Chapter 21

The black light emitting from the giant Dark Chaos Comet almost totally enveloped Sonic as he continued to fearlessly charge against the oncoming attack. With the straining of his entire body, a large red flame of energy surrounded him as he continued to draw closer and closer to the attack.

Shadow, who was watching the whole event unfold, laughed. "He is more foolish than I though if he thinks he can stop that attack. The Dark Chaos Comet has the same amount of power as the Chaos Comet and not even Eclipse was able to stand up to that."

Maybe he was wrong after all; maybe this hedgehog was not brave, only foolish.

Meanwhile, Sonic continued his desperate charge towards the Comet. His body tensed up as the light of the attack almost completely enveloped him.

Then, with a loud crash and burst of light, Sonic and the attack impacted, fusing red and black together in a somewhat beautiful display of color, making the attack seem less harmless that it really was.

Sonic's arms were stretched in front of him, with his hands pressed against the side of the Comet, his red aura of flame red energy flaring. His arms grew in size, sheer muscles forming on them. Sonic shut his eyes as he pushed against the attack with all his might, making the energy around him flare even more.

Above, Shadow's eyes widened slightly as the Dark Chaos Comet actually stopped. Unbelievable, that was his strongest attack! Shadow growled as a dark flame of energy surrounded him as he disappeared in a flash of black light.

Meanwhile, Sonic continued to push against the Dark Comet with all his might. Sweat already matted all the red fur on his body to his skin, exposing the straining muscles of the hedgehog. His face contorted unnaturally from the force of the attack. He was beginning to weaken.

Suddenly, Shadow appeared before him in a flash of light, wearing a mask of rage. "Who do you think you are hedgehog?"

Sonic didn't respond as he tried to ignore the Chaos hedgehog and focus on the Comet. Shadow continued as he raised a finger and pointed it at Sonic. "You will not save this planet; it will be lost in the darkness of space for all time!"

Through grit teeth, Sonic managed to respond. "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Shadow's face contorted in rage even more than it did before as he gathered a black ball of energy in his hand. With an angry growl, Shadow shot the attack straight at Sonic, who did not have the option to dodge or even block and was hit head on.

A large cloud of smoke rose from Sonic's body as Shadow gathered two more orbs in his hand. The smoke cleared to reveal Sonic, still very much alive and still holding back the Dark Chaos Comet.

With a maniacal laugh, Shadow began launching multiple black energy blasts from his hand and towards Sonic, who was hit by each one. Shadow smirked as he stopped the assault and examined the damaged hedgehog before him. Multiple burn and blood marks dotted across his body, yet he was still holding the attack at bay!

Shadow growled again and put his two arms behind him, gathering a large black orb of energy on his shoulders. He swiftly and gracefully removed that attack from his shoulders and held it and a throwing position, aiming it straight at Sonic.

The dark hedgehog was about to launch the attack when a pink and white figure rammed into him, causing him to fall back and the energy rob to disappear. Shadow growled out of aggravation and looked towards the attacker, who revealed himself to be Hyper Knuckles.

Shadow smiled darkly. "Are you looking for a death wish, echidna?"

Knuckles smiled cockily in return. "Not quite, but I am here to beat the evil right outta you!"

Shadow chuckled slightly. "Is that so, well then, we'll have to see about that!"

In a flash, Shadow was before Knuckles and launched his right fist at him. Knuckles was prepared however, and managed to block the attack. Throwing Shadow's fist off himself, Knuckles reeled back his own spiked fist and dug it deep into Shadow's stomach.

Shadow's eyes widened out of pain as Knuckles reeled back and shot a Thunder Arrow directly at Shadow's chest, hitting him dead on. A smoke cloud rose from the spot that the attack made impact with as Shadow flew back from the force of the attack.

'Damn,' the dark hedgehog thought as he recovered from the attack. 'The fight must have taken more out of me than I thought.'

"Chaos Control!" Shadow growled as he disappeared in a flash of black light.

Knuckles looked around; trying to see where the hedgehog would warp to but his search was cut short when an invisible force hit him directly in the stomach. Knuckles reeled over in pain as another blow was delivered to his head, sending him flying back.

"He must still be in Chaos Control." Knuckles muttered to himself as he recovered from the attack. His eyes once again searched the area as he covered his body with his arms, holding them in an "X" formation across his chest.

