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Authors' Note- Here it is, the fourth installment to the Ultimates Saga!

Chapter 1

Rouge sighed a little as she hung face first from the ceiling of the Station Square Museum with a large white diamond in hand. Somehow, the jewel could not give her the rush of adrenaline that she always received while on a hunt.

Maybe it was because Shadow had left soon after Eclipse's defeat to try to "find his true place in the world". Rouge closed her eyes as an image of the dark hedgehog came to her mind. She had admitted it to herself and her closest friends long ago. She was in love with Shadow. When it happened, she didn't know.

It might have been during the adventures she had with him and Omega fighting Metal Sonic. Shadow had lost all his memories and was totally helpless and dependant on Rouge. Whenever he had a problem, he would come to her like a small child and seek comfort, and that was what triggered the small amount of affection between them that grew into a giant flame of love.

During the Emerl incident, Shadow still hadn't recovered his memory and was once again totally dependant on her. She blushed at the thought of dragging him inside her club, calling him a prince, and complimenting on his physical appearance.

During the Black Arms invasion, Rouge had only met up with Shadow twice. Even in their small moments of conversation, Rouge' heart leaped at the hedgehog's voice. Her first encounter during the invasion with him was when she was suppose to retrieve a Chaos Emerald out of the Digital Circuit for G.U.N. Surprisingly, she had met the dark hedgehog there. Although something about him was different. Perhaps it was the small hint of evil in his eyes whenever he talked to that monster, Black Doom.

But in the end, Shadow came through once again and saved the entire world from total destruction by taking on the universe's ultimate evil, Devil Doom. Through the whole battle, Rouge shouted her words of encouragement to the hedgehog along with everyone else. She was worried about him after the destruction of the Black Comet, but like Amy said, "After all, he is Shadow!"

Everyone else left as well. Sonic and Tails went back to the Mystic Ruins, Amy and Cream went to Station Square, and amber and Knuckles went back to Angel Island.

Rouge let out a small laugh at the thought of the red echidna. She remembered her first encounter with him, trying to steal the Master Emerald. She had to admit, she had developed a small liking to him in the beginning. But that all changed when she first laid eyes upon the ultimate life form.

His dark muscular body, his blood red eyes, and his tremendous power. Rouge blushed slightly at the thought but shook it out of her head as she dropped back to the ground. Swiftly, the bat maneuvered to a small window and smashed it open with a small touch of her hand. In the past few days, Rouge's strength had greatly increased.

She didn't know why she had it or where this strength came from but she also knew that she had shown no signs of wrinkles or any other signs of aging since the battle with the malicious silver and white hedgehog. She hardly required any make-up anymore.

Rouge stepped back a little and dove through the now present opening, disappearing with the white diamond in hand, into the night.

G.U.N. Base Alpha

The black haired, blue-eyed Commander of G.U.N. impatiently tapped his finger on his desk as his other hand rested above his chin. Since the final battle of the ultimate life forms was over, he had wanted to claim the victor as his own. The third and final project of Doctor Gerald Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog.

But for the past week, Shadow had eluded every and any kind of capture, even baffling his elites. The Commander smashed his fists on his desk out of aggravation, cracking the fine wood oak a little.

The metallic door slid open to reveal a man dressed in a black G.U.N. elite uniform. The soldier saluted as the Commander waved his hand to clear him. "Any news on Project Shadow yet?" The Commander asked impatiently.

The elite unwillingly shook his head. "No sir, we haven't yet found a single trace of him…"

The Commander lost his temper. "HOW HARD IS IT TO FIND ONE LITTLE HEDGEHOG?"

The elite flinched slightly but continued. "I may have found a source that we can use to find him sir!"

The Commander gave him a questionable look. "How?"

The elite took a small photograph from his pocket and tossed it at the Commander who caught it with the swipe of his right hand. Slowly, the Commander raised the photo to see a beautiful young bat woman.

The Commander raised an eyebrow and looked at the elite, who spoke. "She may not seem like much sir, but she was the one who retrieved the information on Project Shadow for the president during the Ark incident. Our observations have shown that she has developed a relationship with this creature."

The Commander smirked. "Oh really?"

