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The girl from Konoha had made it to the final round of the most highly regarded tournament showcasing the abilities of female shinobi. She had fought harder than any other combatant; the truth of her interminable drive showed in the sheen of every blade she threw. Yet it was not for power or fame or honor or nation that this girl fought, it was for something far more precious, love. The want of the heart of the woman she loved was the sole force behind her every movement in battle, and whilst these thoughts of love had shone their vibrancy in the girl's heart, Tenten had been unstoppable.

Things appeared to be different now. Temari, the very object of Tenten's love was now set to be her opponent in this match. Despite this Tenten knew that things had changed little, In order to win Temari's heart she would have to win this battle. Losing this fight would mean losing the only thing she truly desired. Tenten knew that she could not lose this fight, but winning would be near impossible.

Didn't Temari know that? Didn't she feel the same about her? Why would she hinge their future happiness on a near impossibility? Tenten asked herself these questions, yet when she awoke that morning and gazed upon the beautiful gently sleeping countenance of the girl next to her, she knew that she did not require answers. When this was over, and she once more looked at that face and into the depths of those intense emerald eyes she the victor, then she would have her answers as well as her love.

Tenten found her way to the arena that was to host their battle, boundless energy radiated from her being. She had had little sleep the prior night, Temari had made sure of that. Despite this the intensity of the moment gave her more strength now then she ever had before. Besides, if exhaustion were to catch up to her in the fight, it was just as likely to ensnare her opponent. After awhile Temari made her appearance and the fight was soon set to begin.

"Alright fight fans, do we have an exciting fight for you today. It's time for the final round of the International Kunoichi Championships. First we have, representing Konohagakure, Tenten. At eighteen years of age this girl has surprised us all and proven herself to be a real force to be reckoned with, pulling through all in her fights with a clever combination of strength, speed, strategy, incredible skill, and a seemingly endless supply of throwing weapons." The tournament announcer spoke intensely over the less then enthusiastic reply of the crowd. (The crowd liked Kohana if you remember).

"And then we have our desert princess. Temari is feared far and wide as one of the most skilled kunoichi in recent memory. This twenty year old representative of Sunagakure, is the elder sister of the Kazrekage himself, and has completely blown away her competition in this tournament with her skillful wind manipulation. Will Temari finally meet her match? Let's find out." Temari's name elicited a far more favorable response from the crowd.

"You ready for this. You aren't too tired are you?" Temari laughed mockingly.

"What after last night? Maybe a little, but I'm just going to have to get used to long nights like that when you're my lover." Tenten shot back with a piercing gaze.

"I wouldn't be so hasty to say you can beat someone who almost killed you once." Temari shot back with a smirk, lowering her fan from her back.

"I thought you would appreciate some confidence." Tenten said mockingly, using Temari's own words.

"Ha. I guess we'll just have to see." Temari replied with a bitter smile.

In a moment, Tenten had leapt back a calculated difference. She recognized Temari's stance. She was going to use the same defensive strategy as she did five years ago. Temari would beat it this time. She had to. She gave a soft nod to Temari before flipping back and unleashing a wave of miniature shuriken, which she could control with the greatest accuracy. It was in vain however, for with a simple invisible brush of her fan, Temari had deflected the attack. Now the fan was opened a distance, revealing one of the ornate circles that adorned it.

"Ha is that all you got. Well, you know the drill, when all three moons are visible you shall be a corpse on the end of my fan." Temari yelled viciously.

"You won't kill me." Tenten said with certainty.

"Won't I? Just cause we have shared a bed last night doesn't mean I would hesitate to kill a pitiful loser." Temari replied with a curt laugh. Tenten would have liked to have thought that fear of death would have given her knew determination, yet in truth she had aready convinced herself that life without Temari and death were interchangeable.

"No, you won't kill me, because I do not plan on losing." Tenten spoke with a intense stare that elicited a slight awe filled expression from her opponent.

Tenten continued her assault by launching her Twin Rising dragon technique. Rapidly she unleashed a deluge of weapons from two scrolls, and then two more scrolls, until the floor of the arena was covered in instruments of death. Even with the innumerable number of weapons launched, none had reached their target and two moons now shown about Temari's fan.

"Ha. you don't understand. It doesn't matter if you increase the number of weapons you throw at me. If you throw a hundred, or even a thousand at me it will make no difference, I will simply block them all." Temari laughed maliciously under her breath.

"I will defeat you, I promise." Tenten replied with an indignant yell.

Now Tenten drew weapons in from all sides and sent them flying toward Temari. With a fierce turn and wave of her battle fan Temari managed to deflect all the incoming objects, revealing the fan's third moon in the process.

"Looks like your time is up." Temari said with a deep laugh.

Tenten made no verbal reply, she simply closed her eyes and waited. Temari sent the other flying in the air with the full brutality of her Cutting Whirlwind. The cuts ran deep into Tenten's clothes and skin, and blood ran a careful course down her frame. Slowly the leaf ninja fell downward as if in a lifeless dance, but to the surprise of both Temari and the onlookers, she recovered and made a flip from the blade of Temari's fan, landing perfectly on the ground.

"I control that wind directly with my chakra. Tell me. How is it that you are alive after that? How is it you can still fight after that?" Temari spoke shaking.

"I love you." Tenten shot emotionally, her deep brown eyes sparkled with determination against her blood splattered face.