Suddenly, another vicious blow was delivered to the echidna's back, making him scream out of pain and drop his guard. Knuckles barely managed to look up when Shadow came out of Chaos Control, reeled back his right fist, and punched the warrior square in the chest.

Blood flew out of Knuckles' mouth as he was sent flying down towards the ground in a burst of air. His body collided with the wet and slippery boulders in aloud crash a he laid on the ground completely motionless, his fur back to its usual red.

"That takes care of him." Shadow muttered before turning back to Sonic, ho had actually managed to push the Dark Chaos Comet back at least twenty feet!

Shadow growled as he charged for the red Ultra hedgehog again. With a loud crash, Shadow rammed his elbow right into Sonic's face. Sonic's blue orbs of sight shrank until they were nearly microscopic. In a burst of air, the red hedgehog was sent spiraling downward, impacting with the cold and wet ground.

Shadow smirked as the Dark Chaos Comet started moving again. However, it was going way slower than it was before. Shadow growled as he dashed up until he was above the giant Comet attack.

Reeling back his right hand, the Chaos hedgehog gathered a large black orb of energy within his palm. "Dark Chaos Spear!" Shadow bellowed as he sent the attack into the Chaos Comet, casing it to accelerate greatly and once again be on its way on the collision course with the planet.

Lighting struck in the back as thunder boomed across the skies, illuminating the almost insane face of Shadow. "Yes, it's over!" He shouted.

Meanwhile, Sonic pushed himself back off the ground, his Ultra form blinking back to golden as he downgraded to his Super form. He looked at the approaching Dark Chaos Comet with wide fear-filled eyes.

"No…" He muttered quietly, making his voice barely audible. "I…can't….stop that." He finished dropping to his knees. "That's too much!"

Sonic's golden fur changed back to blue as his quills drooped down from the current onslaught of rain.

Suddenly, a winged figure sped through the horizon and past the Dark Chaos Comet, heading for where Shadow was located. Sonic's eyes widened even more.



"I should get going." Shadow muttered to himself, watching the Dark Chaos Comet drew closer and closer to the crust of the Earth. The dark hedgehog smirked and raised his hand, a dark light emitting from it.


Shadow lowered his hand as a familiar female voice called out his name. The hedgehog spun around to see the white female bat flapping her wings furiously in the stormy sky before him.

"What do you want?" Shadow asked harshly.

"For all of this to come to an end." Rouge pleaded.

Shadow smiled darkly. "Why should it come to an end? It's unfolding so nicely."

"Please Shadow," She said desperately, moving her body closer to him. "Stop all of this!"

Kill her…

Shadow's ebony eyes widened slightly at that command from his conscience.

Kill her now!

Shadow shook his head. "No, I won't kill her."


She will only cause more heartache…

History will repeat itself…

"I won't let that happen." Shadow muttered.

Rouge did not hear the hedgehog over the loud storm and continued to plead with him. "Shadow please, come back to your senses!"

Shadow grabbed his head, torn inside between the two opposing voices.

Kill her…

"Shadow please!"

Destroy her…

"Stop all of this!"

She will cause you more pain…

"We all care for you!"

They mean nothing to you…

"You mean everything to us!"

You will kill them all…

"Help us!"

Kill them all!

"I beg of you!"

Shadow's eyes widened.


"Shadow, I beg of you!"

The dark hedgehog's angry gaze switched from the soldiers and to Maria, where his face immediately became softer.

Maria continued. "For all the people on that planet!"

Maria's arms tensed up as she pulled the lever and a large glass tube fell over Shadow. The dark hedgehog's eyes widened in shock as he pounded on them. "Maria!" He shouted.

"That's it girl!" The same soldier from before shouted as he pulled out a small handgun.

Time seemed to freeze for Shadow as a single bullet was fired from the gun. Maria didn't even have time to scream as the bullet pierced her fragile chest.

Time sped up again as Maria fell to the ground with a heavy thud. Shadow's eyes widened in anger and frustration.


End Flashback

Shadow's eyes suddenly widened in pain as he threw his entire body back. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

A bright white light shot forth from his chest and totally enveloped the hedgehog, causing the on-looking Rouge to cover her face to protect it from the harshness of the light.

The storm above seemed to calm down as the rain suddenly stopped and the sky cleared, revealing the bright yellow sun. Rogue lowered her soaked glove and looked back towards the position of Shadow.

