When Harry awoke terribly early in the morning he was overcome with a strange sensation, it was like he couldn't concentrate. He picked himself out of bed, brushed his teeth absentmindedly for about twenty minutes and showered for two hours. He meandered slowly into the kitchen, finding awe with almost everything he came across, and reached for the cereals.

"I'll do that Harry." Sirius said from behind him, steering the dazed Harry to his seat before preparing their breakfasts. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"Hmm?" Harry asked slowly. His eyes came to rest on Sirius and Harry blinked slowly. "Hello, I didn't see you there. Did you give me this food?"

"Yes," Sirius answered slowly as if he was talking to a small child, "But I am a father figure, not a Potential Mate."

"Oh!" Harry exclaimed, a little surprised. "I have a father." Harry smiled. "The food-giver is the father."

Sirius stared at Harry in shock, his mouth hanging open as he tried to figure out this new Luna-like side to Harry. "Oh, bugger."

"What, what's wrong?" Remus asked as he walked into the kitchen towel drying his hair. "Morning Harry."

"Good morning, wolf." Harry replied pleasantly.

Too pleasantly, Remus realised. "Ah. Sirius, don't panic, I can explain. You were just like this when Mating Season began in our sixth year. Harry is going to be dazed until the Dominants start Displaying around him. Basically, his instincts are screaming at him to take it absolutely easy, so much so that he's just not in there at all. But soon, he'll be awake and whatnot. He'll probably fawn over Draco and, because of the actions from before and because he knows from that incident in your lesson that we don't approve of Blaise and Seamus then he's likely to be a bit cold towards them."

Sirius nodded. "And I was like that?"

"Somewhat, yes, though as your blood isn't as dense in Magical Creature Influence as his, not so much." Remus answered.

"Where are they?" Harry suddenly asked.

"Where are whom, Harry?" Sirius asked his now distressed Godson.

"The Dominants," Harry answered, peering around the room. "They are supposed to be fighting over me right now but there are none. Am I undesirable? Do I repulse them?"

"Of course not, Harry," Remus soothed him. "They are out there, we've shut them out so that you can eat in peace and then confront the Dominants."

Harry smiled and finished the last of his cereal. "Can we go now?" Harry asked.

Sirius smiled. "Of course. What do you usually do on weekends, Harry?"

"Spend time with Draco." Harry answered.

"Then let's go to the dungeons."

Steering Harry to the dungeons proved to be more difficult than Sirius first envisioned. Harry found wonder at almost every little thing, which incidentally slowed them down a great deal and put them at risk from the other Dominants likely to be floating about trying to find the Submissive. When they finally got into Lucius' office they breathed long sighs of relief, especially when a small squeal erupted from Harry as he sprang from his Godfathers towards the Light Veela in the corner.

Draco caught Harry in an embrace and pulled him close and tight in a loving but possessive embrace. He was wearing only a pair of tight black jeans and expensive leather boots. He had opted to forego the shirt and have his now quite long wings on show. His wings, which were a pristine white with no specks of darkness to blemish the perfection, now reached down just past his elbows and arched to the base of his neck. Whilst these wings would not be useful in flight, they would help his balance and speed in fighting, whether on the ground or in the air.

"Dominant." Harry murmured.

"Submissive." Draco whispered in reply. "You look perfect."

Harry felt happiness well up inside of him as he took the chance to look down, unaware that he had actually changed out of his pyjamas. It seemed that Remus and Sirius had either physically redressed him or transfigured his sleepwear as he now found himself in very archaic, traditional pureblood clothing. He wore white stockings (which were, of course hidden from the viewing of all others) that came above the knee with delicate ballerina-like shoes on his feet. His plain white under robe was lightly corseted and pulled him into an upright, well-postured position at all times, it was ankle length and he could see the bottom of it reaching under the hem of his pure white outer robe with long sleeves that tightened at the wrist, pleasant ornate patterns in thicker cotton decorating the sleeves, chest and waist area with a chastity belt holding the outer robe firmly closed.

"You look every bit as beatific as you are," Draco continued whispering, "The clothes are both fine-looking and practical."

