OK! This is an alternate ending for those who are SasuNaru Fans!

It going to be short and the reason + info about the sequel that I would be writing are going to be talked about at the end! So Please read that!

Chapter- Alternate Ending (for SasuNaru fans!)

"It takes a minute to get to know someone… It takes an hour to become their friend… But it takes a lifetime to forget them."


It's been two year already since the death of Orochimaru, Arashi-sama, and… Itachi…

The villagers didn't take it very well. They were truly happy by the fact Orochimaru died however they lost one of their dearest Hokage… not to mention one of the last remaining member of the Uchiha clan.

Of course Naruto didn't take it very well… but I never saw him cry. It was a surprise to everyone that he didn't try to commit suicide… I guess that's to show how strong he actually was.

It was the spring of which most of us turned 19… 20 to Lee, Neji, and Tenten… when Tsunade-sama decided to give up the position of Hokage. There was many who wanted Naruto to become the 6th and I was actually one of them however… he declined. And in few days… he was gone… just like that.

However the summer of when I became 20 Naruto sent us a letter. He wasn't far from the village. Actually he was at the forest near by… I guess he just wanted to be away from all the noise. While most members went back to their original villages (and I seriously can't remember all their names), Deidara and Sasori seem to have been staying with him which almost caused me to march there and kill them but …will… Hyuuga and Sai pulled me back.

I heard that people like Neji, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, and even Kiba went to visit him. But I was to busy to even leave the village.

I guess they are all fussing with me cause Naruto wasn't at the village anymore and since Itachi died I was the only member of the Uchiha clan. This is pathetic… seriously… just because Naruto left everyone has been clinging to me.

Sakura is stupid as ever trying to make me go on dates with her, Sai didn't have anyone to bother so he tries to make my job harder in every opportunity, and Hyuuga often come in asking me to spar with him… I sometimes wonder if he really wants to kill me.

"You know Sasuke, if you keep on staring out at the window the paper works aren't going to be finished…"

"I know…I know!" I yelled as I picked up a pen, "Why are you even here Sai? Don't you have anyone else to bother?"

"Well actually, you are the only one I want to make their life miserable." He was actually saying this with a smile, "If it wasn't for you, Naruto would never have went to the Akatsuki causing him not to care about Itachi when he died which would lead to him becoming Hokage and not leaving the village."

My eyes twitched as I watched him. Seriously, looking back, I think he had a crush on Naruto as well… I seriously hated him however I couldn't think of a good enough reason to have him leave the village.

Just as I was about to say something there was a knock on the door to my office… yes my office… When Naruto decided he didn't want to become the next Hokage they forced ME into the position! Hell I didn't even want to do it! … but well… it wasn't like I had a choice.

"Come in…"

The door opened revealing Sakura, Tenten, and Neji… however I wasn't even paying attention to any of them… my eyes were fixed on the papers Sakura was holding…

"Sorry Sasuke-kun, it seems like you have more work to do," she said as she dropped the pile onto my desk. I swear I just saw Neji smirk at me!

"Well it seems like the Hokage-'sama' as too much work to do to take part in guiding the academy students to the forest." Yes I was right he was smirking, "I guess it's just me, Tenten, and Sakura."

I know I should have been thinking about the academy students but my mind was on something else… damn that Hyuuga! He did this on purpose! He wanted to visit Naruto by himself!

"I guess your right," said Sakura, not even knowing what Neji was thinking.

"No, I'm going to go this time… but you know… since you are from the Konoha's elite clan you can stay here and have a look at these papers then when I get back, tell me which ones to sign…"

I can see that Neji was trying to think of an excuse however Sakura stepped in, "Yeah Neji you can do that! Your smart and it would be great for the students to meet the Hokage!"

Neji turned to face me glaring, 'you bastard…'

I felt pretty good about myself as I went to the forest along with the academy students. They were so young… they hardly knew what happened two years ago when Konoha was at near war nor did they know much about Kyuubi.

I thought that was insulting towards Naruto however Tsunade-sama told me few months back that it was Naruto's decision to not trouble these kids.

Speaking of Naruto, I didn't really know what to do… I didn't come visit him at all before… he probably thought I was a jerk by now…

"Come on Deidara! Is that all ya got?"

Familiar voice reached our ears as we came close to a clearing. Everyone stopped to watch them. Since we didn't exactly come out to the clearing I bet they couldn't see us.

Naruto, who now seemed to have full resemblance of his father, was having a sparring match with Deidara while Sasori watched. I could tell just by how he moved and the scars on Deidara's skin that Naruto became a lot stronger during the past years. Heh, I sometimes wonder if that was ever possible…

"Hokage-sama," said Tenten, "Aren't you going to go and say hi to him?"

I didn't turn to look at her nor did I give an answer…

"…Hokage-sama? Who is that?" asked one of the kids who was next to Sakura.

There was a pause where I took a deep breath… I still didn't take my eyes off the fight. "That person… is the one who you all are going to aim to be. He was my best friend and the only one who I've acknowledged as my rival… but… more then anything… he was a ninja who had too much determination to be held back by the walls of the village."

"Are you alright? Scary cat…"

"We are a three member team, right?

"Why? Because Sasuke's my best friend. I'm not leaving him!"

"You always been an idiot just like your brother…"

"Now there are also two outcomes but it is either I go to Akatsuki… or… you killing me."

"I believe you… more then you know…"


I wasn't able to bring myself to talk to him that day… I knew I would regret it someday but at the same time, I couldn't bring up the courage.

I love him… I can truly say I do… However, he is still in love with Itachi. He needs time to be away from the village and myself… when he is ready he will come back. I know he will… after all he loves Konoha.

I'm going to wait for him… how long it takes… even if he doesn't know it isn't fine… it's better off this way. This way there won't be anything to pressure him.

I love him… and if I truly do I'll wait for him.


"Then tell me one good reason! Why him? Why Itachi and not me!"

"Because… he doesn't try to imprison me…"

Sequel End.
Ok there is going to be 2 sequels… one if Itachi survived (Sequel from 'Final Chapter') and one if Itachi didn't survive (Sequel from 'Alternate Ending)

Obviously the sequel where if Itachi died it's going to be more SasuNaru, however I am going to include other pairings (sorry I just love triangles).

But for both sequels there is going to be a lot of love, jealously, yaoi, amd drama that I didn't write in 'The Truth'... probably more in the original sequel though (one if Itachi didn't die)...

I will be posting up a note in this story when I write it so keep on the lookout, k?