The Chronicles of the Sorceress

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Entry errr.. 16?

My Quarters

10:08 pm

Should I wear my hair differently like... put it up?

This is frustrating. Before, and that's like a month ago, I never really cared on how I look. Somebody always says I'm pretty the way I am, not that I needed to be told and complimented. Goodness, whoever cares? It's not like you're going to be killed if you're not pretty, or charming or whatever words that associate well with beauty. Real beauty anyway, comes from within.

I somehow disagree though. Some people are lucky enough that their real beauty comes twofold, within and outside. Should I name one? Really, should I?

If vanity is the devil's favorite sin, then I'd probably be burned at stake in hell right this very moment.

But then… just this moment. I'll try to let it pass. Keyword: try.

Whatever made me think about these very absurd thoughts again? Ahh, that incident in the corridor. Yes, that must be it. I mean, what else could be? Nothing much happened today; Zell's just so gloomy that there are no hotdogs served today, Selphie's being her usual perky self, Irvine... well, still never taking that lady-charmer smile off his face, Seifer and I dined together for three full meals. (That's a first.) Squall… I never saw him today. And then there was Quistis. And that lobby incident.

Blast that lobby incident.

Blast that really. I was innocently heading to the cafeteria to meet Seifer for dinner. I had no choice; the most convenient, not to mention fastest way to my destination was the busiest, blast-that lobby. I know I mentioned the word 'busy' here but then imagine my horror when it seemed like there were more people that time than the usual. It would never have struck me given that yeah, that blast-it lobby is always busy, but it was… odd. But then who cares?

I should have done so.

I then made my way through the slow-moving crowd with a lot of squeezing here and there until there was enough breathing space for me. (One advantage of my height.) Then, just at an arm's length away from me, a tall lady was walking calmly; maybe she was also headed to the cafeteria. Her deliberate walk would never have bothered me at all, but, "HURRY, for Hyne's sake!", my mind was screaming. Whew. Of course, I hadn't blurted that out loud, that would be too impolite of me; besides, I don't own that blast-it lobby (I never wished) so I resolved to overtake her.

Only to find out that it would make me look back and affirm that my eyes were in no means deceiving me.

Bear with me, I'm recalling this from memory…

"Quistis?" Yeah, it was her,

"Oh, Rinoa! I didn't see you pass by." I overtook her, obviously. She wouldn't notice.

"Uh-huh. I squeezed my way through." I was responded with a light laugh.



"You don't mind me asking, do you?"

"Ask what?"

The obvious.

"Why is your hair down? Any occasion worth letting it that way?"

A laugh. A very hearty laugh. Oh, I can feel the Trepies swoon.


"I'm lost."

"Well, is it that bad? Don't worry Rin, I'm not going to get angry or anything, if you don't like it, then that's fine with me, that's how you see it, I got nothing to do with it." A smile.

"No! Oh no, not that Quisty, I mean, yeah, you look quite different, but honestly, either way, you're beautiful. I have a bunch of living people to prove that," I said, pointing to the swarm of people nearby.

She laughed again. (She's so happy, that's really great.) "Thanks, but you see, this –she pointed at her hair—was unintentional. Apparently, somebody took my clip," she said shrugging.

"You have very bad stalkers." I answered with a genuine smile.

"Squall's not among them."


"….I'm lost." I said. Honestly, what does Squall had to do with this?

Besides, Squall's not among the bad, not among the stalkers or not among the bad stalkers?

"You heard me. He took it." She said simply.

"Hahahaha. I never knew he was gay Quisty! Goodness, since when?" I had to say that to block unwanted thoughts inside my head.

It was her turn to laugh. Oh I can really feel the Trepies plus the stalker swoon.

"He's not gay. You of all people, should know that."

What the hell was that supposed to mean! We're over. (And I'm not entirely over that fact yet. She's not helping.)

"People change."


"…So, why did he take it from you?" I asked.

"Hmm, I don't know. Remind me to ask him later, would you?" She smiled again.

The wind blew, and I noticed just then how more beautiful Quistis looked with her blonde hair down. I am never much into art, but she and her hair blown by the wind would have been a very good subject to paint in canvas.

"…No need. I think I already know."

"Really? Then what?" She looked at me fully.

I took a deep breath.

"…He liked it that way."

And everybody else too.

She smiled at me and halted from our walk. By the looks of it, she was headed to the other direction.

"You know him too well." At that being said she turned on her heel and walked away.

Well, not anymore Quistis.

Not anymore. Somebody else does now.

…Oh, I just noticed I have a very good memory. That's nice. Nicer than letting my hair get pulled up.

xxx Rinoa


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