Harry smiled. "They are practical?"

"Of course," Draco nodded, "They're long enough to keep the dirty paws of the Fae and the Vampires from reaching under to touch you."

"I don't want them to dirty me!" Harry protested, feeling slightly hysterical. "I only want you, Favoured."

"And I you, my little moon."

Remus and Sirius smiled at the pair on Lucius' green leather couch. They shot the elder blonde Veela a knowing look as he entered the room and stared at his son and the Submissive on his lap.

"It would be a crime if they ended up apart." Lucius said quietly as he made his way over to the Werewolf and the Wolf's Mate.

Remus nodded. "With any luck that will not happen. Harry is able to throw off the Nymph Allure, which will aid him against Blaise and Seamus, and is now very proficient in Occlumency. I just hope it will be enough."

"Blaise is not as strong as he thinks he is." Lucius said. "His Vampire Inheritance-bought strength holds nothing to your Werewolf strength and the years in which you have had to perfect everything pertaining to."

"But Blaise is a Slytherin." Sirius countered. "That takes a certain mentality that we Gryffindors have not cared to nurture."

Lucius smiled. "Draco, too, is a Slytherin, perhaps more so than Zabini, which is why he has the title of the Slytherin Prince, a title not gifted to anyone but myself and Tom Riddle in the last two hundred years."

"I have never understood the Slytherins' fanaticism about titles." Remus admitted.

Lucius only smiled in response before turning his attention to the two young Veela whose senses had returned. "Good morning." He greeted them. "Your Potions class starts in five minutes."

"I haven't brought my things." Harry said despondently.

"You will have mine with me." Draco said.

Harry cheered up instantly and returned to cuddling the Light Veela, once again losing himself in the bliss that came over him when in the company of his Favoured one.

"You do realise that only fools would ask you to partake in their lessons, now, don't you? Most professors with common sense will just let you sit back and take it easy." Sirius said.

Draco nodded and shifted his hold on Harry as the Dark Veela squirmed happily in his lap. "I am aware of that fact, but, regardless of it, I will provide Harry with all the resources he wants and needs."

"Very good, then," Remus nodded, "But it is time you got to class, education is a matter of great importance, you know."

Draco nodded and helped Harry to his feet before taking his hand and leading him out of the office and down to corridor to Potions. He pulled Harry close as they entered the throng of students waiting to go inside. Draco knew they looked a picture, both dressed oddly, with Harry half preening, half wincing under the attention, causing him to cling to Draco for support.

"Good morning students!" Horace bellowed as he opened the door. "Mister Malfoy, please put some clothes on, Mister Potter please change into your school uniform and Mister Zabini please change those leather trousers into a more suitable material."

All three Magical Creatures bristled and held their heads high. They did not otherwise acknowledge a word their professor had said and they proceeded to stalk into the classroom.

Horace bristled and shot his arm forward, his hand slamming against the doorframe, dangerously close to the Submissive. A snarl from Draco was all the warning he got before he was forcefully propelled across the classroom by a strong wave of magic.

Harry smiled endearingly up at Draco and cuddled even closer to him, content that his would-be-Mate had the ability to protect him. He allowed himself to be led to the back of the classroom where the Light Veela sat down and he, Harry, promptly sat down on him, Draco.

"A word of advice, Horace, don't come within two feet of my little moon and do not try to order either of us about. You have no authority over us now."

Harry sighed and cuddled into Draco's expansive chest as the strong arms wrapped around him, keeping him safe and warm.

"Give an old man some warning, Malfoy." Horace grumbled as he climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. "Today class we will be putting further focus on the Draught of Healing Springs. Can anyone tell me about this particular brew?"

Draco quickly shot a silencing spell at Zabini and began to speak, his answer aimed more at Harry than the class or its lecturer. "The Draught of Healing Springs is one of the few potions that needs neither Unicorn hair, blood nor horn. It does, however, need the Unicorn's tears, freely given of course, as well as requiring the blessed water of the Celtic Druids from their Healing Springs, usually found in open grass under many protection spells across Scotland, Ireland, Wales and some parts of England. This is the reason why many other places in the world, such as the Middle East, Canada and America cannot brew the Potion or have to pay handsomely for the ingredients or for it to be ready made.

