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.devotio sacer.

devotio— self-sacrifice, offering

sacer— sacred, devoted to destruction

Devotio. Sacer. Two Latin words with a plenitude of meaning, at first glance perhaps contradictory, at a deeper level perhaps the very expression of what it means to love, to live, and to die. Two simple words that, like all words, reach beyond themselves to touch an inexpressible truth.

That which is devoted is both faithful and accursed. The sacred is both holy and given over to destruction. The line between good and evil is both hazier and far clearer than we ever imagined.

There are times when power is madness and weakness is strength. A hero may become a monster, and sometimes, the monster is the true hero. Brokenness may bring healing, and sometimes, we must die in order to live.

There are times when the noblest warrior is the one who will not fight.

This is a story of contradictions. A tale in which the monster may be the hero, and the hero finds his strength only when he throws away his sword. It is a tale of devotion, and the paradox that binds the universe together. In short, this is a love story.

Love consents to all and commands only those who consent. Love is abdication. God is abdication.

—Simone Weil

.sacred devotion.