Summary: Tenten and Temari have been chosen to represent their respective villages in an international tournament. Forced to spend time as they travel there together, will the two kunoichi be able to set aside their past differences? TentenTemari YURI. Rated M for sex and violence.

A/N: So yeah, I got a request for a Tenten X Temari fic, so I decided to write one and here it is. In case you're not paying attention this is the whole yuri (girl/girl) thing, and if you're not into that you should probably turn arround, unless you're into torturing yourself or something, in which case you are very odd. Anyway this story takes place post-series (Tenten is 18 Temari is 20), so that means there's no telling how accurate it is, cuz I really don't know what's going to happen in the end. So yeah enjoy.

The dark haired kunoichi was lost in a haze of questions as she approached the familliar location that served to house the great hokage. She had been called there for briefing on an assignment.

"Ah, there you are Tenten, come the Hokage awaits you." The familliar voice of an older kunoichi called her out of her delusions.

"Oh, Shizune, yeah, let's go." Tenten spoke as she caught the other's eye and followed her into the Hokage's prescence.

"Tenten, good you came." Tsunade spoke with a somewhat relieved look.

"Well, of course I came, when the Hokage called me for a mission... but where's everyone else?" Tenten said looking arround blankly, noticing the rooms great emptiness.

"This operation is for you exclusively." Tsunade spoke with a degree of certainty.

"I-It's a solo mission? But the message I got listed it as S-rank, I only just became a Jonin, I don't know if I'm ready for this." Tenten spoke with a hint of fear.

"I've never known you to be one to doubt your abilities, Tenten." The older woman said lightly.

"It's not that, Lord Hokage, it's just that... I don't want to let anyone down if I fail..." Tenten replied somberly.

"Calm down, Tenten, I haven't even explained the details of the mission yet." Tsunade said tryng to calm the girl's nerve.

"Alright, if you think it is something I can do, then tell me." Tenten said regaining some of her usual strength.

"You, Tenten, are to represent Konoha in the International Kunoichi Championships to be held next week." Tsunade spoke in an overly enthusiastic manner.

"Wha...! That's it?" Tenten replied in an utterly confused way.

"You do understand how big an honor this is." The other spoke simply.

"Isn't that tournament just some excuse that the men devised so they can watch young kunoichi fight eachother..." The shock now took a back seat to a look of intense apathy.

"No, no, Tenten, it's much more then that! The IKC is just as much about international politics as it is about young girls putting on a show. Unlike events like the, Chunin exams and such, this tournament, which is only held once every three years,is open to a far wider array of nations. Not only will our allies have representatives, but so will enemy nations, neutral nations, and even those nations we have practicallly no diplomatic ties with. Success or failure inevents like thiswith such a wide group of active parties, can serve to alter the whole outlook of a nation by some parites. You see by participating in this event, not only will you garner your reputaition as a shinobi, and amass a following of "fans," but you will directly effect the perception of Konoha in the eyes of the other nations, particularly those far off nations that recieve little news of us." Tsunade focused on the young girl's face as she spoke taking careful notice of how the girl's expression turned from disgust once more into that same anxious fear.

"If that's the case, Lord Hokage, why would you choose me? I mean there are better kunoichi then me in the village. If it is this imparative that Konoha suceeds in the tournament wouldn't it be better if someone like Hinata or Sakura or... yourself participated." Tenten replied calmly.

"I don't think it would be fair if the Hokage were to participate. Besides, being hailed as a tournament that highlights the best of young kunoichi, it has an age limit of twenty five, which suprisingly considering my looks, I do not quite meet. As for the other girl's arround your age, Sakura's currently out on a mission, and Hinata's position in her clan makes her hard to approach... Also, since Konoha is generally thought of in a positive light to most of the world alreadyit really isn't too imparative that you have great success in the tournament, just so long that you fight honorably." The Hokage spoke with a mix of bizarre emotion.

"I see. In that case I will fight and do my best. Now where do I go?" Tenten said with a certain pride.

"That's the spirit! This years IKC is being held in Iwa village." Tsunade replied energetically.

"Iwa, hmm, so it's even being held in a village that were not exactly on the best terms with, I'm going to have to be careful. I should probably leave right away if i want to get there in time." Tenten spoke cooly turning toward the door.

