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Elphaba sat mesmerized by the crackling fire in the pit outside of their safe house as the brisk night air began to stir. A brief shudder escaped her as she pulled her black sweater a little more tightly around herself. Although she still preferred dark attire, she had basically traded in her dresses for more utilitarian wardrobe. Dresses weren't suitable for the kind of work she and Fiyero had undertaken as animal activists and revolutionaries since her staged melting at Kiamo Ko. Although Elphaba and Fiyero founded and lead the resistance, neither could take credit for any of their actions or victories. No one could know they were still alive. And in the six years since the demise of the 'Wicked Witch of the West', victories had been many. Instead there was Iriiq and Solis. Front men put in place to claim responsibility and keep the pressure on the eminent rulers of all the lands. Of all the lands of Oz, Gillikin was the only one to fully recognize all animal rights.

Oz was still being presided over by the Tin Man and Lion, and heavily influenced by Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, who was now a member of Gillikin's high society. Fiyero had excused himself from the responsibilities appointed to him by the Wizard before he left Oz for good. It was too risky. If he slipped and let anyone suspect that he was more than just the Scarecrow, it could be devastating for both he and Elphaba. Besides, Elphaba had his heart back then. In a way she still did, but his role changed from lover to protector over four years ago.

"Do you want me to gather some more firewood for you?" Fiyero asked. He still stayed a safe distance from the fire as he didn't want any stray embers to find their way towards him.

Elphaba shook her head. "I'm fine. I just felt a slight chill, that's all."

Elphaba had loved him. He knew that. There was nothing dishonest about their relationship. He also knew that her heart truly belonged to someone else. Even if she couldn't be with her heart's desire, the love was still there and always would be. Fiyero still loved Elphaba though that love had changed when their relationship headed in a different direction. He admired her strength, stubbornness, intensity, intelligence, and honesty. It was that honesty that he admired the most. How difficult it must have been for her to admit to him that she loved Glinda. Although it was difficult to digest at the time, he was grateful that she had been so honest and forthright with him. It would allow them to remain the staunch friends that they were without resentment and bitterness. Of course, it took some time for him to come to terms with Elphaba's revelation, but when he finally wrapped his mind around the facts, he was able to embrace his new role in Elphaba's life. A role he cherished and undertook with all his heart.

Elphaba had outgrown the need for Fiyero's affections. Something she was never afforded with her own family. She had accepted them freely in the beginning. He had shown her that she too deserved to be loved. The only other person who'd shown her any sort of love or attention besides Fiyero was Glinda. Glinda was the first, and it was Glinda who had really stolen her heart.

Back at Shiz, they were decidedly adversarial at first. Glinda's obsession with her own popularity grated on Elphaba's nerves. Eventually, Elphaba was able to determine that underneath all the posturing and pomposity, Glinda was just as insecure as she was. It was that insecurity that drove her need to have her popularity validated over and over again. Insecurity was something Elphaba could relate to, although her method of dealing with it was a bit more esoteric.

The first time Elphaba could remember having any feelings for Glinda was that night at the OzDust. When Glinda had saved her from embarrassing herself by dancing with her, Elphaba new she felt something. She just couldn't quite place it. At the time, she thought it might have just been extreme gratitude. At least that's how she explained the fire in her belly while dancing with her little blonde roommate. Later, when Glinda tried giving her a makeover Elphaba felt unprepared for the explosion of emotions that hit her full force once she heard Glinda tell her she was beautiful. She didn't know quite how to handle what she was feeling. Afraid that Glinda would see right through her, she excused herself from the room, acting with disinterest towards the whole affair.

As the fire crackled and danced in front of Elphaba's eyes, her mind started to wander. It was six years ago on a night like this. She had said her final goodbyes to Glinda, knowing that Fiyero was on his way to 'rescue' that Dorothy girl with the Tin Man and Lion. They needed to proceed with the deception that was about to take place. She hated using Dorothy as a dupe, but it was for everyone's own good.

Glinda arrived unexpectedly to ask her to free Dorothy. She wished that Glinda hadn't shown up at all. Leaving her for good was already difficult, but now, it was almost impossible. Just seeing Glinda standing there, in front of her, made her want to abandon Fiyero's plan. But she couldn't. It wasn't just her life at stake. It was Fiyero's too. At least she was able to tell Glinda how important she was to her one last time. Somehow, the goodbye still seemed incomplete. She told Glinda how important she was, but not that she loved her. That she was in love with her. At that point, it wouldn't have been fair to Glinda. Now the conversation would never occur. Elphaba was left to wonder what might have been if she had allowed herself the courage to tell Glinda how she felt.

