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Chapter 17

Game Shop

Normal POV

You know those silences that are so silent that you can swear you could hear a needle fall on the ground if someone for some stupid reason dropped one? The silences that comes in churches when people pray, but always is broken by a wailing baby? Those really, really silent silences?

Well, compared to the silence that just had fallen over the gang in the Game Shop, those are just really, really loud.

But, no matter how silent this silence was, it was, as all silences, broken by a sound.

"What?!" Yami cried out, rising so quickly that his chair fall backwards, and fell heavily onto Bakura's toes, immediately resulting in him yelling curses in Egyptian, and hopping around on his un damaged foot, clutching the abused appendage in his hands.

Well. At least that's better than a baby wailing.

"I said," Seth said calmly, looking over to the red-faced Yami, "I'm going to give up my powers. That way, I can go into the Realm of Illusions, and once more be reunited with Jono."

"Damnit, I heard you the first time!" shouted Yami, obviously not very happy about Seth's announcement. "You know you can't do that, Seth!" You can't just give up your powers, and you know that! First of all, you must find someone dependable to take them over-"

"I can do it!" Bakura interrupted Yami's rant, and quickly stopped hopping around on one foot. All of a sudden, the gruesome pain that previously had haunted his foot didn't hurt at all.

Yami gave Bakura a long look.

"I said; dependable, Bakura."

"…damn." Bakura muttered and sat down on a chair next to Ryou. The British boy immediately started to comfort the poor Tomb Robber, by petting his hair and kissing his cheek. And, even though Bakura protested, you could tell he felt better from it. (Or horny. But that's beside the point…)

"Furthermore…" Yami turned back to Seth. "…even if you did find someone dependable to take over your powers, and we sent you to the Realm of Illusions, it's not even sure that you would manage to find Katsuya there. As mentioned before, the realms are infinite, and Katsuya could be practically anywhere. Finding him would be like finding a needle in a haystack-"

"Which is hard, but not impossible." Seth interrupted softly. The blue eyes had taken on a determined, calm look when he looked at Yami. "Even if it took me time to find him there, I could still do it. Atemu, I no longer care what happens to me, and you know that better than anyone. All I want…" A sigh escaped the brunet, and he looked down at his hands. "…is to find Katsuya and spend eternity with him."

Yami sighed sadly. In his heart, he already knew that there was no way to stop Seth, when he really had his mind into something. So, instead of giving more reasons to why he shouldn't do what he was about to do, he said;

"Who are you going to give the powers to? Do you have anyone in mind?"

A smile started to break out on Seth's face when he understood that he had, albeit unwillingly, been given permission from Yami to proceed. "Actually, yes. I do have someone in mind…"

"IS IT ME?!" Bakura yelled loudly, once again jumping to his feet.



Choosing to ignore Bakura's outburst, Seth spoke again. "I have decided to give my powers to someone whom I know I can trust. Someone who has proven to me that he would do anything to protect those whom he loves, even die for them. For that, is the one thing I find most important in life." Slowly, Seth turned his gaze and clashed with another's. He smiled.


"Kaiba?!" Yami echoed, staring at Seth.

"Kaiba?!" Bakura roared, looking outraged. ("I deserve those powers, damn you! How else am I going to take over the world?! GIVE ME THOSE POWERS, BAKA HIGH PRIEST!" Bakura yelled mentally.)

"Seto?" Jou said, blinking cutely.

"Me?" Seto said, disbelief clear in his voice.

Seth rolled his eyes. "Yes, you."

For a moment, Seto was shocked speechless, and could just stare at the smiling Seth. "But…I have no experience of magic. Hell, I don't even believe in magic!" Suddenly, everything just felt very surreal to Seto. Why would the crazy Egyptian want to give him such powers? (even though they don't exist, Seto told himself firmly.)

A delicate eyebrow rose at his statement. "After everything that has happened, you still claim not to believe in magic? Not even after being hit by magical lightning, and being in the Shadow Realm?"

"Damn right, I don't!" Seto glared at Seth, rising so that he wouldn't look so damn short in comparison. "That's not magic! That's just…err…" Seto thought for a moment. "…I guess, a sign that I really need to catch some more sleep and work less."

