Chapter 1- Lies

(Naruto's POV)

Kakashi didn't seem like he could fight anymore and so were most of our formal teachers. Neji and Sai were badly hurt from Deidara's last attack and Tenten, Lee, Sakura, Hinata, and almost everyone seemed to be low on Chakra.

'dammit!' I thought as I tried to run towards them but Jiraiya held me back. "LET ME GO!" I yelled.

"Stay back Naruto!" he held my arm tighter.

Tsunade-sama clutched her arms as she got up. She didn't seem to be badly hurt but I knew she probably would be if she tried to fight all the Akatsuki at once.

This was all my fault they were trying to protect me… tears started to form as I watched Lee and Neji get up slowly and stood few feet front of me.

I looked at Jiraiya. It seemed like he wanted to help them but didn't want to leave me by myself (Probably Tsunade told him not to stay to far away from me).

Itachi took a step forward, "Give Naruto-kun to us… you know you have no chance against us."

Tsunade just glared at him and Jiraiya didn't let go of my arm.

(scene change…)

Lets go back to how this all happened… My Name is Uzumaki and during my earily years of life I have been called a monster… I wanted to blame my father for that since he was the one who sealed Kyuubi in me but I couldn't… after all he was the fourth Hokage and he was just trying to save the village. After I found that my father was Hokage my desired to follow this path grew… I wanted to be like him… to protect everyone who was important to me…

I was wearing complete black as I walked to the grave of my father, "Hi Dad," I said as I knelt in front of his grave, "You must be happy now that Konoha is getting back on their feet… Everyone seems to be happier now…" I sighed, "I finally got over Sasuke leaving the village and following Orochimaru… I'm not going to be chasing after him anymore, after all I need to concentrate on being the Hokage like you… then maybe, in the future, I might see Sasuke again."

"Naruto," said a soft voice behind me. I turned to see one of my teammate, Sakura.

"Oh hi Sakura-chan, why are you here?" I asked blinking more then usual trying to hide my tears.

Sakura looked at me sadly; she acted lot nicer to me now that she knew what happened to me in the past, "Arashi Yondaime…" she said as she read the name on the grave, "he's your father right?"

"Yep," I said cheerfully as I stood up.

"Why don't you two have the same last name?" she asked, trying to make a normal conversation.

"The third Hokage changed my last name so no one knew I was his son…" he replied.

She looked at me, "Was it because of the Akatsuki?"

"Yeah," I smiled, "but the stupid thing is they still found me so there was no use…"

"He must have been very powerful… after all he did teach Kakashi, right?"

"They say that he was a great Hokage," he said as he remembered the villagers talking about him, "…they said he cared about everyone in the village and had many people who respected him… and from what I heard from Kakashi, where ever he went he made people happy."

"Like you…" said Sakura with a smile.

I looked at her shocked for a moment, "Thanks Sakura… but I have a long way to go before I am as great as him." I turned away from her.

There was a moment of silent then she grabbed my arms, "Come on, let's go… Sai is already waiting for us."

When Sasuke left and Sai became Sasuke's replacement… at first we all tried to get him back but after a while I finally realized it was pointless. Akatsuki didn't try anything for about 2 and a half years… what happened to them, we do not know. Tsunade-sama told me few days ago that I have a good chance of becoming the sixth hokage so I thought my adventure was almost coming to an end… how wrong I was…

"Tsunade-sama!" Sakura yelled as Tsunade fell to the ground.



Tsunade stood up but I could see that her legs were shaking. Itachi started to walk towards her but then there was some kind of light and some what looked like glass appeared between Tsunade and Itachi separating them. Jiraiya and others were thrown back by the glass and so it was just me and the Akatsuki… at least that was what I thought.

"NARUTO!" yelled Tsunade but she couldn't break the glass.

Jiraiya got up and ran towards the glass, "Rasengan!" he yelled as a blue ball of Chakra form on his hand. But when the Rasengan hit the glass it did no damage… from what I can tell the glass seemed to have absorbed it.

"Don't bother Jiraiya… the barrier can't be easily broken," said a snake like voice that was coming from inside the dome of glass.

Everyone turned, even the Akatsuki.

"Why are you here, Orochimaru," said Itachi with a glare.

Indeed it was Orochimaru… but he wasn't alone either, next to him was Kabuto, Sasuke, and few other who I did not know.

"You aren't the only one who wants Naruto-kun," he said slyly.