Elphaba looked away from the fire and turned her attentions upwards towards the full moon.

"What's on your mind?" Fiyero asked.

Elphaba thought for a moment. "I wonder if she's looking at the moon tonight. I wonder if she's looking at it right now. She always loved the moonlight." Elphaba said with a smile.

"Elphaba," Fiyero said with mild concern. "It's been six years. You can't keep torturing yourself like this. It's not good for you."

"I know. I thought that the memories and feelings would have faded by now, but they're as strong as they ever were." Elphaba replied.

"Is there anything I can do to help? I know I ask you this every time, but I'm hoping that someday you'll actually let me do something."

"I'm sorry." Was all Elphaba could manage. She looked down at the ground and retreated inside herself.

Fiyero hurt for Elphaba. He wished to Oz that he could bring Glinda to her. It would be just what his green friend needed. He knew that was impossible. It's not that they didn't trust Glinda to keep their secret, they just couldn't take a chance on putting themselves or Glinda in any danger should there be an accidental slip up.

Elphaba turned her attention to the moon again. Fiyero remained silent, knowing Elphaba's predilection for internalizing her thoughts and feelings at times like this.

Elphaba's thoughts remained simple and focused. They remaind on Glinda. 'I wonder what she's doing now. I hope she's happy.'

Glinda sat on her terrace admiring the brightness and brilliance of the moonlight above. She wished that Elphaba could see this. The moon was spectacular. There were nights at Shiz when she and Elphaba would leave their dorm and go for some moonlight walks. She had always loved the full moon. Sharing it with Elphaba had made it even more special.

'Elphie, I miss you so much.' Glinda thought. Tears started welling up in her eyes. 'I wish there was something I could have done to save you. I wish I'd known. You were telling me goodbye that night, but I still didn't know. I just didn't know.'

Glinda breathed a heavy sigh and blinked her eyes clear of the tears. So much had happened to her since Elphaba's death. She helped lobby the politicians of Gillikin for Animal rights at every possible chance. This was done to honor the woman she'd loved. The woman she still loved, Oz help her. By that same token, as a member of the Gillikin Bourgeoisie she also tried to lobby her own territory for the same rights. That task proved more daunting. She had been married and divorced, and last year had been involved in a scandal involving the theft of the Grimmerie, which had still not been recovered.

There were no suspects in the theft, and that one single act left her heart feeling heavy and broken. She felt as if she'd let Elphaba down. That book was entrusted to her, and she'd allowed it to be stolen. Glinda vowed to bring it back safely if it was the last thing she ever did. She owed that much to her Elphie.

"Oh Elphie" Glinda said to herself.

She let her mind wander back to her days at Shiz. She couldn't believe how harsh she'd been to Elphaba initially. It wasn't until Morrible had brought her that wand, compliments of the green girl, that she truly saw the real Elphaba, and the real Glinda at the same time. To her horror, Elphaba had appeared at the OzDust wearing the hat she'd given her. It was meant to be a cruel joke. Obviously, Elphaba hadn't taken it that way. Glinda felt so bad putting Elphaba in that position that she made her way out to her on the dance floor and asked if she could cut in and dance with her. At some point, when she and Elphaba were dancing in synchronicity, something changed within her. She was looking at Elphaba differently now. There was something fascinating about that green girl. She wasn't freakish. She was beautiful. Unpolished, but beautiful. Glinda's epiphany in thought and emotion both thrilled her and scared her at the same time. But it was the excuse of a makeover that Glinda thought was just brilliant of herself.

Glinda smiled at the memory.

She had approached Elphaba with the idea of a makeover. It was really just a clever excuse to touch the green girl. Her arms, her face, her beautiful raven hair. Glinda just had to feel the green girl next to her. She needed to touch her skin and see what it felt like. To her surprise, Elphaba's skin was astonishingly smooth and soft. A couple of times she was able to wrap her arms around Elphaba and hug her briefly. It felt so natural, so comfortable, but all too fleeting. She couldn't allow herself to linger too long. When she'd finished the makeover, the results surprised even her. She was amazed at how beautiful Elphaba was. In a stunned tone, she'd told her how beautiful she looked. Elphaba's reaction had thrilled her at first, but her sudden mood change and departure left Glinda a little hurt. Until she decided that Elphaba was really just a pleased as she was with the results. She just wasn't used to showing how she felt. That realization made Glinda giddy and happy. It was that single moment that Glinda could pinpoint as the first time she truly realized that there was something more than just friendship between her and Elphaba. She could feel it in the depths of her soul. Unfortunately, she could never act on those feelings. That just wouldn't do. Instead, she would retreat into Fiyero's arms. The popular, good looking boy whose image fit with hers perfectly.