A groan escaped everyone's lips, and everyone simultaneously rolled their eyes. (minus Seto, who naturally thought his explanation was fool-proof.)

Seth was very close to start a discussion about it, but quickly decided not to. Seto Kaiba was just too damn stubborn to realise he was wrong. So, instead, he went for a sneaky attack.

"Well. If you don't believe in magic, I guess you wouldn't mind if I just passed my powers on to you? I mean, it wouldn't make any difference, now would it?" Seth once more rose an eyebrow.

"…I guess I don't mind." Seto said uncertainly.

"Great!" The former High Priest said happily. "Then, get over here and we'll get started."

…for some reason, Seto felt like he had just been tricked.

Shrugging this feeling off (I mean, NO ONE could ever fool Seto Kaiba, right?) Seto walked over to Seth. Uncertainly, he shifted his feet. He had no idea what was going to happen, so he was…not nervous, just…less secure with himself.

"Seto Kaiba," Seth began, a very serious tone to his voice, and eyes staring deeply into Seto's soul. "will you accept the Powers of The Millennium Rod, and the responsibility that comes with them?"

Hesitating for a moment, Seto slowly nodded. "…yes…"

"And will you use those powers only for good, and protecting those whom you care for, and never attack an innocent?" Blue eyes glinted in a way that challenged Seto to say no.

"Yes." That question hadn't taken Seto much time to think about. Of course he would use these assumed powers to protect! If someone threatened Katsuya or Mokuba, there would be hell to pay. (now, Seto could actually say that in a literal sense.)

"Will you respect these powers given to you, and accept the limits of their use? Will you accept the punishments that will follow if you disobey these rules and limits?"

"I guess…" Seth cleared his throat, and Seto barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "Fine; yes, I will."

"Then, Seto Kaiba…" Seth put his right hand on Seto's forehead, and his left on his shoulder. "…my powers will be yours."

Bright light enveloped the two boys, and blinded the other occupants of the room. Chanting in Egyptian could be heard, almost like singing. There was even slight music around them, it seemed. The glass of the windows shook at the immeasurable forces that now occupied the room, and the door slammed open and closed several times.

After about a minute of this, though it felt like hours, the light slowly started to dim, and the chanting became whispers that soon died out. The five boys outside of the ritual quickly turned their gazes to the centre of the room.

Seth stood, back completely straight and blue eyes open, panting slightly. In his arms, he held an unconscious and limp Seto Kaiba, whose hair was, (for once!) messy and hung down over his face. A faint glow was around both the teens bodies, and soon died down. In Seto's left hand, clutched tightly, was the Millennium Rod. How it came there? I will leave that to your imagination.

"Seto!" Jou cried out worriedly, and quickly ran to take him out of Seth's arms. Gently, Jou lowered Seto to the floor, and put his hand against his forehead. It was slightly warm. Worried amber eyes turned up to Seth. "Is he…"

"He'll be fine." Seth said, sounding slightly worn out and tired. "His body is right now accepting the enormous power that just have filled his body. There might be a fever for a couple of days, but it's nothing to worry about…" Suddenly, the former High Priest wobbled, and sank down on his knees to the floor. "Oh Ra, remind me never to do that again…"

"That would be quite impossible." Yami stated grimly, helping his cousin onto his feet, failing the first time, seeing that Seth's legs had lost very much of their power. "Damnit, Seth, you're lucky you're this strong; you could have ripped out you soul while you were at it!"

"I know, I know…" Seth muttered, waving of the worry of Yami. "But it's fine now…feels rather strange, though. I've…I've never been without my powers before." Testily, Seth reached out for the place where the powers once had rested within his soul.

It was completely empty. Not even a slight spark of magic. It was hard for him even to feel his ka anymore! For a second, Seth felt panic, strong and fierce, course through his body. Then he calmed himself down, but still couldn't get rd of the feeling that he had just lost a piece of his soul.

"But," Seth told himself, and smiling slightly. "it's worth it if I get to see Katsuya again…"

"Atemu. It's time." Seth stated after a few minutes of catching his breath.

Yami looked uncertain. "Are…Are you sure you're up for it, cousin? After all, being sent to the Shadow Realm isn't one of the easiest things on the soul either…"

"I'll be fine." The brunet straightened himself, and took a deep breath. Then he turned to Ryou and smiled It was time for his goodbyes as well.

