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Special Tantei Eikichi

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In the previous chapter:

The tiger was disintegrated.

Then, the humanoid demon appeared.

"Sabyakko, I felt high spiritual energy. Are you done so I can finally attack Urameshi or do I have to help you with Kuwabara?"

Eikichi hid behind a tree, catching her breath. She camouflaged her energy and eyed the stranger with much curiosity. He was stronger than the tiger. He would be hard to fight.

'Don't fight unless you can win' she had heard a master say to his apprentice in one of the action movies she and Kazuma watched.

'A fair advice. But I can't get out of this one. The stranger will challenge Kazuma, and he is in no condition to fight. He has just returned from the Maze Castle'

Eikichi licked her wounds, searching her physical status. No serious wounds. She was prepared for another fight. Then, she came out into the moon light.


"You?" the stranger asked.

He sniffed into the cat's direction and traced Sabyakko's blood on her fur.

"The great Sabyakko was killed by a kitty?" he laughed. "That's funny. Don't tell me, I will be killed by a mouse. This world is turning upside down."

"I haven't seen any mouse that's capable to do this" Eikichi said, as one of the stranger's arms fell off.

He yelled in pain, but the cat was away from him. Eikichi took showed him a sharp silver claw. Apparently, using her Reiki, she turned one of her tiny claws into a long and deadly razor. (A/N: Remember when Hiei cut that guy's hand from Shishiwakamaru's team in the Black Tournament without a notice? Well, it was something like that!)

"Since we're already fighting, are you kind enough to tell me your name?" a purring voice came from above the stranger.

"Oh, yes. My name is Kuromomotaro" (Yep, the doughnuts guy in Shishi's team. Small world, ne?).

He took one of the doughnuts from his belt and ate it. From now on, he would be immune to her claws.

Eikichi attacked again, this time with no result. His hands had been covered with hair and he seemed protected by a very resistant armor. After a series of jumps and kicks, it was his turn to strike.

The poor kitten could barely jump and dodge; if this situation continued, she would have no chance of survival. Kuromomotaro on the other hand had grown his formerly cut off hand with another doughnut and enjoyer himself watching the cat try to do her best, but failing.

Eikichi felt anger build up inside her; she didn't defeat Sabyakko to be killed by this demon! She would defeat him!

The cat passed by one of Sabyakko's heads trying to escape a punch. Her eyes narrowed, the saw a slight track of energy and recognized it.

'Your enemy can sometimes teach you' she said to herself.

Smiling, she opened her mouth and placed a paw on the tiger's head, entering his memories, hi thoughts, his power. She felt the energy build up into her throat.

'If only I didn't swallow it!' she prayed silently.

She aimed at Kuromomotaro and hit him with full force, but the demon didn't disintegrate. Eikichi had used her own energy, and the attack seemed weaker, although it caused enough damage. His chest and upper arms were bleeding and he spat blood out of his mouth. Kuromomotaro cursed and turned around, disappearing into the night.

'One inch further, and bye bye Kuro!' the demon thought. 'How embarrassing, to be defeated by a cat. Suzuki will improve my doughnuts or pay with his lifeā€¦'

Exhausted, bleeding and barely being able to walk, Eikichi collapsed on a tree root. Tears built up in her eyes, the pain was just too much.

"Meow" she whispered into the night. "I think I saved you for now, Kazuma-chan. But I feel my life is coming to an end. You need to be stronger. You need serious training"

She dozed off, without feeling a soft hand pulling her tiny body up.

"You were very brave, little cat. Eikichi" a blue-haired ferry girl whispered. She summoned her oar and flew to Reikai.

Eikichi opened her eyes to find herself in a large room. In front of her, at a desk, a baby filled in papers.

"I'm glad you're awake. My name is Koenma" he introduced himself. "This is my assistant, Botan. She healed you and brought you here."

A cute girl dressed in a pink kimono smiled at me from across the room.

"This is Reikai"

"Am I dead?" I asked him. Surely I had to be. But wait. Did he say 'heal'?

"Of course not!" she chirped.

"Kazuma Kuwabara's cat Eikichi, you are a great warrior. I have watched your battle from up here and I must say I'm very impressed. You are just as powerful as Yusuke and just as smart as Kurama. As fast as Hiei and as kind as Kuwabara"

I blushed at the compliments (thank God he can't see it because of my fur).

"That's why I decided to make you a Special Tantei."

"Oh? What do you mean 'special'?"

"You will know when time comes. Now, return to Ningenkai and wait. Take care of Kuwabara and stay close to him"

The girl signaled me it was time to go. She showed me out, summoned her oar and jumped on it. I jumped in her lap. She held me close to her with one hand. We landed in front of the house.

"For now, your identity as a Tantei will remain a secret, so make sure none of the four boys finds out about your powers and such. But you will be our eyes here."

She handed Eikichi a shining collar.

"This is your connection with us. Your first assignment is to report any unusual demon activity in your area. Good luck, Eikichi!" Botan said making the cat face.