Jinx's Decision

by Robert Teague

This story is written solely for the entertainment of Kim Possible fans, and no copyright infringement is intended. This story may be reproduced, provided no changes are made, and you let me know.

Author's Note: This is the third story in my KP/Jinx crossover. The first two were "Kim Possible: Jinxed", and "The Jinx of Middleton High". I suggest reading those first.

Chapter 1

Kim Possible, her boyfriend and partner Ron Stoppable, Rufus the naked mole rat, and the other partner on Team Possible, Jennifer "Jinx" Wheeler, sat on the bed in Kim's room.

"Well," said Kim, "We've finally graduated high school, and our lives as adults are before us. We need to talk and decide what we're going to do."

Ron and Jenny nodded, while Rufus made no answer. He was curled up asleep on the bed between all three of them.

"The first thing we have to decide is: are we going to stay together?" asked Kim.

Ron took Kim's hand. "No question there on my part," he said, "I love you, and plan to be with you the rest of our lives."

Kim blushed, and squeezed Ron's hand. "Love you too."

Jenny grinned, but the pale gray skin of her face turned pinkish in embarrassment. "I'll be here too. You're the best friends I've ever had, and... I hope you don't mind, but really consider you both family."

Rufus opened an eye and looked at her. "The three of you," Jenny corrected. The eye closed.

"It's been nearly a year since you showed up out of nowhere," said Kim, "And you've fit into our lives and team like you've always been there. I consider you family too."

Ron grinned and nodded. "Me too," he added.

The tender moment passed, and Kim became all business. She picked up some notes she'd made.

"Option Number One," continued Kim, "Global Justice has offered us all full scholarships at Tri-Cities University, on condition that we become full GJ agents for at least five years after graduation. While we're attending university, we'll remain freelance agents. After the incident with Drakken's robot, Tri-Cities has agreed to accommodate us when we go on missions. And they will pick up any expenses GJ doesn't with our educations.

I'll be majoring in International Diplomacy and Relations, Ron, you in Culinary Arts, and Jenny in Teaching."

"With a minor in Art," added Jenny. She had a secret passion for unicorns, and had a couple of sketchbooks full of them.

"Option Number Two," said Ron, "Master Sensei at Yamanouchi has offered for the three of us to spend a year there in training. Since I now have all the Mystical Monkey Power, I'll be studying to be the Monkey Master. Kim, you'll train in whatever areas of martial arts you want to, and Jenny, you'll be honing your control with your bad-luck powers and improving your fighting skills. And of course, we'll all work on improving our teamwork."

"Of course, this means delaying our educations for a year, but Dr. Director told me she would hold the scholarships open for us, and GJ would get an even better team in exchange"
said Kim. "The down side is that our other friends will be a year ahead of us then."

"Ron, didn't Sensei say we wouldn't be able to do missions for that year?" asked Jenny.

"Unless there was no other choice in his opinion," amended Ron. "I guess that's another down side."

"Since we've already decided to stay together, Option Number Three is already out. But I'll state it anyway, just for the record," said Kim.

"I've gotten scholarship offers from a dozen universities around the country, and three in Europe. Ron's gotten two from cooking schools in Wisconsin and California. Jenny's gotten none."

"And I'd never be able to go without the GJ offer," Jenny said, "So I'd be staying here."

"In the end we would be split up for several years, and lose our edge as a team, and doing missions together would be nearly impossible," said Kim, "So that's out. We're left with two options."

"They are both wonderful offers, and great opportunities," said Jenny. "The problem is they're mutually exclusive."

"Well, would being a year behind our friends really be that bad?" asked Ron.

"Maybe not, but I don't like the idea much," said Kim.

"Me either," said Jenny.

"Monique is going for a degree in Fashion Design, and..." Kim looked at Jenny, "What did Tara say?"

"She wasn't sure yet, but she did say she plans to try out for the T-CU cheer squad," was the answer. "Felix will be studying robotics."

Felix and Jenny had dated for a couple of months, then broke up. It was a mutual decision,
and they remained friends.

Kim nodded.

The three friends sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking.

Finally Ron said, "Let's take a break and grab some snackage."

Rufus was instantly awake. "Cheese!" he said.

The two young women agreed, and they went downstairs. They found Kim's mom in the kitchen.

"Hi, kids," she said, and held up a covered platter. "Want to try something new?"

"Is it brain-shaped?" asked Kim with a bit of apprehension.

Jenny snickered. She happened to think Mrs. Possible's Brain Loaf was great, as did Ron. Neither had any problem with grabbing a lobe when the opportunity came up.

"No, Kimmie, I followed the recipe," her mom answered, and put the platter on the kitchen table. She took off the top to reveal a yellow-green cake. "It's Key Lime Cheesecake."

"CHEESE!" shouted Rufus, and jumped from Ron's pocket onto the table, running full tilt at the cake. Ron grabbed at him and missed, as did Kim.

"Rufus, don't!" said Ron, but was ignored.

Jenny gestured and sent a small hex at Rufus. It struck true, and Rufus suddenly lost his traction on the table. He slid, turning around several times, missed the cake, and fell off the table into a chair.

Mrs. Possible took the chance to pick up the cake. A few moments later, Rufus jumped back onto the table, and chattered angrily at Jenny.

Jenny ignored the mole rat and got small plates and forks for all of them. She put them by Mrs. Possible, who cut the cake and put slices on the plates. Jenny handed them out.

Kim had gotten soft drinks for all of them and handed them out.

A minute later they were chewing and making appreciative noises. Rufus sat and ate his slice, but kept eyeing Jenny with an angry expression.

"Have you three made a decision about what you want to do?" Mrs. Possible asked.

"Except for deciding we don't want to be split up, no, Mom," answered Kim.

"Whatever you decide, you know your father and I will support you," said Mrs. Possible.

"I know. Thanks, Mom," said Kim.

"Jenny, you know that includes you," Mrs. Possible added.

Jenny turned pink again. "Thanks... Mom," she said, and quickly looked down.

Mrs. Possible grinned, and opened her mouth to reply, and...

"My parents said the same thing," said Ron, and took a bite of cheesecake, oblivious to the fact he'd just ruined a moment of bonding.

Finished with the snack, they put their plates and forks in the dishwasher, and headed back upstairs.

Settled on the bed again, Kim asked, "Are there any other factors we need to consider?"

"Mmmm..." said Ron, "I'm not sure."

"Except for that run-in with the Bebes last month trying to steal that experimental faster than light wireless communications system, it's been pretty quiet on the freak fighting front," said Kim.

"Well, Shego did say she was coming for a rematch with me, but we haven't seen her or Drakken since the robot," said Jenny, "And I'm not gonna worry about it."

There was a minute of silence.

"Well, I vote Yamanouchi then college, then GJ," said Kim. "It would give us the best of all worlds, and we would have our lives planned for at least the next ten years. Being a year behind our friends is bad but less important."

"Kim, where you go, I go. You know that," said Ron, "I second the motion. Jenny?"

A long moment of silence, then she looked at them through her pink cat eyes. "Well, I would be away from where I consider home for a year," she looked sad for a moment, then grinned. "But I'm in. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks."

They looked at each other and grinned. A huge weight had been lifted from their shoulders, and a clear path set before them. But that path was not as clear as it seemed...