Tenten gave a quick series of hand motions and soon all of the weapons lying about the arena floor had found their way into the air and began to fly at Tenten's opponent. Without hesitation, Tenten made a grasp at a large bladed katana above her head and proceeded to make a lunging slash at her opponent, which was held off by Temari's fan. As the two fought of each other with the shear force of their strength, with slight motions of her fan Temari managed to parry the brunt of the storm of incoming weapons, but the majority of her movement being restricted by Tenten's lock on her fan, soon made it apparent that Temari had lost this fight. Her flesh pierced by countless blades, the kunoichi of the desert soon lay flat on the ground. Under the roar of the crowd, Tenten was proclaimed the winner.


Both girls were treated for their wounds directly after the match. Being that her wounds were slightly less severe, Tenten was the first to be released from her treatment after a few day's time. Upon release, she wasted no time in finding her way to the hospital room of her former opponent.

"That was a nice trick you had there. I didn't know you were fast enough to launch a direct attack so quickly after setting up all those consecutive indirect attacks." Temari coughed from her bed.

"So you're up... before that match I never would have thought I could have pulled off something like that." Tenten replied with a slight smile.

"I suppose it's what I should expect from my dear eternal lover... So how's it feel to be the one to cause the pain this time." Temari said mockingly under weak breaths.

"Don't tell me that's what this was all about. You wanted me to know what it feels like? You can't even compare this fight to that one five years ago!" Tenten yelled sharply.

"Calm down. For some one who loves me so God damn much, you sure are trying awful hard to hate me." Temari shot back with a loving smile, that quelled Tenten's nerve.

"I-I'm sorry. I just want to know the real reason... The real reason, you made me do this to you." Tenten let the tears trickle freely down her face.

"I love you, Tenten. I knew this, yet I wasn't satisfied with it. I kept asking myself why." The blonde girl gave a distant gaze.

"Why is that?" The other questioned back.

"Remember how you said you couldn't forgive what I had done to you in that battle back then. How, no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't bring yourself to forgive me. Well I couldn't forget that battle either." Temari spoke with a soft, sad sigh.

"You didn't feel any pain, what was there for you to forget?" Tenten spoke confused.

"I couldn't forget how weak you were. I thought that maybe if you beat me here and now, I'd finally be able to see you as some one other than that weak girl I crushed with such ease, someone I could respect, and someone I would feel honored to pledge my love to." Temari spoke with a soft but proud look toward Tenten.

"So you just wanted me to be stronger. You didn't want to be with someone who couldn't beat you in a fight." The Konoha girl nodded simply as she spoke.

"Physical strength is only part of it. What I really wanted was for you to prove your love to me." Temari gave a soft smile.

"Prove my love? Tenten replied.

"Our wager was that if you won the match you would win my undying love for you, my devotion. I knew that if you did win the match, then you would have been forced to prove your devotion to me. I wanted to know just how far you would be willing to go for me. I f you were able to defeat men, then I would know you were devoted to me. Then and only then would you have proven yourself to be a strong enough person to be mine. Only then could I forget." The older girl said with conviction.

"I suppose I'm able to forgive you now too, if that's what you're waiting for... Anyways it looks like I won your crazy little game. So what do we do next?" Tenten smiled back teasingly after a brief pause.

"Funny, it feels like I won, to me. I know I lost the tournament, but a prize like you is a damn good consolation... Why don't you kiss me." The blonde spoke lightly and then sensually.

"Right now! B-but you're injured. I don't want to hurt you. Besides were in a public place." Tenten recoiled shyly.

"It's just a kiss. As for the pain... I'm willing to endure anything, for the taste of your soft lips." Temari cooed sexually, propping herself up slightly in her bed.

"Alright." Tenten gave a soft nod as she closed in, pressing her lips hard against the other girl's. They continued for awhile, fighting each other with their tongues, as spit trickled across either girl's cheek. Temari gave a soft coo before breaking herself from her lover.

"From now on, feel free to do that whenever you want to." Temari gave a soft sigh.

"Oh I will, believe that... By the way, Temari, you do realize we live in different villages right? How exactly are things going to work out?" Tenten gave a concerned look.

"I already serve as a liaison between Konoha and Suna, I'm sure my brother would give me a permanent ambassadorial position there if I asked. We'll live together in your village. Unless you're embarrassed to let your friends know you're a lesbian, and would rather move to the desert." Temari smile vibrantly at the other.

"I'm not embarrassed. In fact I'm perfectly fine with everyone knowing that. They probably already suspected it before I even knew." Tenten blushed.

"Yeah you do seem to fit the part. Not like me, I can see my brother's stupid remarks already... Ah, I guess if you think about it from the outside perspective, us being together doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense." Temari tried to rationalize.

"It doesn't have to make sense. It's something I just know to be right, and that's all we need to know." Tenten smiled as she got to her feet.

"Where are you going?" Temari asked suddenly.

"To wait for you. That kiss left me desiring more, yet I know in you're current condition, you'll be unable to do anything more. I'm just going to kill some time before you're healed." Tenten explained simply.

"Sure. Talking to you can be exhausting. I could use a little more peaceful recovery." Temari responded with sigh as her lover walked out of the door.

Tenten's face was alight with a smile. Today was the beginning of her true happiness. Love had found it's way to her and finally it had reached the level of something open and grand. Now Tenten couldn't wait for the new life she would lead with Temari. Love had captivated and thawed the hearts of the unforgiving sun and the unforgetting moon.

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