A martyr's story

By: Shannon

NOTE: this poem is based upon the experiences from Christian martyrs that I have read from DC TALK's book Voices of the Martyrs and Rich Mullins' version of "Shout to the Lord"

He stood in front of the guards
Praying to Him
Asking to forgive the executioners
That their future may not be so dim.

Before, he preached The Word
To his fellow Chinese
But the government overheard
And him they did seize.

"I sing for the joy
At the work of your hands
Forever I'll love you
Forever I'll stand
Nothing compares
To the promise I have in You."

They perceived the man a threat
To preach God's Word
They would not listen to the man
Although his words they heard.

The man sat in his cell
And prayed with all his might
That someone hear The Word
And get saved that night.

"Shout to the Lord all the earth
Power and majesty pray to the King
Mountains bow down and seas will roar.
At the sound of Your Name."

Three men approached his cell
And seized him with force
Dragged him through the hall
And out of the door.

The man was tied up
And led outside
He couldn't shield his face
He couldn't hide.

He chose to stand
And face his enemies
He stood down the barrels of guns
Silent except of winds running through the trees.

He prayed his last prayer
"Lord, take heart
And forgive my enemies
As this earth I do part."

Just as Christ gave His life
His enemies took aim
When He came back, ressurrected
Things will never be the same.