Kisame took a step forward, "I'll take care of him, Itachi." He said, but as soon as he raised his sword the sword broke in half and Sasuke was there few feet away from them. He was shocked and so were Zetsu and Deidara…

Itachi just smirked, "So you got slightly better, little brother." He said

"Sasuke," I said quietly forgetting all other thoughts of getting out of there. Even though that bastard betrayed the village for power, I still couldn't forget him... and maybe I still do love him...

When I snapped back to reality I saw that Orochimaru was fighting Kisame and Deidara and Sasuke was pulling my arm, "Come on," he said… it was a choice between the Akatsuki and Sasuke what else could I have done.

"Foolish little brother," said Itachi as he appeared in from of us.

"I was looking forward to killing you," Sasuke said as he pushed me back slightly away from Itachi.

Itachi's face was blank, "I know you care for Naruto-kun but why would you give him to Orochimaru? You know well as I what will happen."

"Better Orochimaru then you!" yelled Sasuke. 'At least I will be able to watch over him if Orochimaru takes him.'

The next thing I knew they were in a fight to the death battle. I honestly didn't know what to do. I had no idea how to get out of there and if I help Sasuke I would probably end up getting taken by Orochimaru, which I really didn't want but if I help Itachi I would get taken by Akatsuki and they would just kill me.

Sasuke yelled in pain as Itachi blocked one of his punch and squeezed his hand hard…

"SASUKE!" I was afraid that Itachi might break his arms…

"That's enough Itachi," said a calm voice.

Itachi let go of his brother's arms and bowed to the newcomer. All the other Akatsuki did the same and Konoha ninjas watched not knowing what was going on.

The stranger was wearing the Akatsuki cloak and a hat (like Itachi's when he first appeared on anime) that covered his face.

He raised his hand and made a motion as if he was grabbing the air then the glass dome that was separating me and rest of Konoha ninja shattered into million pieces. I was shocked. He destroyed the barrier that even Jiraiya couldn't destroy… I wanted to yell who are you but was too scared.

"This is the first time we meet since you decided to betray me, Orochimaru," he said in a cold voice.

Orochimaru acted as if he was intimidated but I could see that he was sweating.

"…So I see the rumors that you got hold of Itachi's younger brother and it seemed to have been true…" few feet away from me I saw Sasuke stiffen.

Orochimaru smirked, "Why would someone like you be here?" he said, "After all you are the Akatsuki leader, why not let Itachi and others do your dirty work?"

I was shocked… I never imagined that the Akatsuki leader would come…

There was moment of silent which no one dared to move… Then Jiraiya appeared next to me, "Are you here to take Naruto?" he asked

There was a slight wind and before we knew it the stranger was gone then appeared again only few feet away from us. I took a step back and Jiraiya put a hand in front of me protectively (and for once I was glad).

"No need to be so protective," said the stranger, "I'm not going to hurt him." For some reason the voice seemed familiar and made me feel warmer inside.

"Who exactly are you?" Jiraiya asked narrowing his eyes.

The stranger smirked then he took off the hat, "I'm hurt you didn't recognized me, Jiraiya-'Sensei' "

I was shocked. The stranger had blond spiky hair and shocking blue eyes… he looked like…

"SENSEI!" yelled Kakashi somewhere behind me. I turned and saw that everyone other then the members of Akatsuki was in a shock… even Orochimaru. (He revealed who he was after Orochimaru left the Akarsuki).

(Normal POV)

"Yondamine!" Tsunade ran towards Naruto and Jiraiya

"Yondamine?" said Sakura, "Naruto's father Yondamine?"

Neji, Lee, Ino, and everyone else looked at Sakura in shock, "WHAT?"

"I just know that Yondamine was Naruto's father's name." Sakura said as she looked at them.

Neji stood up, "You mean Naruto's father is Akatsuki leader!"

Lee looked at Naruto then at the Akatsuki leader, 'they do look alike,' he thought

"…not just that," said Kakashi his voice shaking a bit, "He is my formal teacher and the Fourth Hokage."

Nobody was able to speak… Sasuke having good hearing heard the whole conversation and was in a pure shock… he never thought the fourth Hokage to be Naruto's father and Akatsuki leader...

"Yondamine?" asked Jiraiya, "What in the world are you doing!"

"Getting my son of course," he said with a smile.

'Son?' thought Naruto, 'is this why his voice is so familiar and why we look so much alike?'

