Title: Scars

Author: MissForsythe

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All the women on the 7th floor have scars.

It's what makes them so interesting to look at, according to Brian and Billy. It's very disturbing, according to Nick.

Yet, he likes to play the game of where they could possibly have scars.

Jessica has one below her knee. It's from the time her she and her boyfriend were in a car accident, freshman year of college. She also has one on her wrist, which she never talks about. Nick never asks. Not even when they are in bed together at night, and the scar is obvious in the candlelight.

Christina has a scar on the side of her face, just before her ear. It's the result of scratching open a chicken pox bump. She also has one on her calf, from the time she fell down the stairs moving into her new apartment. She scraped it on a piece of broken glass. Brian loves running his fingers over the facial scar when he's about to kiss her.

Alex. Alex has lots and lots of scars. Jim tried to count them once. One on her stomach, about two inches, where her appendix was taken out. She's got scars from when she was sick, from when a perp knocked her down in the courthouse, from when someone shot her. It's the size of a nickle, and it's harder and darker then the rest of her skin. It's just above her collarbone, right underneath the strap of her bra. It's the first thing he kisses in the morning, before her lips. She's told countless lies about it, from skiing accidents to complicated surgeries. He lies about it. When Jessica asked him where she got the scar from, he told her something about a surgery to repair the bone, even though he has no idea why. It's no secret, at least not as far as he's concerned, but he knows she'd kill him if he ever blatantly told anyone she got shot.

The women on the 7th floor are different from any other women in the city. Because their wounds left a mark, pleasant or not, and they make it a game to let you find them and kiss them better.

The end

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