Chapter 13

The remainder of June and all of July passed slowly. Everyone missed Jenny, and they worried, despite Starfire's assurances.

Wade had gotten the data he wanted from the sensors he'd had at the portal, and it took some doing, but he even managed to have sent to him the plans for the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer, as a basis for the work. But it was no use. There was no residual energy left between universes to follow, and the PDVI was too unstable to use as a remote viewing device. And even if it had worked, the number of alternate universes was on the high side of infinite.

Wade had slapped his head when he realized he should have sent a "fly on the wall cam" through the portal. Then he would have a signal he could lock onto. But he hadn't thought of that.

He hated to do so, but he reported to Team Possible and Dr. Director that he had failed. Nobody blamed him; not even a super genius can think of everything. They had no choice now but to trust in the justice system of Jenny's home world, and Starfire's vow.

Kim, Ron, and Rufus had a mission from time to time, and they did their best to go back to the way they had done things before Jenny's arrival. Their success rate suffered just a bit until they could re-adjust.

Given that there was nothing they could do, they decided to keep their plans the way they were; Yamanouchi, then college, then GJ. They also kept the summer open, even though they really didn't feel like having fun very often.

Yori and Sensei expressed their sorrow at the loss of Jinx, but understood the bad luck charm's reasoning and respected her for it. They assured Kim and Ron that if she should come back, she would still be welcome.

Jenny's room in the Possible home was left the way it was.


Unknown to anyone, Tara had gone a little overboard. She got a small padded box for the lock of hair, cleared some space in the corner of her room, and made what was for all practical purposes a shrine. The box was surrounded by framed pictures of the two of them together, or Jenny by herself,and she surrounded the box with every luck charm she could find.


A week before they were to leave for Yamanouchi, Wade called.

"What up, Wade?" asked Kim. She and Ron and Rufus were at Bueno Nacho having a naco for lunch.

"Remember the bandit you captured who was trying to blackmail that village in South America a few months ago?" he asked.

"Yeah, what a creep," said Kim. Ron continued to eat, keeping an ear on the conversation.

"Well, thanks to corrupt local officials, he's out of jail and has pulled a coup on the government. He's captured the president and taken over the Presidential Palace in the capital," said Wade.

"Great," said Ron.

"Got a ride?" asked Kim.

"Yeah, GJ is sending a plane for you. Be at your house in twenty," he answered.

"On the way," replied Kim, and keyed off. "Let's go, Ron."

Arriving in the small South American country, Team Possible took advantage of the riots, looting and confusion to slip unnoticed into the capital and head for the Palace. It was dangerous work, as they had to be mindful of stray gunfire and explosions.

The Palace was enclosed in a stone wall some ten feet high with an iron gate. It had suffered some damage from mortar fire and bullets, but was still mostly intact, the grandeur barely tarnished.

Kim and Ron slipped around to the back of the compound, looking for a way in. They found one in the form of a hole blown in the wall. The debris was piled up some five feet high in the hole, which would make entry a bit tricky.

Another problem was the fifty-foot wide clear space between the wall and the nearest house. They would be plainly visible crossing it.

Climbing to the top of the house they were beside, Kim studied the area. Here in the back were several three-story buildings that had been undergoing some renovations-- scaffolding was set up around each side of each building. Nobody was visible anywhere.

"This might be our best chance to get in, Ron," she said, and slipped down the drain pipe to the ground, followed a moment later by Ron, who jumped, relying on the Mystical Monkey Power to land safely.

Keeping low, they ran across the no-man's land to the wall. Nothing happened. Peering cautiously through the breach, the area was still empty. They scrambled over the debris and into the compound. Still nothing.

They headed between the outbuildings toward the palace, and when they got about halfway down, they came to a halt. Sudden noise on either side proved to be soldiers and rebels climbing out the windows to take positions on the scaffolding, weapons pointed at the teen heroes.

They were trapped. The breach was too far back to get to without being shot, there were three stories of scaffolding full of men and women with guns on either side, and the palace was too far away to go in that direction either.

"Uh, Kim..." said Ron.

"Working on it," she answered in a slightly annoyed voice.

"You again!" said a deep male voice from the direction of the Palace. They looked, and there was the bandit leader, hands on hips. "I was hoping you would come, so I could take my revenge on you."

Kim took a step forward, but stopped when a warning bullet hit the ground two feet in front of her.

"Now," said the bandit, appearing to think, "Should I kill you here, or on national television to make an example of you to anyone who thinks of challenging me?"

There was a moment of tense silence, in which Kim and Ron got ready to spring in any direction necessary, regardless of how futile it would be.

The silence was broken by a snap of fingers, followed closely by groans from the scaffolding. The personnel standing on it suddenly shifted their attention from the prisoners to their support as it began to sway.

Suddenly it all gave way, collapsing in a heap of tangled metal, wood, and people. From the screams, moans, and confusion, it was plain that they had all been taken out of the fight. The bandit turned and ran for the Palace.

"Whoops," came a familiar voice from the direction of the breach, "Did I do that?"

Hardly daring to believe their ears, the teens turned toward the voice. There, in front of the breach and wearing her Team Possible clothes, was Jenny Wheeler. She had a big grin on her face.

"JENNY!" yelled Kim, Ron, and Rufus at the same time, and ran to her. Kim got there first, and grabbed the pink-haired girl in a crushing hug, picking her up off the ground and twirling around. When Kim put her down, Ron did the same thing. Rufus took advantage of the contact to climb up on Jenny's shoulder and hang on.

"You're back for good?" asked Kim.

"What happened?" asked Ron.

"Happened?" echoed Rufus.

"How did you get here?" asked Kim.

"Okay, okay, real quick," answered Jenny, "Thanks to your sworn testimony of my arrival here, the charge of escape was dropped. The judge read over the records Dr. Director gave Starfire, and reduced my sentence to 'time served'. They even took out the chip. All this happened over the last couple of months.

I packed the few things from there I wanted, and was dropped at your house. I talked to your parents, heard about this mission, and got Cyborg to change the coordinates to here. I arrived about five minutes ago."

"And they won't bother you again?" asked Kim.

"Nope. Cyborg promised to erase the settings on the portal, so there will be little chance of it. I'm back for good," she answered.

"We're a team again!" said Ron, "BOOYAH!"

"Yeah!" said Rufus, pumping a small fist.

"This is wonderful!" said Kim, giving Jenny another hug.

"It sure is," said Jenny, "Now, what about this would-be dictator?"

"This way," said Kim, and started running for the Palace, the other two right behind her.

Once again, Team Possible was intact, and ready for the future.

The End

Author's Note:

Because of the current state of my depression, I gave long and serious thought of letting the story end with Chapter 12. But in the end I couldn't do that to characters I love. I'm too much of a 'happy ending' type of writer.

I have enough subplots in place to do a fourth story, but I'm not sure about it right now. I have a Danny Phantom story to finish, and I'd really like to get back to working on the sequel to "Legacy in Green and Black".