"Goodbye, Bakura's most beloved one. I wish you a happy life, and I only regret we didn't get to know each other more. May Ra shine upon you for the rest of your days." With a charming smile, Seth took one of Ryou's hands and pressed a gentle kiss to it.

Ryou's face instantly turned bright red. After all, Seth's charm and good looks would have made even a log blush. And, as we all know, Ryou is much shyer than a log "Oh! U-Um…I-It was nice knowing you too, Seth…"

Before Bakura could attack Seth for touching, and kissing, his hikari, Seth turned to Yugi. "Goodbye, Atemu's most beloved one. May you and my Pharaoh always live happy, and I pray that your love will always bloom." Seth made a deep bow, touching his forehead lightly in respect.

This, of course, made Yugi distinctly nervous and shy. No one usually treated him with such respect. Sure, he was the world champion of a card game and thus earned some respct, but people never bowed to him like that!

"T-Thank you, Seth…a-and I hope you will be happy too!" Yugi stuttered, out, and blushed slightly, luckily not to the same deep shade as Ryou.

Nodding towards Yugi, Seto now turned to Honda. Who stared at him with eyes open wide. "Err…yeah, I don't know what I can say to you, Honda, but…good luck in life, I guess."

Honda didn't answer. All the stuff that just had happened had been a little too much for his puny mind to comprehend, so…yeah, he just sat on his chair and looked shocked.

Shrugging Honda's reaction off, Seto turned to Bakura. A grin spread over his face. "Well, Tomb Robber. I wish you good luck in life as well, and that Ra will shine upon you. And that Ryou will always stay by your side, even though you're a lousy idiot."

"Why, you…" Bakura hissed and glared, rising with clenched fist.

"And, I am glad to have met you again." Seth continued, a slanted smile on his face. "It was nice to know the person behind the Tomb Robber, and if the times had been different, I am sure we could have been different back in Egypt. I really, truly wish you luck in life, Bakura." The brunet bent his head in a slight bow to Bakura.

Bakura blinked several times, and then quickly looked away with a mutter. "Whatever…baka priest…" Strangely enough, Bakura's voiced sounded choked and strained…

"Bakura," Yami said, disbelief in his voice. "are you…crying?!"

"OF COURSE NOT, BAKA PHARAOH!" Bakura yelled, sending Yami a scorching glare with eyes shining, brimmed with unshed tears. "I…I just got something in my eye, damnit!" And Bakura turned away to, as he claimed, rub the dirt out of his eyes.

Smirking slightly, Seth turned to Yami. A slightly sad looked past his face. "Atemu…I have no idea what to say to you. You have given me many joys in life, and you were one of the few good thoughts in the Shadow Realm for me. I…I just hope you will be happy for the remainder for your life." He glanced over to Yugi, and smiled. "But, I can tell you won't have any trouble there…"

Yami gave a sad smile, and nodded. "Best of luck to you too, cousin." For a moment, the two just watched each other, before embracing warmly in a brotherly embrace. They would miss each other.

After pulling away from Yami, and giving him one last smile, Seth turned to Jou.

The blonde sat on the floor, still holding Seto in his arms. Amber eyes were directed straight to Seth, and were a little red. He was biting his lower lip tightly, obviously trying to keep in a sob.

Quickly, Seth sat down next to Jou, and pulled him into his strong arms. Almost at once, Jou started to cry quietly into his shirt, arms slung around his neck.

Jou didn't know how he felt in that moment. One part of him was happy that Seth was going to meet the true love of his life, and be happy forever. He wanted Seth's best over everything else, after all. Another part of him though, never wanted to let him go. Seth was one of the nicest people he had ever met, and one of the best friends he would ever have. He really didn't want to let him leave…

But, he knew he had to, and would. After all…it was the only thing that would make Seth truly happy, which was Jou's only wish for him. Even though Jou kept telling himself this, he couldn't stop crying for a long while…

"I-I'm gonna…gonna…miss you, S-Seth!" Jou whispered into his chest, and sobbed several times when his tears had finally come to an end. Seth made soothing sounds, and stroked his tense back.