"We all thought you died sealing Kyuubi in Naruto!" said Tsunade

"But you never found my body did you?" he said. Then he looked at Naruto then back at the two legendary ninjas of Konoha, "I have every right to take him with me…"

"What are you planning!" said Jiraiya angrily, "Are you planning to take the Kyuubi out of him? You know as well as I do that it would kill him!"

"Who said I was ever going to take it out of him?" his voice was so soft and kind but they all knew that made him more dangerous.

"Then what the real reason you wanted him?"

The smile turned into more like a smirk, "I was going to destroy Konoha," everyone flinched at the fact that the formal Hokage wanted to destroy the village, "actually I am still planning to and Naruto is going to help me."

Sasuke looked at Itachi who was only a yard away from him. It was hard for him to believe any of this… He never saw Itachi like this… he never thought Itachi would ever respect anyone… and there he was following every orders from that man who claimed to be Naruto's father. 'What if he does take Naruto away?' said a voice in his head, 'Naruto won't go… he has no reason to! He won't betray the village!' 'But what if the Akatsuki force him to?'

"And why would Naruto do such a thing!" Tsunade yelled loosing her temper.

"I'm the only one who actually understands him," he said

Naruto then ran forward "NO YOU DON'T!" he yelled to everyone's disbelief, "You don't know anything! If you actually knew or cared you wouldn't have faked your death and leave me alone in the village so everyone can just hate me!

Sasuke was stunned, "dobe…" he said quietly…

"Naruto…" Kakashi said softly. He really never thought Naruto felt that way…

Naruto was breathing hard from all the yelling…

Yondamine on the other hand smiled, one that might have looked like a real smile, "But that is the whole point… they do hate you. I can name so many people right now and say something they have done something unfair to you…" At this everyone from Konoha looked uneasy, "let's see… why don't we start with Kakashi." Kakashi froze, "I really did thought that since he was my student that he would treat you somewhat toward kindness but I guess I was wrong. Before the second exam he decided to teach Sasuke and not you didn't he?" Naruto looked down not speaking, "Sakura… she didn't even pay the slightest attention to you and when you saved her from Gaara she just thought it was Sasuke… Kiba kept calling you a drop out… Ino treating you as if you were lower then her… Sasuke-"

Naruto covered his ears "SHUT UP!" he yelled as he heard Sasuke's name, "Shut Up…" he fell to the ground, "shut up…"

It broke Sasuke's heart just by watching his dobe like this... he always saw him as cheerful preson, forgiving everyone and trusting everyone... but was it just a lie? did he have scars on his heart that he kept to himself?

Sakura covered her mouth with her hands tears flowing down her cheek, 'I'm so sorry Naruto…'

There was a slight wind and the next thing the Akatsuki leader was right behind him.

Naruto barely had chance to even turn around…

"Naruto!" yelled Jiraiya

"Such a sweat thing revenge could be," Yondamine whispered, "… it's your choice… you have 28 hours to decide…" with that he was gone and so were the other Akatsuki.

Naruto was shaking as Jiraiya and Tsunade rushed towards him…

"We're leaving…" Orochimaru said before disappearing…

"Hai," said Kabuto and Sasuke and they too were gone…

Black…why is it black? Naruto opened his eyes … it took him a while to realize that he was lying on a hospital bed.

"Naruto!" yelled a womens voice next to him… the next thing she was hugging him tightly as she could. "I thought you might never wake up! You don't know how much I was worried- Naruto?"

Naruto didn't give any reaction, just stayed silent almost dead.

Tsunade let go of Naruto, 'what is wrong with him?' she thought as she turned to Jiraiya for help.

Jiraiya stepped closer to the bed, "Hey kid you ok?" he said as he waived his hand in front of Naruto… no reaction.


(Sound village)


"Orochimaru-Sama please…" came Kabuto's voice.

Ever since they found out who was really the Akatsuki leader Orochimaru was going on about how he took orders from him and breaking anything near him…

A floor above them Sasuke was having his own problems…

'Dammit!' he thought as he leaned on the wall, 'I can't believe this is happening! There is no way I'm going to let Itachi have MY Naruto…' then he remembered that other man, 'Is he really Naruto's father? If he is would Naruto go with him?'

"I WILL KILL HIM FOR THIS!" came Orochimaru's voice…

Sasuke smirked… he knew that Orochimaru wanted Naruto to also join sound village… this was the perfect opportunity to get make Naruto his and only his…

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