The bullet nested in the steel next to Zorg's head. The loud bang making him jump, and when he saw he wasn't hurt he quickly spun around. Rakat now held the gun pointing straight at Zorg. Fury showed on her face.

"Sit," she commanded, pointing to the chair just behind her. When Zorg sat down she twined his handcuffs to the chair, so he couldn't get up. Realising the situation finally, Zorg tired to reason with Rakat.

"Listen, I'll give you whatever you want if you let me go. Just don't kill me," he drawled. Rakat laughed as she sat behind the controls of the ship.

"I'm not going to kill you, Zorg," she informed him, "I know there would be a huge bounty on my head if I did that. I'd rather just leave you in Fhloston somewhere. I don't need your money".

This came as a shock to Zorg and he sat quiet for a while as he watched Rakat. He realised that Rakat didn't know that he was missing to the rest of the world, and he was going to take advantage of this situation. To be back safe and sound when this bounty hunter could just turn around and dump him back in the snow. After watching Rakat punching at controls and looking at the virtual screen, he spoke;

"So, where are you going to drop me off?"

"I'm figuring that out now," Rakat snapped.

Rakat's fingers flew over the controls and tapped on them. A large hologram rose from the screen in front of her. It was a 3D image of Fhloston Paradise.

"My navigation rudder is gone," Rakat explained, "so I have to guess where we are".

She scanned over the ice regions and poked at a button. A red beacon appeared on the hologram.

"This is where I think we are, and the closest town is here," a blue beacon shot up not too far from the red one.

"That's the city of Rosebeach, one of the largest in Fhloston. Be thankful I landed where I did".

"So, are we leaving now?" asked Zorg. Rakat swivelled on her chair to look at him.

"Incase you haven't been listening, there's a storm outside".

Zorg now listened and he heard a wailing sound as wind and snow buffed the small ship.

"Is there any chance that you'll let me out of these handcuffs?" Zorg asked as Rakat turned back to the switches.

"No, not after you threatened to kill me and steal my ship," she said curtly.

"Why not? I can't do any damage to you now, you're going to take me to Rosebeach and I have no grudge with you".

Rakat was silent and Zorg saw her eyebrows crease.

"Fine," she answered shortly, "but, Zorg, if you disobey my orders I will kill you".

"I promise you, Rakat Dell, that I won't misbehave," Zorg said, staring into Rakat's eyes to prove his point. Rakat sighed and got out of her chair. She stood behind Zorg and released him from his handcuffs. Once free, he rubbed the red marks on let out a sigh. Rakat went back to her controls and flicked a switch to put the panel on hold.

Zorg realised how small the ship was as he stood up to stretch. Rakat had to squeeze past him to reach a cupboard where she pulled out food pills.

"Choose what you want," she said, throwing him the container. Zorg read over the label that listed all the meals available.

"What are you going to have," he asked Rakat. She shrugged and walked to the back of the ship.

"Whatever you're having".

Zorg read over the label again. There were normal things like steak and vegetables and more alien things like Garudo Squid. Zorg finally opened the container and chose two pills. He then located the microwave.

Rakat had placed herself in a chair at the table with a notebook to record down some manual reports of the ship. When Zorg placed a plate of food in front of her she drew back her lip.

"Spaghetti?" she asked, looking at the mass of noodles in sauce.

"Either that or the squid," said Zorg, shrugging. They ate with disposable forks. Halfway through the meal, Zorg drawled out a question;

"So, how did you crash?" he asked.

"Why should I tell you? Maybe I'm just a bad driver," Rakat answered, eyes on her food. Zorg snorted softly;

"I wouldn't beilive that".

"Fine, it was the aftermath of a space explosion. It hit my ship," said Rakat. Zorg sat wide eyed.

"What now?" Rakat sighed.

"That was on of the hotels from Fhloston. I was on that," Zorg said. Rakat raised an eyebrow.

"But how?"

"Why should I tell you?" Zorg smirked. When he saw Rakat's frown he dropped his smirk and explained how his gun had a cocoon shield function.

"You're lucky," said Rakat, when Zorg had finished, "plenty of people wouldn't know what to do in a situation like that".

"What about you?" asked Zorg. Rakat shrugged.

"Figure that out yourself".

She stood from the table and disposed of her food into a bin on the wall.

"I'm going to take a shower," Rakat said, moving a few steps to the back of the ship. Zorg got up too.

"May I ask something?"

"Go ahead"

"If you don't trust me, why are you leaving me unsupervised?" Zorg asked.

"Well, I haven't had a shower in a week or so. I was very busy with my last bounty. So, you can see this is the perfect opportunity for me to stop smelling like a space cow. Also, if you did try anything, it would take a lot more that you to stop me". Rakat poked a switch on the wall and an unseen door slid open to reveal a shower.

"Don't touch anything," she warned as the shower door slid shut behind her.

When Zorg heard the water start up, he took a few steps to reach the controls of the ship. He ran the survey screen that showed him what was wrong with the ship. Rakat had fixed everything apart from the bits that had gone missing. Suddenly, Zorg spied the phone. He quickly dialled a number and pressed it to his ear. Nothing, no dial tone. He placed the phone down and he started to fiddle with the controls. He didn't hear the water stop and the door open.

"What are you doing?" demanded Rakat's voice. Zorg swivelled around. His heart quickened half from being caught and half from how Rakat looked. Fresh from the shower, her hair was wet and it clung to her head. The same way the towel was slinging to her body. The visible parts of her body were pink from the shower.

"What are you doing?" she asked again. Zorg swallowed,

"I'm… ah… trying to call someone". To his surprise, Rakat didn't get angry.

"You won't get it working," she said, before she turned around and went to the back of the ship. Zorg wiped his brow. He hadn't noticed that Rakat Dell was a pretty woman. No one knew that, he thought to himself. Rakat appeared dressed a minute later. She sat back at the table where her notebook was; she opened it and started writing.

"Why won't anything work?" asked Zorg. Rakat didn't look up from the book.

"I do what all good bounty hunters do. I rewire all the controls to do another task. The evacuation button, for instance, is the self destruct button".

Rakat closed her book and walked to the back of the ship, Zorg following her. She pulled the sheets back from one of the two beds in the wall.

"So, I wouldn't be able to take this ship even if I wanted to?" Zorg asked.

Rakat smiled and climbed into the bed.

"Nope," she replied. Zorg frowned.

"Are you going to bed soon, Zorg?" Rakat asked, "I have to get up early tomorrow and I can't leave the light on all night".

Zorg nodded and sat on a metal chest to unlace his shoes. He climbed into the bed above Rakat's. Rakat reached on the wall, the lights switched out and were replaced with a dull glow.

The next day was certainly going to be eventful, Zorg thought to himself.


Sorry about the whole "Zorg-realises-Rakat-is-hot" thing. I just needed to make him take an interest in her somehow. Meh, I think I have an okay storyline in my head. About how 'Mr. Shadow' wants his revenge, even though he's trapped as the huge evil ball thing. Whoo, then Zorg'll have to hire Rakat as a body guard… not sure how the love interest thing will turn out.