"Shh…I know, I know…I will miss you too, sweet one." Tears had started to gather in Seth's eyes as well, along with a knot in his throat. He would really, truly miss this Katsuya. A boy so alike, but still so different from his one. If Seth hadn't had Jono, then he could possibly have fallen in love with him.

Sighing deeply, Seth pulled away from Jou, who also, albeit reluctantly, pulled away too. With a smile, Seth pressed a gentle kiss to Jou's cheek, and stood again. "Good luck to you, Katsuya Jounouchi. May Ra shine upon you and your love to my reincarnation. I hope he will always treat you right."

Quickly drying his tears, Jou nodded and smiled too " Yeah, I'm sure he will. Or else, I'm gonna kick his ass!" The blonde grinned, the normal sunny grin he always had.

Seth smiled brightly, and chuckled. "My poor, poor reincarnation better behave, I guess."

Jou nodded, and then turned serious again. Slowly, he turned his gaze down to Seto in his lap, and caressed his hair lightly. "Um…I hope you will be happy, Seth."

"I am sure I will." With that, Seth took a long look at the unconscious Kaiba. "…when he wakes up, make sure to give him my warmest regards, Katsuya. And make sure he knows that I accept him as a suitable man for you. You both have my blessing."

Jou snickered, and nodded. He was sure that Seto couldn't care less about if Seth 'accepted him', or his blessing, but it probably still would mean something to the brunet. After all…the two brunets hadn't only been angry with each other.

Slowly, after giving everyone in the room one last look-over, Seth turned to Yami. He swallowed deeply, and fell to his knees in front of him.

"I am ready, Atemu. Send me to The Realm of Illusion." Seth bowed his head, showing submission to his fate.

A hint of hesitation could be seen on Yami's face for a scratch of a second, but he soon composed himself. "Brace yourself then." With that, Yami started chanting in Ancient Egyptian, holding out his hands in front of himself, palms towards the kneeling man in front of him. First, nothing seemed to happen. But then…

Soft light started to glow around both Yami's hands and Seth. It wasn't anything dramatic, like some huge light show or fireworks. It was just a calm, serene light. Seth, in fact, smiled faintly at it and embraced it fully.

Then, slowly but surely, Seth started to fade. He was starting to grow transparent, and the colours o him started to dim. The only thing that kept it's original colour were his eyes; they were as blue as always. A smile lingered on his face, and slowly he closed his eyes.

In the same second his body disappeared entirely from view, a low whisper was carried through the room.

"Thank you…all of you…thank you for this second chance."

Then the world went silent.

Everyone stared at the place Seth once had been. This was one of those moments that everyone searches their hearts, and tries to find out what they indeed felt about the whole ordeal. So everyone gets a chance to show how much they have grown over the whole story, so it wouldn't be pointless.

But, seeing that I am one lazy authoress, and I want to get the story going, this is not going to happen.

"Sooo…" Bakura grinned brightly. "Who is up for some pizza?!"

A long silence followed his statement.

"…I'm in." Honda stated.

"Sure." Ryou said, shrugging.

"Yeah, me too. I'm starving!" Jou stated firmly, lifting up Seto onto his back. (yup, no one cars if your sick/unconscious from getting Shadow Powers when there's pizza around!)

"Not too much cheese on mine, though. I'm on a diet…" Yami said carefully.

"Of course not, Yami. Lets go then!" Yugi said happily.

So, the gang headed out the door of the Kame Game Shop, no more problems in their world. Well, except what they wanted on their pizzas. (which is a very hard and difficult thing to choose!)

But, Yami lingered a second in the door of the shop. A thoughtful look was on his face, and he stared out into the distance.

"I can't help but to feel that we have forgotten something…" Yami muttered, thinking for a long moment. Then he shrugged. It was probably nothing. If it had been important, he would surely have remembered it, right? So, Yami happily ran after the gang, thinking about the delicious Hawaii pizza he would have in a few minutes.

Somewhere, deep inside the Shadow Realm…

"Guys?" Anzu looked around herself in the deep darkness. Everywhere she looked there was…well, darkness. What do you expect; it's the Shadow Realm, not some carnival!