"The brewing itself is rather complex in that there are two parts to the draught. The first part of the brewing has the more commonly found ingredients and is a relatively simple thing to make, but, like the second part to the Potion, cannot be stored for any more than three hours, although when the entire Potion is finished and the two parts combined, the Potion can be stored for four years. But because of the need in haste for the two parts to be combined it means that the one who brews the Potion has to brew the two together. The second part to the Potion is very complex which takes three days to make and needs to be attended to with few breaks in between which is why we only learn the theory behind the Potion and don't actually attempt to brew it ourselves.

"One species that is renowned for using this Potion is the Elves. They, along with many others, find this Potion to be particularly helpful after a male gives birth to their young. This Potion is not a danger to any other than those who have allergies to the more alkaline ingredients and can be administered either orally or, like few other Potions, can be poured onto the afflicted area."

"Very good Mister Malfoy, fifty points to Slytherin."

Harry sighed and cuddled closer to Draco, his fear about death-by-birthing placated.

"Draco," Harry said quietly, "Have you ever brewed this Potion?"

Draco nodded. "I finished it last night with Severus' notes as guidelines." He pulled the vial out of what seemed like thin air to reveal a blue, swirling, almost fog-like liquid.

"Excellent." Horace murmured as he awarded more points to Slytherin House and drew up close to inspect the concoction. "Why did you not come to me for assistance in this matter?"

"You will forgive me, I'm sure, if I trust such an important thing to a Potions Master over yourself." Draco said, haughtily.

"Of course." Horace nodded. "Though, you ought to be aware, that my skills are more than adequate to cover this."

"I prefer perfect to above-average."

Most of their other lessons followed in much the same manor: Harry ignored everyone and everything but Draco, the teachers made comments about their choice of clothes, Draco effectively silenced the Fae and Vampire's chances of Displaying whilst he showed off. However, as it would go, Harry had a free period in which he would be confined to the Great Hall with Seamus for a study session whilst Draco had Ancient Runes.

"Draco," Harry whined, "I want to stay with you!"

Draco smiled and drew the Submissive close in a protective embrace, "I know you do my little moon."

"Please let me stay with you!" Harry begged. "Please, I do not wish to stay with the Fae."

"You could come with me I suppose, bur you wouldn't understand."

Harry's heart sank and his stomach clenched. He bit his lip and clenched his eyes shut as they began to sting and his throat began to close up.

"Therefore," Draco continued, "I shall be coming with you. We're just recapping in that lesson anyway and I most certainly don't need it. I scored higher than Granger in that exam."

Harry's feelings of despondency and despair evaporated quickly and a melt of gratitude and happiness oozed over the brim inside of him. He smiled happily and jumped up into Draco's arms, giggling cheekily as Draco caught him and held him against his, Draco's, hip. He hummed to himself as they entered the Great Hall, completely unaware of the effect it was having on those around them.

Sirius watched as Harry unknowingly activated his Allure by the Siren Song of the Dark Veela. Though he was only humming the tune, the effect was undeniable. He sniggered as many a male in the great hall quickly bustled their bags and robes over their laps and the females that the two Veela passed quickly seemed to blush and lose their breath. He got up and headed down towards the two lovebirds as they sat down.

"Afternoon." He greeted them.

Draco inclined his head. "They're reacting, aren't they?"

"They are indeed." Sirius smirked.

"I am enjoying it too much to have him stop. I assume you took the Potion?"

Sirius nodded. "How does it affect you?"

"It conveys how he feels to me. I can feel his emotion in the sound and it soothes any fears I might have had about not doing things properly. It also tells me something is imminent, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what." Draco admitted.

"I'll ask Moony later. He's covering my lessons this afternoon so that he gets a break from the revision session here. I'm just bursting to prank someone."

Draco smirked and buried his face in Harry's neck. He snuffled Harry's scent and lost himself in Harry's humming, sighing every so often when Harry's humming broke out into a few words then returned to the humming again.

