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This is a song fic. The song is called X-Girlfriend by Family Force 5. Sasuke and Hinata were going out but now she's going out with Naruto. Sasuke can't get over his love for Hinata.

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Chapter 1

Ok, I'm sitting in my living room. Listening to my favorite tune. Just to make me feel, make me feel. Alright gonna put it all aside now. Ur not here by my side now. I can't believe this love things got me spinning around and around.

Sasuke casual throws his ninja tools on the floor of his living room. He plops down onto the couch and looks up at the ceiling. He had another long day of stupid D-rank missions and was glad to be home. Sasuke decided to put some music on to help him relax. The music was soft instrumental and was some thing he would have never picked out himself. That's when he remembered that this is the CD Hinata pick out for him when they were still going out. He could remember that day at the mall like it was yesterday.


Sasuke was walking around the mall in a hurry. He hated going to the mall. There were too many people, mainly all his fan girls. 'Where are you Hinata!' Sasuke thought to himself. They had been going out for a week.

Sasuke had always been attracted to Hinata since he first met her at the Chinn Exams. She was the first girl he met that didn't want him to be their boyfriend. After that day he wanted to find out way she didn't drool all over him like all the other girls did. As he got to know her he couldn't help but like everything about her. The way she talk in her sweet little angelic voice or how easily he could make her blush. Plus she is the first person that could relate to always being called "weak". They had a lot in common.

Sasuke hurriedly walk past the music store, when in the corner of his eye he spotted Hinata. She was listening to music. He made a 360, walked up behind her, and put his arms around her waist. When he did this she made a little "ah" sound, but the realized it was Sasuke and said

"O, I-I-It's o-only you Sasuke-san."

"How many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to call me that. Were a couple not classmates." Sasuke said teasingly

"O-Okay, Sasuke-kun" replied Hinata

Her face was burning and she knew that she was blushing. Sasuke just smiled and asked

"What are you listing to?"

"Oh, I-it's just instrumental music. I like to listen to when I read because its claming and peaceful. Here, listen you might even like it." Hinata said as she handed him the headphones.

Sasuke really didn't like to listen to music that much. He thought that it was a waste of time. But when he put the headphones on and listen he thought 'she was right. It is peaceful. Some how I feel relax and at ease.' He closed his eyes and was lost in the enchanting tune, when all of a sudden he heard

"S-Sasuke? S-Sasuke, are you okay? Sasuke?" it was Hinata.

She had been calling his name now for several minutes when he final responded.

"Huh?" Sasuke said in a daze.

"You really must have enjoyed the music. It was like you were in a trance." Comment Hinata

"Yeah." Sasuke replied embarrassed by his actions.

Hinata rush over to the cashier and came back to Sasuke with a bag in her had and gave it to Sasuke saying

"H-Here since you like the CD so much, I-I got it for you. Y-You look so at peace when you were listing to it, I-I've never have seen you like that. I-It made me see a softer side of you that you keep hidden from the world. A-And I want you to know that you don't need to hide that side of you from me. I-I wouldn't think you were weak. N-Not at all."

Sasuke was touched by her warm words. He was always told that emotions were weak. The only emotions worth showing were anger and hate. That all other emotion was useless. That's why he would hide his emotions from the world around him, even those close to him. He didn't want to seem weak in the eyes of the world. He wanted to be strong. But to hear those words "I wouldn't think that you are weak." It touch him and made him loved her evermore. He took a step closer and held her in a tight embrace and whispered in her ear

"Thank you."

-end of flashback-

Alright, gonna put it all aside now. Ur not here by my side now I can't believe this love things got me spinning around and around

Sasuke's heart was aching. All he could think of is WHY! Why wasn't she by his side? Why was his head spinning around and around with thoughts of her. All he could think about is his precious Hinata. He had to see her. He got up off the couch and ran out the door to the Hyuugas compound.

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Here's a preview for chapter 2

Yes, I keep pursuing like a stalker. Just wanna talk to her. Think I'm gonna breakdown. What am I gonna do about this situation at hand. My paranoia is starting to kick in. A busy signal is all I ever hear. We used to talk a lot but now she's seemed to disappear.

Sasuke arrived at the Hyuugas compound to find Hinata sitting under a tree talking on her cell phone. Once Sasuke saw her he couldn't bring himself to go up to her and start talking. He didn't know what to say. "Hey, I still can't get over the fact that you left me. And I want you back in my life. I can't live with out you." 'Yeah right' Sasuke thought like that would make her want to talk to him. He just hid in the trees and watched her every move until it was too dark to see than he left. The next day he came back and the next day and the next day. Then he realized that he like a stalker. Watching her every move. He felt like breaking down. What was he going to do about this situation at hand. That's when he decided he needed to re-look at the events that lead to his break-up. Maybe there was something he could do to fix his current situation.