For a moment, Anzu actually felt disheartened. Had she been abandoned by her friends? Had they forgotten all about her? Would the Germans ever stop loving David Hasselhoff?

"Naah!" Anzu said, and waved her hand a little in a dismissing manner. "They would never forget about me! I am their friend, and our ties of friendship will always remain strong and friendly! There is no way such awesome friends could forget about an awesome friend like me! Friendship will prevail! They, my friendly friends, will soon find me at this unfriendly place, and-"

A large Man-eater Bug crawled out of a hole next to Anzu, bent down and ate her, finally giving a good reason for it's creepy name.

Somewhere, very far away, you could distantly hear the cheering of one, rabid, blonde, short in a tall way, puppyshipping fangirl.

In The Realm of Illusions…

A slight rip could be seen for a second in the darkness, revealing light for a second, before it closed. In it's place stood a brunet, his body still shivering in the aftermath of being sent through realms, which was quite a breathtaking event.

Seth opened his eyes, looked around himself, and sighed when only darkness met his gaze.

Here he was, in the middle of the Shadow Realm, looking for the one true love of his life…could he get even more cliché?

Probably. But that's not the point of this story…

Seth closed his eyes, and started to scan the area around him for any sign of his beloved's aura. Every soul had it's specific aura that could be defined without the use of magic, and Seth had memorized Jono's a long, long time ago. And he would never forget it. Ever.

A very faint trace of Katsuya's aura stroked like a gentle hand against his mind, and Seth turned that way. Opening his eyes, he started to walk in the direction of the faint traces. The further he walked, the stronger the traces got. Soon, it felt like he could smell Jono's aura in the air; a faint whiff of honey; sweet, but also warm.

It was then, Seth saw something odd.

Suddenly, in the middle of the darkness, a high, there was a white stone-wall. It spread about twenty feet to the sides, and then disappeared in the many shadows around him. On the middle of the wall, there was a high door, decorated with gold and silver carvings. It was slightly ajar.

Curious, and due to the fact that he felt Jono's aura through the door, Seth walked closer, and opened the door a little bit more, so he could see what was behind hit. What he saw made his jaw slack, and his eyes widen slightly.

It was a garden. A wonderful, blooming garden, apparently in the middle of summer. Many flowers caused a drowsy scent through his nose, and made him sigh in bliss. Warmth hit Seth in waves, warmth that he hadn't felt in a long time and instantly loved. Bright sunlight stung his eyes making him squint slightly at the sudden light. Soft chirping from birds could be heard too, almost not there.

Slowly, Seth pushed the door opened fully, so he could enter the garden, and closed it behind him silently. It was…beautiful. And very familiar. Too familiar, even.

Seth started at the very familiar sight of the palace garden from Egypt. It was a perfect copy of it; the same exotic flowers, the same heat and the same little ponds with chirping birds playing in them.

When Seth looked down on himself, he noticed that his clothes had changed as well. He was now wearing one of the expensive purple and blue silk robes that he used to wear back in Ancient Egypt, created through his memory of it. It caressed his skin softly, making it all seem so very real again. Everything seemed so familiar and normal to him.

But…it still wasn't the same…

When Seth started to walk down the small set of stairs leading down into the garden, he noticed that he couldn't hear anything from his feet. Normally, there would be a small, thumping sound. But now…apart from the chirping of the birds, and gentle sound of playing water in the pools, there was only silence. And when he walked on the grass, it was the same thing; no sound, just silence.

That meant…that this was only an illusion. A mere mirage of the real thing.

"It must be Katsuya who's causing this…" Seth mumbled to himself, giving a sad smile. In the Realm of Illusion, one could shape the shadows around oneself into whatever place they were thinking of, or longing for, the most…

Suddenly, finding Katsuya seemed even more important to Seth than before.

But where could he be? The palace garden was huge, and Jono could be anywhere…

"But," Seth thought to himself, turning right in the huge labyrinth of hedges and flowers, "I know that Katsuya had a favourite place around here…that pond with the birds from Nubia!" With that though, Seth turned yet another corner, past another small pond…and then he stopped in the entrance of a small clearing.

There, in front of a rather large pond, sat Katsuya. He was dressed in a green tunic, leaving one of his shoulders bare, and put his long legs on show. His face was turned away from Seth, and was watching the many birds play in the water.