"My eyes hold the eventide," Harry sang softly then fell back into humming contentedly, randomly breaking out into the lyrics of the slightly sinister song of caressing velvet. "To the shadows I whisper, with the shadows I waltz – bear me, I am not the plague."

Draco too began to hum. His deeper voice accompanied Harry's soft almost childlike music though his voice was not charged with security and happiness but with possessiveness and protection. "Dance no longer with the shadows; vanish with me abaft the unlight!" He sang, "Grant me thineself! And in paltry time will I re-awake – I love thee."

Harry felt his body react to Draco's words. A prickling, uncomfortable heat inflamed his skin, intense and painful causing a sickly feeling in his stomach and a whimper to rise up from his throat. He felt Draco react instantaneously also; a throbbing need became pressed into his thigh, pulsing and energetic.

Sirius turned as a wave of lust washed over him and the other inhabitants of the room. He quickly transformed into Padfoot and howled to Moony, thankful that the sound also shook a few people near him out of the Heat-based daze.

"Draco!" Sirius barked. "Get him outside, now!"

Draco tried to ignore the Animagus' command but when he became aware of the humans around them who too wanted to claw and paw at the Submissive he snarled dangerously and lifted the Dark Veela into his arms. He ran for the door and headed to the entrance, nodding to his father as he passed him.

Remus dismissed his class, sending them to their dormitories and extracted a Potions vial from the desk drawer. He downed it in one go and felt his mind amalgamate with Moony's. He had his own rationality, backed by Moony's instincts with Moony's power, senses, speed and agility. He bounded down the corridors and out a second floor window. He saw Draco hurrying into the forest, a whimpering and hot Harry in his arms.

Blaise burst out of his Ancient Runes classroom window on the fifth floor and jumped from ledge to ledge downwards to the floor. He made a break for the forest after the Werewolf and the two Veela, his Vampyric senses suddenly making him aware of the Fae behind him.

Seamus launched himself onto Blaise's back, pulling him to the floor. He drew out one of his silver daggers and thrust it into the Vampire's leg. He Skirled loudly, paralysing the Vampire, although not for long as Seamus' Fae power was not anywhere near as fully developed as it needed to be. However, it would hold the Slytherin for now. He sprinted off into the forest, following the whimpers of the Dark Veela to lead him to his prize.

Draco headed to a cliff and jumped down off it, using his wings to help himself and Harry glide down smoothly to land on a rocky plateau. He was followed closely by the Lycanthrope who appeared to have merged himself with the Werewolf, both mentally and now physically.

Remus stood by as Draco slowly and meticulously stripped the Dark Veela. He stood guard, using his nose and ears as warning bells to alert him when someone was headed their way. He caught the scent of the Fae, bringing the scent of silver with him. He snarled and poised himself ready to attack. He crouched low and sprung high as the Fae leapt off the top of the cliff.

Seamus clashed with Remus, two well-crafted silver blades pressed and held at bay by human hands half mutated into claws. Seamus kicked away from the Werewolf and leapt up into a tree branch. He crouched low and felt the branch tense before he sprung. A weight from above bore down on him and sent him crashing to the floor. His mouth filled with mud and the scratching of the fallen leaves on the floor irritated his skin. A high pitched hiss from above him told him the Vampire was back in the running.

Blaise grasped the Fae by the shoulder and yanked him upwards. His fingers Transfigured into one thick blade. He plunged his bladed-hand through the Fae's right shoulder, causing him the scream as he dropped to the floor.

"Very good, Vampire," Remus almost purred from the sidelines, "Picked that up from your mother, I see. She is very good at self-Transfiguration."

"I am well taught." Blaise said stiffly. "I will not be out done by some blonde ponce and his pet dog!"

Remus snarled and lunged at the Vampire, knocking him off his feet and backwards into a tree. He covered the boy's throat with his hand and gripped tightly. He pressed his claws into the nape of Blaise's neck and breathed purposefully slowly into the Vampire's face.

"You do not deserve Harry. Begin your whore horde elsewhere. Harry is a work of art not a common object to be used and abused when you feel like it! You are no match for Draco's worthiness and you are no match for my skill, speed and strength; you are out of the running, Vampire."

