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Zorg had been sitting in the snow for a few minutes now. He was cold, but at least he could think about that instead of how screwed he was. There was no way he could get anywhere, and the gun on his lap had no ammo, the other functions also not working. He thought he could climb down the icy hill that he was on. Seeing as there was no point, he continued to sit until some idea popped into his head.

Through the swirling snowflakes, there was a bright flash. Zorg jerked his head to see something fall from the sky. Over in the distance it crashed, but he couldn't see what had happened to it. He rose to his feet and slung the gun over his shoulder. Dusting snow off himself, he started to carefully climb down from where he was. He might as well see what it was; the alternative was freezing to death.

He trekked over dunes of snow. His artificial leg making it difficult as it kept sinking into the deep snow. Finally, when he thought he could go no further, he saw what it was. It was a crash of a small fighter ship. The type of fighter that was fast and had quite a bit of space inside. His own company made ones like this. Although, this one wasn't one of his, or atleast he didn't think so. The ship was modified a lot. He was getting closer by the second, until he finally stood a meter away from the craft. The ship providing shelter from the snow that blew at him when he was walking. He looked over the ship and noticed the crash hadn't damaged it too bad. There wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed. The more he looked over it, the more he could see how it had been modified. Parts of the ship didn't belong to the model. Obviously only to fill in until proper materials could be brought, or stolen. He came to where the identification numbers were, instead the original was scratched out and a new one painted over. A sign below it declared the ships name as 'The Junk'. Zorg frowned; he's heard that name before. Suddenly, sound from within the ship told of movement. He flattened himself against the ship, behind the wing so he wouldn't be seen but he'd be able to see whoever opened the door and stepped out.

Rakat opened her eyes slowly. She realised she had blacked out on impact. That was a rare occurrence, but when she moved to unbuckle her belt she realised why she had blacked out. The pain in her head was terrible; it must have smashed against the headrest. It was too dark to see anything, all the ships energy had gone. She felt her head and found it was sticky with blood, there was also a large bump. Feeling around, she unbuckled her belt and got up. Over her head, she flicked a switch and a dull red glow filled the ship. With the emergency lights on, she made her way towards her locker. The emergency lights needed no ship power, seeing as they were powered by a crystal in the ship. It let out a red light, and would work in any situation. The floor was messier that it usually was. All the items that had not been strapped down had flown to the ground when the ship crashed. When she had got to her locker, she opened its door to look in the small mirror on the door. She found there was a cut on her forehead. It wasn't too bad, but it oozed a lot of blood. She wiped at it with a cloth from her locker. Grabbing a plaster, she stuck it over the cut. Other than the cut and bump, she was okay. Next, she surveyed the damage to the ship. Seeing as the ship only had 3 rooms, the search was over quickly. There was very minimal damage to the inside, only messy. The last thing she had to do was check the damage on the outside. The monitor next to the door was barely working. It told her the statistics from outside the ship. The air was breathable and the ship had crashed on a solid surface. The shields were now down and the ship was venerable to anything. Jabbing at the monitor, she made the small door slide open. Freezing cold wind and snow blurred her vision for a second. She fought the urge to shiver as she stepped onto the snow outside. It was much colder compared to the inside of the ship. Shielding her eyes from the snow, she moved out a few steps and turned around to survey the damage.

Zorg saw who it was. The fairly young woman pushed her short hair from her face as she looked at the ship. He noticed the prison tattoos along her left are, then he realised who it was. Rakat Dell, one of the best bounty hunters. But what was she doing at Fhloston? Was she here to collect a bounty on him? Paranoid thoughts filled his head. Then he cocked his gun. It wasn't loaded, of course, but she wouldn't know that, seeing as it was the newest gun there was. Zorg stepped out from his place. Rakat was shocked to see him pop out, although it didn't show on her face. She noticed his gun, and realised she wouldn't be able to reach her pistol in time.

"Rakat Dell," he drawled in his southern American accent. He walked towards her, "you don't know me, but I'll be taking this ship of yours".

Rakat took a good look at the man in front of her. He looked like a business man, wearing fashionable clothing with a unique haircut. His face was hansom, but it had a cruel twist to it. As he took another step she could see and hear the 'chink' sound of an artificial leg. She had heard of one person that fit his description.

"Zorg," she spat. Zorg's eyes widened as he heard her speak his name.

"So, you do know who I am. That doesn't stop the fact that I'll be taking your ship," he told her, raising his gun higher. Rakat smiled slyly

"It's too bad you're out of ammo, Zorg," she said. As quick as a flash, she flipped out one of her pistols from her belt and aimed it at him. Zorg grasped his gun for a few moments, before throwing it to the side.

"How did you know? My guns are the newest around?" he asked.

"I know about every gun on the market, Zorg," she told him, making him turn so she could slip handcuffs over his hands. She lent over his shoulder to talk in his ear, "Every gun off and on the market". Rakat pushed him towards the entrance to the ship. Once inside, she shoved him down onto a waiting chair. He instantly tried to adjust his eyes to the red emergency lighting.

"Don't move a muscle," she told him, "or I will kill you". Zorg looked up at her with a cool indifference.

"I wasn't planning to move," he drawled. Rakat glared at him and opened a cupboard to pull out a warm coat and tool box. Zorg watched her as she shrugged on the coat and slung the box's strap over her shoulder. As she reached the door exit, she turned her head.

"Remember what I said, Zorg. You move, you die," she left before she could see the face Zorg pulled at her. Childish, yes. But he didn't have any other way to piss her off. He looked around the inside of the ship.

The whole of the ship was tiny. The small room he was in now contained two chairs (one which he was sitting in) with a table in the middle. Along the other wall was a whole variety of cupboards, most likely for the food capsules and extra equipment. He guessed there was more storage below the ship. He thought all the storage would be needed, seeing as Rakat was a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters had a habit for keeping things that could be useful, seeing as their life was lived on the run. Zorg lent over to see into the next room, which connected to the one he was in. From what he could see, it contained two bunks that were fit into the wall. Across from the bunks were two sleep tubes, one of which had the glass broken. There were a few lockers inside. Rakat Dell's clothing and equipment, Zorg guessed. Back the other way, past the entrance door, was the control area. There were two seats in front of millions of blinking buttons and switches. They took up all the space around that area. The large windows in front of the chairs were blocked with its metal protectors. Suddenly, the red emergency lights turned off and the normal lights blinked on. He heard the unmistakeable sound of Rakat hammering at the ship. Also, the buzzing of the ships repair bots. Zorg chose now to move. He got up, attempting to balance with his hands cuffed at the back. He walked to the back of the ship, looking to find some sort of weapon that he could hide up his sleeve. There was no used trying to get the cuffs off, there were top grade.

Rakat Dell was outside. She was repairing the damage, and had almost done. Although, she couldn't replace the navigation rudder. But, she could replace that when she got to a Fhloston Paradise ship market. Packing her tools away, she sent the small ship bots back to their stations. The wind was picking up as she headed back into the ship. She made sure the door was sealed tight and turned around to make a comment to Zorg. He wasn't where she had left him. Rakat's neck hairs bristled and she pulled her pistol out. Heading towards the back of the ship, she found him. He had his back to her, searching franticly for something. Well, as frantically as a person with their hands cuffed can do. Raising her gun she loaded it with a loud 'click'. Zorg stiffened and slowly turned around.

"What did I tell you Zorg," she asked, before pulling the trigger.


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