One slender, tanned hand was gracing the surface of the water, spreading several rings from his fingers, but not bothering the birds in the pond at all.

Seth felt his heart make a weird backward-flip at the sight. It had been so long…5000 long years of despair and longing…and now, there he was; Katsuya. Only a few feet from him.

Now, if Seth only could get his voice to start working again…

"Kat…" Seth had to clear his voice, which had become very husky all of a sudden. "Katsuya!"

The blonde figure on the ground flinched, and quickly turned his head around.

Seth was overcome by Katsuya's beauty, once again. The blonde hair that curled so cutely around his tanned and smooth face and brushed those tanned shoulders…those deep, amber eyes that always showed of so much emotion, and warmth…and that lean and soft body that he knew willingly would share so much warmth on the chilly desert nights.

How he had missed him.

"S-Seth?" Jono whispered, voice breaking slightly at that one name. He stared at Seth for a full minute, unblinking. His golden eyes went from sad, to hopeful, and then…tears started to fill them. A low sob erupted from his throat, and he slowly shook his head.

"No…this can't be real…how can the Shadow Realm be so cruel? I thought that it…after such long time would be merciful…" Katsuya turned away from Seth, biting his lip and bowing his head in defeat.

After so many years in the Shadow Realm, without hope of ever seeing Seth ever again, Katsuya had started to succumb to his fate. He would never see his beloved again, and live in this middle world forever, in between of heaven and hell.

After all, what else did a slave like him deserve?

Seth felt very helpless in that moment, and a sudden chill gripped his heart. "Katsuya…"

"Why haven't you gone away yet…?" Katsuya whispered softly, looking up once more. His eyes were filled with tears, that slowly escaped the boarders of his eyes, and immeasurable pain was seen in their depths. "Does this realm really wish to torture me this much?"

Seth felt his heart break at the sight of his beloved's sadness. A desperate urge to sooth his pain suddenly filled him, and made him almost unable to breath.

With three quick steps, Seth was by Katsuya's side. He kneeled next to him, taking his hands (which were slightly cold and shivery, Seth noted grimly), into his own and held them tightly. Gently, he rose them to his face, and kissed them.

"My sun, my moon, the stars in my sky…don't cry, you know I hate it when you do…every tear is like a stab through my heart with a poisoned dagger…" With gentle care, Seth leaned closer to Jono, and placed a gentle kiss under his both of his eyes. "…so please, don't cry."

A shiver travelled through Katsuya's body at the physical and verbal show of affection. For a second, a pale blush spread across his cheeks, in a way that Seth remembered with joy. But then, it all disappeared, and another sob shook Katsuya's body.

"S-Stop…stop giving me these false hopes, please!" He cried, shaking violently. Suddenly, he was desperately trying to pull his hands free, and escape Seth. His heart was hurting so bad, at all the lost memories that was flooding in on him…the impossible dream of ever meeting Seth again…

Memories of a smiling Seth, a warm Seth that held him through every trouble that came in his path and kissed away all fears. A loving Seth that would whisper endearments, even in front of high-class men that disapproved. How Seth would happily point out a constellation and tell him its name and story with such passion. And that warmth, by Ra, that warmth and love that Seth always had shown him…

It all stung Katsuya's heart, knowing that he could never have it back. Seth was gone, far gone, and beyond his reach. The appearance of this illusion only made it hurt even more, mocking him and tormenting him endlessly.

Why couldn't it go away?

"L-Let go of me!" Jono screamed once more, desperately trying to pull his hands away. Tears fell down his cheeks in streams, and his eyes spoke of unspeakable pain.

Seth once more felt his heart break. His beloved Katsuya was hurting so bad…just because of him. "Well," Seth reasoned. "Then it's up to me to make him happy again and sooth his pain."

Gently, as if he was dealing with a fragile lotus, Seth wrapped his arms around Jono's shaking body. It wasn't an easy task, seeing that Katsuya was trying his hardest to escape him, sobbing and crying for him to let go of him. When he finally had his arms wrapped around Katsuya, he nuzzled the other's neck.