"I was never given the chance to prove myself!" Blaise gurgled stubbornly and struggled against Remus' iron grip.

"We never needed to give you one to know you!" Remus snarled. He lifted Blaise high into the air and threw him deeper into the forest. He nodded to his newly-arrived Mate and gestured to the bleeding Fae on the floor. "Blaise transfigured his hand into a blade and stabbed him with it. It went straight through and, because of Blaise's extra-curricular activities, was coated with Black Magic. The Fae is dying."

"We'll see what Pomfrey and Dumbledore can do. We'll call Severus out if we need to. Watch it, Blaise is coming back." Sirius lifted Seamus up and ran back towards the castle where the parents of the three dominants stood, waiting. Sirius was somewhat surprised to see Blaise's father there, with his brood in tow of course, looking smug about the injured boy.

"Seamus!" Heather Finnegan shrieked, "What has happened?"

"The Vampire. Heather, run to the seventh floor and find Severus, the boy may die. With the wound came Black Magic Poison and it is killing him. Poppy! Albus!"

Heather burst into the Room of Requirement and charged at Severus who was bodily pinning Theodore Nott down with Hermione close by, pale and stricken looking with her wand at the ready. Ginny was out cold on the floor with Neville tending to her and Luna shouting instructions to the Potions Master with a dazed look on her face.


"What is it, woman, can't you see I'm busy?" The Vampire snarled.

"My son is dying, Severus! Zabini stabbed him and poisoned him with Black Magic! You must help me!"

"Granger, strongest body bind you know please!"


Theodore went stiff and Severus conjured several thick ropes to hold him in place for good measure.

"Longbottom, do you know of the Draught of the Healing Springs?"

"It's a Healing Potion associated with the Elves and takes three days to brew."

"What is one of the key ingredients, boy?"

"Blessed water from the Druids."

"Find some in my stores and pour a few drops into Finnegan's mouth and a few drops onto the stab wound."

Neville nodded. He spun on his heel and ran from the room, heading down towards the dungeons praying to his unlucky star to not shine upon him that day so that no Poltergeists or Slytherins would obstruct his way.

"And that will make him better instantly Severus?"

"It will help him drive out the alien Magic. But be warned, Heather, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. That is if the water reaches him in time, of course."

Heather whimpered and ran from the room.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Harry lay upon his back, his fingers digging deeply into the earth, sweat covering his body. His legs were prised apart by Draco's deft hands and Draco was positioned at Harry's entrance, ready to give the Dark Veela what he craved and desired.

"Please, Dominant!" Harry whined, "I cannot wait any longer."

But still Draco hesitated. "What is it you wish for, Submissive?"

"To be taken, filled, sated! Please! You would not be where you are now if you were not worthy!"

"Would you take any Dominant in my place now? Would you have the Vampire if he hovered over you, or perhaps it would be the Fae you would favour?" Draco growled coldly.

"No!" Harry shrieked. "You, Draco! I want you and only you! It's always been about you! Please, loom my darling sun – bear the scarlet colour!"

A blast of power and instinct burst inside of Draco's veins as his mind was lost to its Veela self and he plunged within the Dark Veela.

Harry was in Dark Veela heaven. His hips were almost a foot away from the floor due to the ferocity of Draco's thrusts, each one sending a beautiful, cooling and pleasurable wave through his veins and where Draco's skin met his own a pleasurable cooling sensation spread and took the pressure of the Heat off of Harry. Harry could feel the energy rolling off Draco and could feel his own body greedily taking it all in like oxygen to let him breathe and free him from the cloying Heat.

With every thrust and every pulsing beat of his heart Draco felt himself Claiming Harry, oozing his pheromones and a distinct signal from within himself that calmed the Dark Veela's Heat. In every part of his naked flesh that was in contact with his Mate's he could feel the Heat seeping into him, driving him into a frenzy of 'faster, harder, deeper, more'.

Their energies built between them as their climaxes drew near. It manifested as a glowing of ever-increasing ambient magic swirling in torrents between them as their energies peaked. Their orgasm saw the combustion of the magics into a giant blue wave that rocketed for miles in all directions. It destroyed Potions vials, cracked cauldrons, crumbled desks and chairs and sent students sprawling to the floor.

