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Sasuke is the Lord of Konoha. One day he sees a beautiful woman bathing and sleeps with her. Not only does she become pregnant, but she's a married woman! What is Sasuke gonna do? SasukeXHinata

This story is based on 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12.


King Naruto needs a new queen and choose Hinata, a Hyuuga which she keep a secret. Sasuke a powerful official doesn't like Neji and plots to get rid of him and all the Hyuuga's. Can Hinata handle being the new queen while her families lives are in danger. NarutoXHinata. This is based on the story of Esther.

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Chapter 11

Neji's POV

It's been a week since the whole fight at Naruto's happen. Hinata hasn't left the compound since then. She seemed to be lost in thought. About two days after the fight, Naruto came over to talk to her about their relationship. I couldn't help but ease drop in on their conversation.


"Hey, Hinata. Am sorry about what happen a couple of days ago. I've done a terrible thing. Hinata your a great friend and I value your friends. I don't want to destroy what we have, so... we can't go out anymore. I'm in love with Sakura and she's likes me back. Am sorry. We can still be friends right?" Naruto's head was down cast as he waited for her response. I watch Hianta intensely trying to figure out what was going on in her mind. She had a small smile on her face as tears brimmed at the edge of her eyes and said,

"I would like that very much, to be your friend." Naruto grab her and gave her a big bear hug and happily proclaimed,

"Thank you Hinata-chan!" Hinata had her arms loosely wrap around him as she return the hug and replied,

"Am happy for you and Sakura. Really I am. But I need to go, now. Okay?"

"Sure, I understand. Friends?" Naruto questioned.

"Yes. Friends till the end." her small smile still on her face. And with that said Naruto waved good bye.

End of Flashback...

After her and Naruto talk it seem that a great burden had been left from her shoulders. She seem happy and relieved all at the same time. It seemed that her mind was on something else. I can't stand it! I need to know if I can help. She can't stay locked up in this place. She is not a caged bird. Why must she do this to herself. I stormed up to her room only to have her bump into me.

"Am sorry Neji-niisan! I need to watch were am going." she gave me a warm smile.

"Hinata I need to kn..."

"I've decided." she made eye contact with me and our eyes were locked.


"I've thought long and hard about it and its the only think I could come up with."


"I never really loved Naruto. I just loved his image because he was everything that I myself want to be. He was the failure that never gave up and made something of himself. I guess I just told myself that I loved him when in fact it was just admiration."

"Okay..." I have know idea whats she talking about.

"That's when I realized that..." she now had her hands folded in front of her face as she proclaimed

"I love..." Who? Who? I thought impatiently waiting for her answer.

"Sasuke!" Her eyes were gleaming with joy and happiness as she said his name. I was happy that my cousin had finally found someone that would make her happy. Yeah he did some dumb things. But it was all in the name of love. I know that his heart truly does belong to her and only her. That's when I made my decision and said,

"Well than what are you wanting for! Go and tell him how you feel!" Hinata's were wide with shock at what I just told her. Them her eyes soften as she embraced me and whisper,

"Thank you." I just pated her head and warned her,

"But if he hurts you again... his DEAD!" She just giggled as tears of joy streamed down her face. We stood there embracing each other of a few minutes when Hanabi said,

"Hinata, someones at the door for you." Hanabi walked away before Hinata could ask who it was. I followed Hinata to the door. And speak of the devil, it was none other than Sasuke. His eyes were red and puffy. Was the great Uchiha crying? I couldn't help put chuckled inside.

"Sasuke! What are y..." Sasuke grabbed a hold of her hands and asked

"Hinata, will you be my girlfriend again." tears began to pour out of her eyes as small hiccups came out of her mouth. I could tell that Sasuke thought this was her way of saying no, because he lowered his head an mumbled.

"I understand if you don't want to be my gir..." Hinata embraced him. Burying her head into his chest shaking her head no. In between sobs she said

" be...sob...your girlfriend" Sasuke held her tight in the embrace. Than he lifted her chin and gave her a kiss. That's when I decided to leave them alone. After that I haven't seen my cousin any happier than when she is in the arms of Sasuke Uchiha.

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