A year and two months later

"Hurry up Tom. We have to get going." Sarah yelled as she zipped up Ally's coat and put on her boats.

"Yeah. I'll be right there." Tom yelled from the other room.

"I tell you. He is always slow." She smiled at Ally as she put on her own boats.

Tom then came to the back entrance with a child in his arms. Sarah gave him an impatient look and tapped her foot. "I'm sorry, but Rachel here, left me a big present." The little girl giggled in her father's arms.

Sarah hand Tom the girl coat and Tom put it on while Ally put on her boats. Then Tom hand Rachel to her mother and picked up their luggage.

Then they all headed out the door and took the taxi to the airport. Tom looked at Sarah and smiled once the got settled in the taxi. "It is going to good to see the gang again." Sarah smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Doug. Doug. Can you get some more chairs? There's a few in Tom's old room, and there is some in mine." Mrs. Hanson asked the young officer as she was setting the table when she heard the doorbell ring.

"Yeah, sure thing Mrs. Hanson." Doug said then turned to Clivo. "Want give me a hand, four footer?" The young boy nodded his head.

Margaret answered the door and saw Donna and Jeff, the second group to arrive. "Merry Christmas Margaret." Donna said as she gave he a hug. Jeff smiled "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Hanson." Then he handed her a box of chocolates. "Merry Christmas to both of you. Come on in."

Within the hour the house was filled. Judy, Adam, Harry, Sal and his family, even Booker came to the Mrs. Hanson for Christmas.

Doug sat on the couch impatiently. "Where are they? I'm going to kill Tommy for being late.

"Don't be so crude, Doug. It is Christmas." Judy said as she sat beside him. Doug looked at her and smiled.

"They're here. They're here." Yelled on of Sal's kids. Everyone stood up and looked out the window and watched as the family got out of the taxi.

The snow was lightly falling. Tom picked up Ally in his arms and Sarah held little Rachel. Tom wrapped his arm around Sarah and the walked towards the door.

Margaret and Donna met their children at the door. Tom gave his mom on the cheek and Sarah did the same to her mom. When they were in the house. Tom put Ally down and unzipped her coat and took off her boats. Clivo came up "Ally. Do you want to come play?" The little girl nodded her head and ran off with the boy.

Tom went back to the cab to grab their luggage and to pay the man. Then he came back in then brought their stuff to his old room.

He came out of the room to join the rest of the gang. Judy was already hold Rachel and didn't seem like she was going to let go. Sarah was talking with her brother. Harry and Sal were in a deep discussion. Captain Adam Fuller was in the Kitchen helping the mothers of the family put the finishing touches to the Christmas dinner. Tom smiled as he watched his family mingle amongst each other.

Doug stood up and gave his best friend a big hug. "Merry Christmas to you too Doug." The older officer smiled at Tom. "You have quite the little family thing going their Tommy. Are you growing up on me?" Tom looked at Doug and smiled "No. Not at all."

"Dinner is ready." Announced the captain. Tom and Sarah settle all the kids in the kitchen and dished out their plates. Then they joined the other in the dinning room. Tom held Rachel in his arms while he sat between his mom and his wife.

Doug stood up before they started eating "I would like to make a toast." Booker decided to make a joke "The toaster is in the kitchen Dougie." Everyone started to laugh but then quiet down to hear what the man had to say,

"Here's to our family. Thou we are not all blood related we are still there for one another, through thick and thin. Sometimes we can seem a little dysfunctional or we make mistakes. But in the end that doesn't matter because we care and love each other no matter what. That's what makes our big family so perfect. Here is to family"

"To family." Everyone said at they raised their wine glasses. Tom looked at Sarah and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Hey, why don't you two get a room?" Said Harry as he smiled.

Tom blushed a bit then smiled "Hey who want potatoes." He put some on his plate and passed it on.

"We forgot the gravy." Informed Margaret and she was about to get up. "Don't worry grandma H. I'll get it." Sarah said as she stood up and went to the kitchen. "I'll help her Tom said handing Rachel to Donna and went to the kitchen.

Everyone looked around at each other and started laughing because they were all thinking of the same thing.

"This is perfect isn't it?" Tom said as he walked up behind Sarah who was pouring the gravy into the gravy boat. She turned around and gave him a kiss. "It is perfect."

"Eww. Ally what are your mom and dad doing?" Clivo said as the kids watched the young couple.

Tom turned around as gave the kids a little glare. "Can we ever have any peace?" Sarah laughed. "Tomorrow night. We can get our moms to watch the kids and we can stay at a hotel." Tom smiled "I love you." Then he wanted to kiss her again. "Tom we have to go back in the dinning room. She said as the gravy boat was filled and they went back to their spots.

After all the trouble they went through and the problem that are yet to come. This big family with always be there to help through thick and thin.

The End