Somewhere, deeper into the forest an irate Vampire screamed; the sound tearing from his throat in a vicious rage with an inhuman sound. He stormed past the Werewolf, ignoring him completely, and burst furiously onto the scene of the Mating.

"Zabini." Draco inclined his head as he lovingly stroked his Mate's face.

Harry was still lying on the floor, legs wrapped around Draco's waist, panting, flushed and exhilarated.

"As a competing Dominant it is within my rights to demand to Sniff the Submissive." Blaise growled.

Draco held up a hand to stop him. He wound his arms around Harry and pulled him up into a sitting position. "I will allow it, but not just yet. My Mate and I must prepare and reach the Efferus stage. We will approach you when Harry is ready to have another Dominant that close without having a bit of a tizzy about it."

"Don't want any Dominants close except you, Draco!" Harry whined, cuddling into Draco's arms for support.

Blaise nodded and walked away, eyeing the submissive one last time before he trudged begrudgingly towards the castle.

Heather Finnegan was beside herself with tears. Lying in the Hospital Wing, comatose and grey-looking when Fae were naturally red-faced was her son. The Longbottom boy had rushed down as fast as he could, carrying the vial out in front of him. They and Pomfrey had just about managed to force the water into her son's mouth and draw back when the vial exploded, the shards flying in every which way direction. A particularly large shard had lodged itself in Seamus' left eye. Pomfrey had been able to remove it and she had fixed it up as best as she could but the optic nerves in that eye were dead and he would never again be able to use it.

Romulus Zabini cast a scornful look at the fruit of his loins. He despised the fact that the fruit of his loins did not compare to the Malfoy spawn and the Werewolf. Perhaps Blaise needed more training and more time around his academically obsessed older half sister.

"Come, Blaise, you and I need to talk."

Blaise nodded grimly and followed his father into an empty classroom.

"The Fae, Veela and Elves will have passed out of their Mating Season within the next week or so and whilst my resources and connections are vast I highly doubt we will be able to charge into the running for any Mates this year. There are Nymphs, Submissive Werewolves and Shinas to consider in three weeks time but as you know Shinas are filthy creatures, Werewolves will be a danger to you and the Nymphs are running low – in fact I think only the Black family and maybe the Weasley girl have any potent Nymph blood left in them. You will wait until next year and you will try again for Veela and perhaps an Elf."

"Why not a Fae, father?"

"They are not exquisite enough you foolish boy! Next year, make a try for the Weaslette. The Nymph blood seems to be active in her, hardly surprising; she is the first Weasley girl to be born in around a century and a half. That was when the Weasleys mixed their blood."

"Her brother won't like that father." Blaise said.

"He can do nothing about it; he does not possess the blood. Her parents can, by law, but her brothers are powerless. Well… the twins do seem to have the telepathic abilities that Sirius and Narcissa do not, but that is because there are several strands of Nymph and I'm getting off track for Count's sake!" Romulus snapped.

Blaise resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He knew it was an unnecessary act and that his father loved to hear himself talk.

"We will step up your training in the summer and I can begin teaching you mind magics. Now go to your dormitory, I shall speak with Gabrielle."

Blaise nodded and spun on his heel, fury still bubbling within him.

Remus smiled at the Mated pair and cautiously approached. He caught and held Draco's eye for a moment before slowly advancing on them as they lay on the floor.

"How do you feel?"

"Powerful. Alive. Good… good as in I've done the right thing. There is no guilt, only pride and satisfaction and… love."

Remus smiled widely. "And you, Harry?"

"Safe, elated, loved and I too love."

"Do you both wish to come back to the castle?"

"What for?"

"To eat," Sirius answered them, surprising the two Veela, he came to stand beside his own Mate and smiled. "You must eat and head up to a special room, The Room of Requirement. Reaffirm your bond there until you are confident that nothing can interrupt. Only then may you try and reach your Efferus forms."

"We'll go now." Draco decided.

"Good luck." Remus said.

"We'll see you soon."

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