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Chapter 7

The stories end of the beginning

Roberta and Tor determinedly walked to the throne room, they would tell King Hagan what happened between Tor and Seradar earlier. They walked in and King Hagan looked up for a moment and closed the book he was reading.

" What is the matter Roberta, you look upset about something." King Hagan asked

" More like some one." Roberta said

" What happened young ones?" King Hagan asked

" Seradar told Tor that Werelupes were attacking villagers in Brightvale Village, so I waited for them to return, then I see an explosion. I went to investigate and found Tor in the grass. He said that Seradar attacked him from behind." Roberta explained

" Seradar come in here!" King Hagan called

" You called sire." Seradar said bowing

Nurse Rose was right, Seradar had cuts and gashes on his body here and there, Roberta smiled to herself.

" Roberta tells me that you attacked Sir Tormund when he had his back turned." King Hagan said

" Yes sire I did, Roberta needs to marry someone of royal blood to keep the blood lines as clear as water." Seradar replied

" I never told many people but my past wife Violet was no more than a farmers daughter outside of the Brightvale Outskirts." King Hagan

" Really?" Roberta asked

" My yes and a lovely woman she was." King Hagan replied

" I never knew that sire." Seradar said

" Anyway, Seradar, you had no right to try to kill Sir Tormund, he's saved my niece's life twice he has the heart of a true hero and is as brave as a royal prince. You will be sentenced to the dungeon." King Hagan said angrily

Two blue Draik guards grabbed Seradar and dragged him to the dungeon far below the ground.

" He won't bother anyone anymore." Kin Hagan said

" Good, I do not want him to hurt anyone ever again." Tor replied

" Now about your problem." Roberta said

" I will return to the farm in Meridell, I belong there, plus my father built a small house for me to live in." Tor replied

" I could go with you." Roberta said

" Only if you want to." Tor said

In the Brightvale dungeon...

" I should have killed that farm rat of a Lupe when I had the chance." Seradar cursed

" I know the feeling." said a voice

Seradar turned around to see two burning red eyes staring at him.

" You had trouble with those two also?" Seradar asked

" They destroyed my plans of taking over Neopia in complete darkness." said the voice

" You know we could kill those two for our own purposes." Seradar said

" That's not such a bad idea Gelert." said the voice

" Call me Seradar, with my magic we can kill them." Seradar said

" Not so fast Spunky, I want to make them suffer for what they did to me." said the voice

" Now there's an idea, but I'll have to know if I can trust you enough to become partners." Seradar replied

" You can trust me, because I can help you kill them." the voice said

" Good point, alright then, all we need to do is get out of here." Seradar said

" Don't worry, I know a way." the voice laughed

Back in the throne room...

" How long have they stared at each other like that?" Guard Zeko asked

" Two hours, three minutes and forty-five seconds." Guard Drake replied

" Who could blame them Sir Tormund is quite the flirt." King Hagan said

" I'd say." Roberta thought while blushing

" I'm telling the truth." Tor said

" I'd never seen Roberta blush so badly before." King Hagan said

Suddenly Lucky the Ixi messenger came busting through the doors.

" I'm sorry King Hagan but I'm here on business, Sir Tormund is to report to Meridell right away, there's something very strange going on." Lucky said

" Thank you Lucky." King Hagan said

Tor stood up as he picked up his sword and shield, he looked over to Roberta who frowned at this news.

" Don't worry I'll come back, I promise." Tor said

" I'll hold you up to that." Roberta replied

Tor followed Lucky out of the castle and off to Meridell where he was needed. Roberta watched but then a strange feeling came over her.

" That's strange..." she thought

Dark gray clouds gathered over head, lightning flashed, and thunder cracked, the water around the castle raged splashing up against the strong castle walls.

" My word what is going on?" King Hagan asked

" To tell the truth, I don't know." Roberta replied

The storm raged on and on, not only in Brightvale but in Meridell, Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Krawk Island, and all the other parts of Neopia!

Roberta looked out the throne room window as the storm raged outside, she wondered if Tor made it to Meridell okay without getting himself hurt.

Tor ran behind Lucky through the water-logged streets of Meridell to the castle, they finally made it in and the two shook the water off their wet bodies.

" King Skarl I brought Sir Tormund." Lucky said bowing

" Thank you." King Skarl said

" What seems to be the matter sire?" Tor asked

" As you have noticed this storm suddenly hit without warning, we thought you would have some clue of its cause." King Skarl said

" To be honest sire I do not know the cause of this strange storm, but maybe the books in the library might help." Tor replied

" You my look through them, let me know if you find anything." King Skarl said

" I will sire." Tor replied

In the Brightvale dungeon...

Guard Drake walked through the fire-lit dungeon on his patrol, he checked on all the prisoners, he checked Seradar's cell on his way through.

" This is not good..." Guard Drake said

" What is it?" Guard Zeko asked

" Seradar and the dark one have escaped!" Guard Drake yelled