"Yep that's the idea. Oh and, Tenten one more thing I have to tell you." Tsunade started catching the girl at the door.

"What's that?" Tenten questioned intently.

"As it turns out the representitive from Suna is a diplomatic liasion to our village that is currently stationed here. She is to accompany you to the tournament." The Hokage answered simply.

"If you don't mind me asking, why is that?" Tenten asked.

"The strength of our alliance with Suna is largely unkown to and untrusted by the other nations, the two of you arriving together would prove how dedicated we are to our allies. On top of that it will be convient for you to travel in a group; like you said we aren't exactly on friendly terms with Iwa Village." Tsunade explained simply.

"I understand, my Lord Hokage, I am honored to accept this mission, and will leave at once." Tenten replied enthusiatically as she left toward the village gate. All the while the girl heard her name being murmured by the people of the village, it would seem she was the last to know of her appointment. She had soon arrived at the edge of the village and began to await her companion. She didn't wait long.

"Are you the Konoha representative? It seems we're to travel together, I'm Temari." A voice came softly from behind the waiting girl. Tenten turned quickly and was met by a painfully familliar face.

"I-It's you! I can't travel with someone like you." Tenten started angrily.

"Oh... do I know you or something?" Temari asked, bored.

"You were my opponent durring my first chunin exam!" Tenten continued losing little of her anger.

"Well, hmm... I was, I don't remember. During my first chunin exam I fought Shika, I remember that, perhaps you were one of those nameless weaklings I blew over the second time I took the test." Teamri replied with the same uninterested expression.

"It was durring the prelimainary round." Tenten stated, looking now more irritated then angry.

"Preliminary round?... Oh yeah there was a preliminary round, you were that girl... the one with the weapons." The older girl said with a mocking smile, that made it quite obvious she was only playing with the other.

"You know you really hurt me then. I still remember that pain; it's not something I could ever forget, or forgive." Tenten spoke in disgust.

"Well I'm sorry if I made you cry, but I don't remember every weak opponent I ever beat the crap out of back then. Things are different now at least, were allies now, so we can be friends, 'kay." Temari said bluntly.

"How could I ever be friends with someone who so openly insults me?" Tenten glared intently back at the other girl.

"Well your'e just going to have to learn to love me, since we'll be spending the next few weeks together." The blonde girl replied with a mocking laugh.

"I knew I was right to dread this mission." Tenten spoke under her breath.

"Hmm. Well we better get going. So, what's you're name anyway?" Temari spoke cooly as she began to walk through the rest of the village toward the exit.

"Tenten." The girl spoke her name in a biting mannner as the two soon reached the outside of the village.

The two continued down the path toward the far off Land of Earth, silently without so much as a word to one another. Tenten couldn't believe her bad luck, forced to be a representative in a tournament that not only could have an impact on her village's reputation if she did badly, but was also fairly degrading to women. Not only that but she was forced to bare with the company of this awful bitch, Temari. She couldn't help but curse it all under her breath. Suddenly the silence of her thoughts was interrupted.

"Are you Tenten?" A whiny female voice called to her from the edge of the dense forest.

"Huh? Y-yeah I am." Tenten spoke surprised. She looked arround and spyed the figures of four young women, each posessed a Konoha headband.

"Well then we're going to fight you." A different kunoichi from the last spoke this time.

"What? Why is that?" Tenten said with a deeply irritated tone.

"Because we're better then you, and we want to prove it. So that one of us can go to the Championships istead of you." A third girl stated spitefully.

"This is stupid, I don''t have time for pointless fighting. The Hokage chose me for this mission and I intend to see it through." Tenten said simply.

"We don't care, were going to prove how pathetic you are, and you can't stop us." The first girl shouted as she charged Tenten.

Tenten readiead a kunai from her side, preparing for a counterstrike, she dodged an attack by the first girl, yet was forced to doge a second attack form another. The jealous kunoichi attacked one after another, leaving no chance for Tenten to go on the offensive, and pushing her blindly into a corner. Soon one of the girl's had latched onto her back, forcing her to drop her guard. She was soon met with a volley of attacks by the other three. Tenten felt the sharp pains of kunai, and the blunt pain of fists as she was attacked brutally, yet soon it was lessened.

"Hey what's up? Look Sand girl we don't have any issues with you." One of the girl's voices met Tenten's ears.