Glinda's smile faded as she thought about lost chances with Elphie. Fiyero was never an adequate substitution. She had tried and tried to make it work with him, basically imposing herself upon him. He was more of an egotistical choice than anything. Glinda was so self-absorbed when she was younger. Even when their engagement had been announced, it was obvious that things weren't as thrilling as she had hoped. However, there was such a fuss being made about her. That was the important thing. After all, the show must go on.

It hurt so much when he'd left her, and for good measure he'd also taken her Elphie away. She'd felt betrayed, and in turn she betrayed Elphaba. That memory hurt as well.

Glinda had often wondered if her betrayal had caused Elphaba to spiral out of control. She could have just given her Nessa's shoes. Instead, she used her magic to keep the shoes from Elphaba, knowing it would hurt her. She wanted Elphaba to hurt as much as she did. She regretted those actions immensely. If she had just let her have those shoes, she might even be alive today. It was Elphie's regression as much as Morrible's lies that caused the witch hunter hysteria.

Tears threatened to escape Glinda's eyes again.

"Oh Elphie. If I could do it all over again, I would do things so differently this time" Glinda said out loud.

Glinda thought about this as she continued to gaze at the moon. 'I would do things so differently. I would tell you that I love you. You wouldn't need Fiyero because you'd have me to shower you with enough love and affection to fill ten lifetimes.'

"After all this time, I still love you so much. I still miss you just as much."

Glinda sighed and looked to the ground. "I wish you were here."

"Did you say something?" called a voice from inside the foyer. Glinda's reverie was instantly broken.

"Tanon, is that you?" Glinda called back.

"Who're you talking to?" Tanon asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking out loud. Not to worry." Glinda replied.

"Miss Glinda, you should come inside. It looks like the weather is going to turn."

Just as Glinda was about to reply, a loud crack and flash broke the silence of the night. Glinda turned in the direction of the flash in time to see what looked like a distant thunderstorm. But not just any thunderstorm. The swirling clouds accompanied by a greenish, purple hue hovered ominously in the distance. Tanon hurriedly joined Glinda on the terrace.

"Did you see that?" Glinda asked, still staring off to the storm on the horizon.

Tanon just nodded in response.

"Is that what I think it is?" Glinda asked, her heartbeat starting to pick up in pace.

Tanon just stared off in the distance. Glinda looked over at him. Seeing his stunned expression, Glinda had made her decision.

"I need two scouts to tell me exactly where that storm is centered. I want this done immediately. I need to know who I'm dealing with. Get me a carriage, but do so discreetly. I don't want anyone to know where I'm going, or even that I've gone." She ordered.

"Can't you just bubble over there?" Tanon asked without thinking.

"I can't risk whoever it is knowing that I'm near. That's why we have to be discreet. Oh and Tanon, please take care of things for me once I'm gone."

Tanon nodded, and moved swiftly from the terrace.

Elphaba and Fiyero both jumped up from their sitting positions when they heard and saw the first crack of lightning. The greenish purple hue was unmistakable.

"I'll get the men right on it." Fiyero said. "We'll know whom we're dealing with by morning."

Elphaba slowly stepped in the direction of the distant storm as Fiyero left the fire pit and headed towards the safe house. She had heard about the theft of the Grimmerie. A year without any clue to its whereabouts had discouraged her from any hopes that it might be recovered. All that changed in a flash. She had conjured up spells with the book before, and knew the unmistakable mark of the green and purple aura it produced when spells of this magnitude where attempted. Being a book of the other world meant that extra care needed to be taken when dealing with it. Its powers were great and terrible. It had the power to heal and destroy. If it could be mastered by the wrong people, all of Oz would be at risk.

Because of these telltale signs, she had to abandon using the magic herself, except for some small, benign spells. Otherwise, she would give herself away in an instant. Now she and Fiyero had their most important task at hand. Recover the Grimmerie. The question was, who has it, and why was it stolen?