You Forget One Very Important Thing mate – (1)

Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow has a daughter in Tortuga….and she's far more than he expected her to be!


Right, this is the first chapter of the first 'book' of a threquel I wrote when I was twelve. Hence the reason why the way its written isn't that amazing – nevertheless, I got plenty of good responses at the time and so decided that I was going to revise it a bit. Not to mention a certain friend of mine keeps pestering me to do so! Naturally, Pirates Of The Carribean DOES not belong to me – I'm just playing around with the characters and places.

Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl had just docked in Tortuga, his face and the faces of his crew lit up when they set foot on its Law-Free ground. As they walked down Tortuga's streets they were given fond looks and the occasional "That's the crew of the Black Pearl!" Jack grinned, ever since he had gotten his beloved Pearl back; he had become one of the most famous pirates of all the Caribbean. In mid-thought his dark chocolate eyes scanned the street for his favourite tavern 'The Faithful Bride', before he was interrupted.

"Captain?" asked Mr.Gibbs the first mate.

"Aye?" Jack replied.

"How long are we to be in Tortuga sir?" Gibbs replied, running a hand through what was left of his grey hair.

"As long as it takes" Jack answered calmly.

"Well, whats as long as it takes?" Gibbs asked.

"What I mean, me good friend is that we will be remaining in Tortuga until I'm drunk off me rocker savvy?" Jack said impatiently.

The crew cheered and some went off in other directions, in Tortuga if you were one of Jacks crew you could do your own thing and head back to the ship when the Captain announced so. If you didn't come back, Jack Sparrow would listen to the code 'Any Man That falls Behind, Is left behind'.

Though, the crew always remembered what Elizabeth Swann had once said, "Hang the code and Hang the rules, they're more like guidelines anyway"

"Savvy, Captain" Gibbs said as they entered 'The Faithful Bride'.

(Elizabeth Swan's POV)

Elizabeth sat at her writing desk; curious as to when Will would arrive back in Port Royal. He had been away for a week now, doing some kind of work in other ports for her father. They were engaged to be married, but whether or not it would actually happen; Elizabeth didn't know. She wouldn't put it past him to end up on another adventure with that Jack Sparrow. She shuddered, remembering the events of her life shortly after Jack had threatened her in order to escape from Norrington. She wondered where he was now, probably off raiding some port or gallivanting after some treasure most likely. Why was she thinking about him though? Her life had gone from bad to worse after she'd met him, she and Will could have been killed. Not to mention anyone else she cared for. Elizabeth thought of the day she was marooned on an island with Jack, the look on his face when she had burnt all the rum.

"But why is the rum gone?"

She pictured his face, and then Will's.

"You better not be with that…pirate Will!" She muttered to herself.

(Will Turners POV)

I had been sailing on one of the Governors ships 'The Fortune'; he had me completing many tasks and errands for him ever since it was declared that I was to marry Elizabeth. I couldn't help but wonder if he was doing it to get me away from her, maybe hoping that not seeing each other for a while would make Elizabeth and myself change our minds. There was no way of that. Our minds were set.

"Turner, stop day dreaming and help me unload these barrels!" shouted one of the crew.


"Aye" Will replied and began rolling the barrels of rum from the ship to the docks.

It was hard work on the ship, harder work than it had been on The Black Pearl, or maybe it was the same. Will felt as though he had more freedom on the pearl. Though as Jack had once said "What a ship is…. what The Black Pearl really is…. is freedom" Jack hadn't said this to Will however, he had said it to Elizabeth when they were on that island. Will had demanded to know everything that went on, if Jack had tried anything…anything at all…he would have heard from Will.

After getting all of the barrels onto the docks they then had to load it all onto a cart, and deliver it to some tavern.

"Which one? There are so many?" Will asked the man that had shouted at him earlier.

The man grunted and looked around, he sniffed "'The Faithful Bride' apparently, Captain says we're allowed to stay in there for a few as well, if we get a move on!"

"A few what?" Will asked.

"Couple of drinks, boy! Some rest!" The man said as he and will climbed into the cart.

They moved down the roads at a slow rate, it wasn't the horses that were to blame. It was the amount of Whores and drunks. Will sighed. He hated Tortuga. Ever since his first visit.

"This be the place, Turner," said Jonathan – (Will had established that this was his name shortly after hearing one of the many drunks call out a greeting to his fellow crewmember)

Johnathan went inside and talked to the bartender, then he and Will had to lug all of the barrels into the taverns store room. It was hard work, and Will could feel the beads of sweat forming on his forehead. There must have been 40 barrels or more. "Why the governor wants me to do this, I don't know, hasn't this place got enough wrong with it? Without adding more rum?" Will thought to himself as he watched the bartender pay for the vile drink.

"Thank ye kindly" said Jonathan.

Will stepped back a little only to bump into someone "Watch where you're going you slack-jawed idiot!" Yelled a voice from behind him. A voice Will knew very well.

"Gibbs?" Will asked turning around.

"How do ye know my name, I…" Gibbs began but then he said "Turner! Will Turner! - Captain it be Will!"

Will found himself being led over into a corner of the tavern by Gibbs, there he saw the other members of the crew of The Black Pearl.

They grunted they're Hello's and Cottons Parrot said "Bloody Stupid Will"

'He must have learnt that from Jack' Will thought as he was pushed into a seat next to Gibbs.

"Ah No worries Crew, I found me hat!" said a voice, the owner of it appearing from under the table.

"Jack?" Will asked.

Jack sat back in his chair and straightened his hat on top of his head, a bottle of rum was in his hand but he was clearly already drunk. Same old Jack

"Captain to you William, Captain Jack Sparrow!" Jack said grinning.

"What brings ye here, boy?" Gibbs asked.

Mr Cottons parrot then said "Governors daughter. Governer's daughter!"

"Oh you and tha' bonnie lass still a happy little family then?" Jack enquired.

"Where is she?" Gibbs asked.

"Elizabeth is in Port Royal, her father requested that I do some errands for him," Will said.

"Tha' is good to know mate, now why don't you tell me everythin' that's been going on in that lovely Port of yours!" Jack said.

Will looked around, hoping to get out of the tavern very soon. Jonathan was nowhere in sight. And Jack kept buying him drinks, even if he hadn't even taking a sip from the first one given to him. Clearly 'Captain Jack Sparrow' was not all that smart, even when under the influence.