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Chapter 1

Separation is hard on the heart

A calm wind blew over the the lovely lush green landscape of the great kingdom of Meridell, the skies a lovely blue with fluffy white clouds and the towns people wouldn't have it any other way! You see it wasn't always this way. One year ago, the darkest Faerie escaped from her seemingly unbreakable prison, and took her revenge to a whole new level! Little did she know that Tormund, the Lupe knight and Roberta, the Acara sorceress were one of the very few neopets that weren't under her control. These two and some very big help they defeated her for good!

But even after all they have been through Tor and Roberta had to separate, Tor was a only a knight of third class, while Roberta was the niece of King Hagan and King Skarl, so Roberta had to return to Brightvale wither her teacher Seradar and Tor returned to Meridell.

But what was most amazing was that even after becoming a knight of first class Tor decided to return to the farm he grew of on. King Skarl said that he would send Lucky the Ixi messenger if Meridell ever needed his help again.

With the darkest Faerie finally defeated, peace was restored through out Neopia, from the very hot Lost Desert to the very cold Terror Mountain to the lovely weather of Mystery Island. And the neopets that were under the Darkest Faerie's control were freed and everything returned to normal!

Well almost normal, Tor missed his good friend Roberta, they had been through so much together only to be separated by Seradar.

Tor sat on top of the barn of the farm, staring off into into the unknown, he remembered all of the lands they explored, he remembered all of the monsters they fought and enemies and how to beat them, he remembered all the people they saved and all of the gifts they were given.

Though now dressed in his farm clothing he could still feel the heaviness of his armor upon his now stronger body, he thought that he was already strong by working on the farm, but battling against the evil forces he grew even stronger. And unfortunately he remembered the sad day he and Roberta had to take separate ways.


" Finally, she's gone." Queen Fyora sighed

" A burden is always defeated in the end." Seradar said

" It took along time, but we did it." Roberta exhaustedly

" We did it together and with some help." Tor added also exhausted

" And we thank you." Queen Fyora said

" We had to defeat her, we had to rescue our homes." Tor said

" And ended up saving all of Neopia." Queen Fyora replied

" But we have to leave for Brightvale." Seradar said sadly

" What? No." Roberta argued

" I'm sorry, but we have to go, plus Tor will have to go to back to Meridell." Seradar replied

" Don't argue Roberta, it won't get you anywhere." Tor said

" I don't want to leave you, we've been through too much together." Roberta replied

" I don't want to you to go, but I'm only a knight of third class, and you are royalty, you are far above my status." Tor said

" He won't stay third class for long." Seradar thought

" I will miss you Tor." Roberta said pulling the yellow Lupe in to a hug

" I will miss you too." Tor said returning the hug

Queen Fyora smiled and looked at Seradar, he knew what the Faerie was thinking, it would be very hard on the two if the separated.

" Come on Roberta, we must go." Seradar said

Roberta let go of the armored Lupe and gave a small smile, Tor couldn't resist the Acara's smile, Roberta gave Tor a quick hug she left with Seradar. Tor watched until they were well out of sight.

" Time for you to leave as well young one." Queen Fyora said

" I guess so." Tor replied

End Flashback...

The wind picked up a bit as Tor remembered that very sad day and a lonely tear left his eye. He really missed the beautiful blue Acara, he often wondered if she missed him, but she was probably busy with her magic lessons... Tor jumped off of the barn roof and continued with his chores around the farm.

" Sir Tormund! Sir Tormund!" a voice called