try to catch up with the old. I've decided to break away from Beyblade for a while and get to writing some Harry Potter, I feel this topic of fiction has more for me to work with. I have another few things I'm going to put up but this is my HP Creature!Fic.

Warnings: Submissive!Harry, Veela!Harry (duh), Veela!Draco, Vampire!Snape, Good!Lucius, Evil!Blaise,Slash, DracoxHarry, one-sided BlaisexHarry, one-sided SeamusxHarry, one-sided TheodorexHarry, possible MPreg, not sure yet. May be more warnings to come.