Written because I think they're the cutest couple ever. I mean, look at them! 3 Oh, and they're all humans in this fic, 'cuz I thought it would be fun. If you want a bunch of pictures of what I think they look like as humans, just go to my deviantART site (I have the same name and everything). Takes place a little while after the big race but before most of the short scenes at the end of the movie.

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The Art of Seduction

By Basil-Ovelby

Chapter 1

The Art of Seduction, by Karl E. Lovebug

Junior stopped when he saw the book on the shelf, sandwiched between two books on clay pottery. Piqued, he grabbed it and flipped it open.

Is there someone in your life that makes your heart flutter? Someone that you can't keep your eyes off of, but who doesn't think of you as more than a friend?

Extremely piqued, he kept reading.

Well, today, you can change of all that. Following this patent-pending step-by-step method, anyone can be yours! It's all too easy to learn the art of seduction.

Junior's eyes opened very large and he quickly closed the book. He glanced around nervously and clutched the book to his chest.

"This is… this is… too perfect!"

For it just so happened that tomorrow he was heading out to a little town called Radiator Springs with a certain southern race-car driver that coincidently did cause his heart to flutter.

He felt a grin spread across his face as he idly rapped the book with his fingers. He stood up and headed for the check-out counter.


Chapter 1: Buttering Them Up

One of the first things you have to consider before you start seducing your certain someone is what kind of relationship you have with them already. Are you friends? Confidantes? Acquaintances? Your present relationship will give you an idea of how long you will need to spend on each step in your seduction.

The first thing that you need to do is start to develop feelings in your true love's heart. You do this by being the perfect person, or as close to one as you can get. You must be charming, gallant, and friendly. Find the perfect times to give them well-placed compliments. Offer to help them whenever they need it. Overall, butter them up as much as you can without overdoing it. Fill them with nothing but good thoughts of you. The point is to start slowly and steadily work it up…

"Temperature back there alright, Junior?"

"Yeah, it's fine." It was actually just a little bit warmer than he would have liked, but he would never say that.

"I'm so excited to see this town! Lightning's said so much about it!" Lynda Weathers sat beside her husband up front.

Junior grinned. He was excited also, though not about the town. He patted his bag next to him and was pleased to feel the outline of his new book through the canvas.

"Compliments, compliments, compliments… I've gotta think of some good, well-placed compliments."

He glanced around him to get ideas, prodding the seat of the car beneath him. His eyes followed his hands. "Oh!"

He leaned forward and rested his arms on the seat in front of him, stretching his head to look down at the man sitting in the front seat. His eyes instinctively traveled downward.

"You've got a pretty nice stick, here."

His eyes immediately opened wide in fear. "SHIFT! Stick SHIFT!"

Strip chuckled and didn't seem to notice. "Well, thanks Junior. S'not much, and it's as old as all heck.

Junior gave a small sigh and wiped his forehead, glad that his Freudian slip hadn't alerted anyone to how much he wanted to get in the other man's pants. This complimenting stuff was harder than it seemed!

"We used to drive around t'all sorts of places in this little beauty," Lynda replied thoughtfully.

Junior slumped back into his seat. Well, at least it hadn't been terrible. Strip had seemed to enjoy the compliment, so it was a good start. He just wasn't good at this kind of stuff.

"You ever been out in the country like this, Junior?" Strip was looking at him through the rear-view mirror.

"Can't say that I have!" Junior shrugged, then quickly remembered and made sure to flash his most winning smile. Although, with the speed that he added it and the fact that his statement didn't really require such a smile, it came out more awkwardly forced than anything.

When Strip looked back towards the road, Junior let the smile fall from his face, replacing it with a small cringe. "Stupid, stupid, stupid! Why am I always so stupid?"

Junior watched out the window as tan countryside raced pass the car. "A whole week with Strip… and his wife!" His brain shot back to him and he felt a little guilty. But only a little. He couldn't help it. But anyway, he still couldn't quite believe it. He'd been overjoyed when Strip had asked him to come with them to visit the town McQueen had stayed in. Overjoyed that of all the other people Strip could have asked, he had chosen him. He felt a small smile return to his face.

"Alright, now… we need to take… " Strip squinted into the distant, the sun shining in his eyes. "… the next exit, right?"

"I thought we still had twenty minutes or so before we turned off…" Lynda frowned.

"No, no, I'm sure it's this one."

"Honey, I really don't think so…" Lynda pulled a map out of the front compartment and began to flip it open. "This isn't right at all."

Strip glanced over at the map she had sitting on her lap as she traced something with her finger. Junior also glanced towards the map, but wasn't able to see much without moving. He settled back and rested his chin in his hand.

"See? Here… we just… follow this road…" She traveled up the roads they had already taken. "… and then… this exit…"

"Wait, I can't see where you're pointing." He leaned over to get a better look at the map. "Are you even on the right road?"

"Of course I am, honey. Now, right here, can't you see it?"