"Do you remember the promise I gave you?" Seth whispered gently, feeling the other boy shiver at the warm breath he was spreading across his neck.

"What promise?" Jono whispered back, voice weak and on the verge of breaking. His heart and body had no strength left to fight against the evil powers that seemed to surround him, so he now succumbed to the warm and somewhat soothing fathom of the demon. (It had to be a demon, Jono reasoned, because it could not be Seth, his beloved master.)

"The one about Nubia." Seth pulled back a little so he could lean his forehead against Jono's, and look him in the eye as he spoke. "That I would take you back there someday."

A small glint of surprise travelled through Katsuya's eyes at the hushed words. The promise about Nubia…how could a demon know of that? Only he and Seth knew of that promise, and Jono had never let the shadows read it in his mind. He was sure of that; he guarded such treasured memories closely.

"I…" Jono felt his throat scream in protest of speaking. It was too constricted with tears. Instead, he nodded slightly, and swallowed deeply.

Seth kissed Katsuya's nose, and chuckled lightly at the way it curled up at the sudden touch. "I'm sorry I never got to keep it, that I will never be able to take you there. And I'm sorry for every other promise I will never be able to keep…and the ones I have broken this far. Like the one that you would never be alone again…" A sad smile touched Seth's lips. "…that I gave to you the first time you sang in my chambers, my beautiful love. But, I promise you now…you will never be lonely like the man in the song."

A strange look of recognition flashed through Jono's eyes at the mentioning of the song. Then, the amber eyes filled with tears.

"A song of lonely hearts…" He whispered, voice almost cracking with the strong emotions that were welling up within him. "A tale of broken dreams…the day I lost my heart, along with my destiny…"

Seth recognized the lyrics of the song immediately. The song of a lonely man, a man who had lost everything. The song Katsuya sang to him, so long ago.

Smiling ever so slightly, Seth continued the song, in slightly accented Nubian. "I still dream of thee, in the darkest nights. I still hold on for thee, even while I'm dying inside."

Happiness was starting to show in Katsuya's deep, golden eyes as he smiled. Tears were running down his face, but he couldn't care less. He was starting to understand, that wonderful truth…

"Blooded nights…" Jono sang, voice holding a slight tremble.

"Faded scars…" Seth continued, still holding the same smile, now wider at seeing a sweet smile on Katsuya's face as well.

"A broken promise…" They chorused, their eyes locked tightly.

"I will never forget you." Jono's voice was weak, and faded slowly with that line.

"For the rest of my darkened life." Seth muttered quietly.

Now, the song was much longer, continuing with lyrics about more heartache, undying love, pain and moonlit nights, but no more singing was heard. Jono had heard enough. He now understood…

With a choked cry, Katsuya flung his arms around Seth's neck, and buried his face in the other man's chest. Tears of happiness flooded down his cheeks, and sobs of the same emotion raged through his body.

…Seth was with him.

He wasn't lost, or out of his reach anymore.

Seth was with him.

"Y…You…uhnn…" Katsuya sobbed harshly against his chest, only slightly soothed by the gentle caresses on his back.

"It's alright, my love. No more tears for me, I hate it when you cry…" Seth had no idea how to sooth Jono's pain. What words would make him smile? What words could possibly make him stop crying?! For the second time in his life, Seth found himself completely helpless.

"Don't…don't you ever leave me again, master!" It was yelled against Seth's chest, along with fists softly, but desperately, pounding on his back. "I-If you do, I won't…I won't…survive another time alone!" Desperate cries escaped Katsuya's mouth, deep from his heart. It couldn't take another heartbreak; it was still suffering from the current one.

Smiling softly, Seth pulled Jono away from his chest so he could look him deeply in the eye. He raised both his hands to put them on Katsuya's tearstained cheeks, and used his thumbs to brush the tears away from his eyes. Then he leaned down to press a gentle kiss under each eye; his special way of showing his love to his blonde angel.

"I won't. I promise, that I will never leave you again." He whispered against the soft skin of Katsuya's nose, thoroughly enjoying the pale blush spreading across the other's cheekbones. "As long as you stop crying, right now…"

Quickly, almost scared like, Katsuya swallowed a sob, and blinked away the last tears from his golden eyes. "Yes, master. I will. I'm sorry for…for being so weak in front of you…"

"And don't call me master." Seth muttered, caressing the beautiful boy's golden hair, and letting his fingers trace through it. "You know there's no use for the word. You are no more a slave than I. Though…then again…" A small smile spread across Seth's face. "I've always been a slave to your beauty."