Mystic Ruins

Sonic lazily lounged under the large palm tree by Tails' runway watching the stars while the small two tailed fox was working on another one of his inventions. The blue hedgehog sighed slightly. Ever since beating Eclipse and Shadow's disappearance, there had been nothing to do.

Robotnik was still quiet as ever and it didn't seem Metal Sonic was causing any trouble either. The sea blue hedgehog sighed slightly. What he wouldn't give for an adventure right now. Even though he knew it would probably never be the same since Knuckles now lived with Amber on Angel Island. It looks like the adventuring days of the famous Sonic Team was coming to an end.

If he only knew how wrong he was…

Angel Island

Knuckles yawned slightly as he rolled his powerful body to the left a little in the large bed he had built. Immediately, the echidna felt the warmth of someone else's fur rubbing against his own as he opened his eyes slightly to look at the resting Amber.

She was so beautiful…

Knuckles smiled slightly as he put his arm around the golden hedgehog. Since she decided to live with him, he thought it best to build a home, and with a little help from Sonic and the others, succeeded.

It was a large brick house surrounded by lush green plants and flowers with two bedrooms, tow bathrooms, a kitchen with food besides fruit, and a living room with a plasma TV courtesy of Rouge.

He had to admit though, ever since fighting Eclipse, not much has happened lately. Amber stirred slightly and nuzzled herself into his chest. Knuckles smiled again.

Not that he was complaining.

Unknown Location

A dark figure wearing a black clock swiftly weaved in between trees and bushes. The early morning sun shone on the back of the figure's cloak as it fluttered behind the mysterious creature. Though the morning sun could not completely reveal the creature, it did show a hint of white and red.

Leaves were crushed and tossed to the side under the pressure of the mysterious one's shoes that levitated him slightly above the ground. Through all the lush green it went until it made its way to a small clearing. The dark figure lifted its hood to reveal itself as none other than the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog.

He had proven his worth as the true ultimate life form against Eclipse and was now trying to find his one true place in the world. Somewhere, there was a place for him, a home. Little did he know he already found it, he just wasn't aware of it…yet.

Sweat dripped down his forehead as he sat down slightly, with his right arm resting on his right knee. Digging in his cloak, the black and red hedgehog pulled out the green Chaos Emerald.

He had picked it up after leaving Rouge's mansion after the battle with Eclipse. Shadow looked at the emerald's perfect, flawless texture and its beautiful radiant power. "Just like Rouge…" Shadow said unconsciously.

The dark hedgehog's eyes widened. Did those words just come from his mouth? Shadow shook it out of his head as his train of thought moved onto another problem. Eclipse. Even dead, his brother's words haunted him. "You had better be in a secluded area…"

That phrase haunted the dark one day and night. What did he mean? Another emotional outbreak like that was quite possible, but what would happen? He would transform into his Mega form. Right?

Shadow got up off the floor slightly and held the emerald high above his head. Sure, he could activate his Chaos powers without an emerald but something told him that he should conserve his strength and accounting his previous adventures, he found it best to trust his instincts.

"Chaos Control." Shadow whispered, and in a flash of light, he was gone with Eclipse's final words still haunting his mind. 'I have to find out what that means!'

Little did he know, he would soon enough.

G.U.N. Base Alpha

Red sirens flared as a loud beeping sound echoed through the halls of the large undergrounds base. The Commander eagerly ran down the hall and into the main control room, where and officer saluted him. "Sir, we detected an energy reading. From what our sensors can tell us, it was Chaos Control!"

The Commander's eyes widened. "Project Shadow?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yes Sir!" The officer responded.

The Commander laughed. "Halt all assault plans on Agent Rouge. I want you to send all available men to the location where the power reading turns up again!"

The officer saluted him. "Yes sir!"


Almost immediately, every healthy soldier in the facility readied themselves. Engines of assault mechs burst to life, airways for the A.A. helicopters opened, and a wide arrange of weapons were locked and loaded.

The Commander laughed again. "This time, Project Shadow, you're mine!"

The Commander moved over to the com link and spoke in it. "ALL UNITS! MOVE OUT!"

And with their leader's command, A.A. helicopters lifted out of the base, assault mechs blazed through large gateways, and trucks filled with G.U.N. ground troops drove off into the distance.