"Yeah, your'e actually pretty cool, it's only this worthless bitch we have an issue with." Another girl joined in, and Tenten soon realized what was going on. Temari had grabbed one of the young girl's by the wrist and pulled her from the fight.

"What are you doing? I don't need your help, this is my fight, and I can handle it on my own." Tenten shouted, finally manging to throw the girl from her back.

"Four against one isn't exactly fair. There now you can have the rest." Temari replied cooly as she knocked the girl she held back out with her fan.

"So what, Suna-bitch, you think that three on one is fair. That's funny, but we're still going to win." One of the assailants yelled fiercly.

The three remaining girls continued to attack their target with the same ferocity as before, but Tenten's dodging became sharper. Soon she saw an opening and managed to lodge her kunai into the shoulder of one girl, forcing her to kneel to the ground in pain. She flipped back and unleashed several volleys of shuriken, and soon all her opponents had retreated.

"Well that's done." Temari said simply.

"That was my fight. Why did you help me?" Tenten spat angrily.

"You've got a point... but I doubt that even I could take on four opponents at once flawlessly. If I didn't do what I did, even if you would have managed to somehow get out of their attacks and defeat them you'd be in a lot worse shape than you already are." The blonde girl replied cooly as she spyed the bruises and cuts lining the other's frame.

"And why do you care! Don't you remember that you once hurt me a lot more then those four ever could." The other yelled back.

"Well now things have changed. Part of my mission... part of my duty to my lord and brother is that I... is that we get to this tournament safely and perform to the best of our abilities." Temari spouted back intently.

"Tht's all that matters to you isn't it? All you care about is fufiliing your duty, about making yourself look good. You're heratless and selfish and..." The younger girl continued to shout.

"Look I know this may be hard for you to accept, but I've changed from the person I was when you remember me. I'm not the sameas I was back then. I just want you to know that." Temari spoke softly, as if guilt ridden, and watched as the angry look about the others countneance vanished.

"I'm sorry. If you're heartless and selfish then I'm just stupid. Attacking a memory and showing anger rather then gratitude when someone comes to my aid. You must be the one in pain from all of this." Tenten started calmly.

"Perhaps your right... Why don't you take your shirt off." The blonde spoke bluntly after awhile.

"What the hell! Why would I do that. I mean I'll try not to hate you but, I don't think I'll go that far." Tenten spout, taken aback.

"I guess you are stupid like you say. You do realize your bleeding all over the place. I'm no expert at it, but I do have knowledge of some medical jutsu. We'd lose to much time if we took you back to the village. I'll just have to treat you myself." Temari explained slowly.

"OH! R-right... I-I got it. That makes perfect sense." Tenten replied, blushing a vibrant red, with a ridiculous grin on her face. She soon removed the blood soaked cloth, revealing her bruises and wounds as well as her soft cotton bra.

"Oh this is cute. You really have a better body then I was led to believe." Temari had a malicious tone in her voice.

"Hey stop! I thought you were just going to treat my wounds." Tenten yelled at the girl.

"Right. I was just mocking you. Let's see... None of these cuts are all that deep, it should be well within my abilities to seal them all." Temari replied with a laugh.

And with that, Temari began to treat Tenten's wounds carefully. Tenten couldn't help but think about all that happened. As she saw it Temari was a liar. She kept saying that things had changed... that she had changed. Tenten was a good judge of people, and knew that this was no the case. Temari had always been this way. The cruel and manipulative sides to her were acts she put on so she could survive in her world, a world that Tenten knew must be a rough place. The real Temari was kind, compassionate, loyal, and strong. Someone tenten could admire. Tenten also couldn't help but enjoy feeling Temari gentle, soothing touch against her flesh as she was being healed. This should have scared her, but she was now sure of Temari's true character, and such feelings didn't bother her anymore.

A/N: That's chapter one of seven. I really don't like placing anything post series, since I don't know what will happen, but it seemed like the best course of action for this story. It just means, depending how the series actually turns out my story may in the end contain fatal flaws (It's likely that Tsunade is no longer Hokage at the end of the series, and Shikamaru and Temari's relationship could have progressed leaps and bounds before the end, just to name a few points.) Anyway I hope you liked it and expect the second chapter soon.