A very deep blush settled in on Jono's cheeks, and he bowed his head. "Y-Yes, m…Seth. I- I won't call you master again."

"Good." Silence settled in between them, only broken by the soft chirps of the birds around them. After a while, Seth let his gaze fall upon the wonderful creature in his arms.

Katsuya was snuggled into Seth's chest, eyes blissfully closed. The blonde hair fell across his cheekbones, and shaded his face, even while Seth did his best to stroke it away from the other's face to see it more clearly. The blonde's body was completely relaxed. Soft sounds of his breathing made him seem even more serene.

Such an angel, Katsuya was. Seth almost felt like he was tainting the boy, by merely breathing the same air as he. Such undying beauty. A beauty that Seth knew, if they had lived long enough, wouldn't even have been destroyed by old age. Katsuya would always be beautiful.

"…I missed you." Seth whispered, tightening his arms around Katsuya's body, to pull him closer to his chest. Only to make sure that the boy was still there. The words spoke of so many feelings, that one could not even make out one.

"I missed you too." Jono said softly back, his hands tracing over Seth's stomach in gentle caresses. Honesty shone through his words, pure as new fallen snow. He opened his amber eyes a crack to gaze at his lover.

Seth gave him a gentle smile, and kept caressing the other's hair.

The gentle caresses, only meant to show affection, soon turned into more bold movements, that showed of both lust and desire, instantly warming them up. Seth wanted to touch Katsuya everywhere; so badly wanted to give the other his love, and Katsuya shared similar cravings.

Gently, more gently than ever before, Seth tilted Katsuya's head up to himself, and gave him a kiss. It was only closed mouthed, but still gave away so much love and passion that it took Katsuya's breath away and left him shivering. Shyly, the boy kissed back. It had been so long, too long, since the last time their lips met in this way.

It didn't take long for the kiss to become more than a gentle brushing of lips, and Seth's tongue invaded the other's mouth, meeting only slight resistance. A soft, happy sigh escaped between Katsuya's, now parted, lips as he kissed back.

While his hands wandered under Jono's tunic to lift it up and over his head, Seth could only marvel over how beautiful the other was. The way Katsuya moved, and sounded in the moment he touched him…it was all just beauty incarnated.

Warm skin on skin, and a gentle, begging moan escaped Jono as Seth started kissing his neck, and collarbone, seemingly trying to get every little taste of him on his tongue. Hands wandered curiously, mapping and remembering, and made the blond blush furiously. He had almost forgotten what this felt like…

Seth lifted his mouth from Katsuya's skin for a moment, and licked his lips. Such a sweet taste Katsuya had. A sweet taste that always seemed to linger, no matter what he did. It wasn't enough; would never be enough. Not in this eternity or the next.

Groaning with need, Seth stared to kiss Katsuya's neck, kissing, licking and marking his way down his chest and stomach, trying to devour him whole. And Katsuya didn't seem to mind, seeing the way he was gasping and moaning in bliss, while his soft hands were tracing the muscles of Seth's back. A low, keening whimper of the Priest's name left his mouth when Seth bit one of his nipples, and Jono blushed deeply when the other sucked it soothingly.

"Seth…" A low, breathless whisper escaped between Katsuya's kiss swollen lips, and his whole body quivered with barely contained lust, and Seth paused in his ministrations.

Blue eyes drifted upwards, and met clouded honey ones. Then they travelled along his face; smooth, tanned skin, a thin nose, long black eyelashes that graced soft, blushing cheeks, and finally stopped at those deliciously swollen lips…

A smile slipped onto Seth lips for a second when he watched the beautiful boy in front of him, before he put his hands on Jono's shoulders, and pushed him gently down onto his back, and onto the clothes previously shed. Then he leaned down to recapture the other one's sweet lips.

"Lets stay like this…" Seth thought to himself, while kissing Katsuya passionately. "Lets stay like this forever, you and I."

Until the end of time.

The End

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