"Well, I'd be able to if your finger wasn't in the way."

Junior chuckled a little under his breath and glanced towards the front. He watched as the car started to veer into the left lane and a car careened dangerously towards them.

"A car…" He chuckled. Suddenly, he jolted upright. "A CAR!" He launched himself forward and took a hold of the steering wheel, steering hard to the right. Strip instinctively slammed on the brakes and with a horrible screeching, the car's back-end swerved forward and they came to a halt, perfectly situated on the shoulder of the road.

Junior let out a deep sigh of relief and let himself slip off the steering wheel. Realizing he was now situated cozily in Strip's lap, he quickly turned around to face the older man.

Strip was laughing as he looked down at him. "Well, geez, Junior, if you wanted to drive that much, you coulda jes said somethin'."

Junior closed his eyes in disbelief. This was going to be one interesting trip.


They made it to Radiator Springs without much of a hitch, thankfully. They had used their time situated on the side of the road to figure out exactly which exit they needed to take and from there it had all been smooth sailing.

The sun was starting to set when they pulled up to a small motel called The Cozy Cone. There were a number of other cars parked in the lot and a few people milling about outside. Everything looked so quaint that Junior couldn't help but smile.

After the car was parked, Junior popped out of the backseat, dragging his bag along behind him. "So this is Radiator Springs, huh?"

Strip got out of the front and walked around to the trunk to unload the rest of the bags. "Looks a lot like the town I grew up in." He smiled as he reminisced.

Junior slung his bag over his shoulder and walked over to where Strip was pulling the bags out of the car. "Hey, let me help!"

Strip flashed him an adorable smile and Junior practically felt his heart melt. "That'd be great, Junior! If you could just take one or two it'd be a big help."

Junior was all smiles as he walked over to the pile of bags. "Be still my beating heart - that smile! How could one not fall in love with that? It must be working… it must!" He glanced down. There were two larger suitcases and three small bags, most of which had things like snacks and toiletries. "I'll just have to show him what a loving, caring, helpful individual I am!" And with that, he picked up all three of the bags and slung them over his shoulder to match his own. Then he took one of the suitcases in his hand.

He made his way up to where Lynda was waiting for the two of them near the entrance to the motel office. With each step the bags began to feel heavier and heavier. He was breathing quite hard by the time he made it up. He heard footsteps and turned to see Strip walk up, carrying the last suitcase.

"You sure you can handle alla' that?" Strip gave him an inquisitive look.

"Ahaha. Yeah, I'm fine! Piece a' cake!" A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.

The three of them stepped into the motel office and up to the counter where a pretty blonde girl stood up to greet them. "Welcome to the Cozy Cone, can I help y…ou…" She looked like she was searching through her mind. "Oh my gosh! You're The King, right? You raced against Lightning?"

Strip tipped his hat. "The very same, ma'am. You ken call me Strip, though."

The girl brushed her bangs out of her face. "This is such an honor! My name's Sally, uh… Strip." She seemed uncomfortable addressing him on a first-name basis.

"The pleasure's all mine, Sally. This here's my wife, Lynda," he gestured to his left, "and this is mah good friend, Junior." He gripped Junior around the shoulders with his free arm.

"Well, this is certainly a surprise. If Lightning were here I'd have him come and say hello, but he's actually out with some of his friends." She glanced down at the counter and seemed to remember what she was doing. "Oh, are you looking to stay the night?"

"We're actually lookin' to stay the week if that'd work."

"Oh, wonderful! That'll be fine." She sat back down and began to sort through some of the papers on her counter. "What kind of room do you want?"

Strip thought for a moment. "We'll go ahead and take a double… do you by chance have any cots?"

"Of course!"

"That's great. That'll work out nicely then." He got out his wallet to pay Sally.

"Come on, Junior. Let's get those bags outside." Lynda beckoned to him and the two of them stepped outside into the night air. He looked around at the adorable little orange cones that circled around the office.

"It was so nice of you to come with us, Junior." He turned to see Lynda smiling at him. "I haven't seen my husband this happy in quite some time… especially with the wreck and all."

"Yeah…" Junior began to feel more and more guilty. He tried to direct his attention somewhere else. "It's a nice, little town, huh?"

The two of them looked out past the motel towards the main street. They could hear idle chatter not too far away.

"Mmhmm." They stood in comfortable silence for a few minutes. The sun was almost all the way set.

"Well, if it isn't my favorite girl and my favorite guy."

The two of them turned around to see Strip come out of the office with the keys to their room.

"Which room are we, honey?"

Strip pointed towards a cone a short ways away. "Number four, just down that-a-way."

The three set off towards the cone and Junior heaved his load of bags along with him. The bags however, didn't seem as heavy as before. In fact, Junior felt like he could walk on air he was so happy. Today had turned out to be a very good day indeed, and he could only hope that tomorrow would be ever better. He decided he would move on to chapter two of his new favorite reading.