And what she saw there left her in awe…

There, floating not five feet from her was Shadow. But his fur was not black, it was now a shinny white and his eyes also lost the unnatural ebony color, being replaced by a sparkling gold.

Rouge's mouth gaped wide open in complete astonishment as Shadow looked at her, and smiled warmly.

'I knew he'd come back.' Rouge thought to herself.

Before she had a chance to speak though, the hedgehog in front of her disappeared in a flash of light.

With Sonic

The now azure hedgehog managed to stand back up and stare directly into the depth of the Dark Chaos Comet.

"I can't believe it's all going to end." He mumbled almost silently. "Now I'll never tell Amy about how I really feel."

His head hung low in shame at the thought of failing the entire world. Sonic's head shot back up when suddenly, a bright white light illuminated the area. There, standing in front of him with his back facing him, was a snowy white hedgehog.

"It can't be!" Sonic said, completely surprised.

The hedgehog turned his head slightly to look at Sonic as the hero immediately recognized him. "Shadow?"

The white hedgehog nodded slightly before turning back towards the oncoming attack. The contrast between the illuminating light of Shadow's fur and the black darkness of the Dark Chaos Comet seemed to resemble every battle ever taken place between darkness and light, between good and evil. And it looked like good would once again prevail.

Shadow tightened his fists up; causing energy sparks to dace around them. The attack drew nearer and nearer and Sonic started becoming worried slightly…but looking at Shadow's calm features made him change his mind about speaking up.

Shadow's golden eyes darted to the left slightly to see a white bat land beside him.

"Rouge?" Sonic exclaimed, also surprised by the presence of the huntress.

Rogue smiled back at the cobalt hedgehog and backed up from Shadow.

The dark hedgehog now knew the female was safe and out of harm's way, so he began charging up his attack. Putting both of his hands in front of him, Shadow strained his body.

The attack impacted with his arms, causing a massive cloud of brown smoke to rise from the ground. Shadow's hover shoes dug into the ground a she backed up slightly from the force of the Comet.

Rouge and Sonic both backed up slightly as Shadow grit his teeth. His feet dug further and further into the ground until he slid back a little, breaking and cracking the rock in his way.

Focusing all his powers, Shadow's hands, which were clasped onto the Dark Comet, began to glow a radiant white.

Through gritted teeth, Shadow managed to call forth is attack. "CHAAOOOS…CONTROL!"

The second those words passed from the hedgehog's lips, the giant Dark Chaos Comet, which was the size of over fifty football stadiums, vanished into thin air.

Rouge and Sonic's mouths were both wide open and their eyes were wide. "…" Was the only comment either could bring forth.

Shadow relaxed slightly, but he knew this wasn't over. "Chaos Control!" He shouted as he disappeared in a white flash of light.


In the vast darkness of space, the barely visible Dark Chaos Comet appeared just outside the outer atmosphere of the Earth. The attack had no where to go and since the laws of gravity still affected it, it once again engaged in a collision course with the planet.

That is, until a snowy white hedgehog appeared before it. The attack continued its inevitable charge as Shadow drew both his hands behind his back and put them together in a bowl type formation. (A/N Just think of Goku's Kamehameha.)

A bright white light began to be emitted from his closed hands as he began charging up power.

The attack drew nearer until it was mere inches away from Shadow's face.

And then, he released his attack.


The bright white beam of Chaos energy shot straight from Shadow's hands and hit the Dark Chaos comet, sending it flying back at incredible velocity.

Shadow continued his steady stream of Chaos energy as the dark orb he was pushing back headed directly for the center of the solar system, the sun.

With another desperate push, the Dark Chaos Comet impacted with the sun, creating a huge solar flare the size of the Earth. The dark orb of negative energy dwindled within the flames of the star and eventually disappeared.

Shadow lowered his hands as the beam of energy disappeared.

It was over. He had defeated yet another foe…himself..

Shadow smiled form the thought and looked back down upon the Earth.

How beautiful it was. If only Maria could be here with him now. What would he do without her? He had conquered his past entirely, so now…there was nothing left.

His mind suddenly brought forth the image of a beautiful white bat, smiling warmly at him.

Shadow smiled slightly. Maybe, it won't be that bad…


Meanwhile, Sonic and Rouge had regrouped with Amy, Knuckles, and Amber. All five of the heroes waited impatiently for the return of their dark ally.

"Are you sure he's fine now?" Knuckles asked, still a little unsure about Shadow.

"Yeah," Sonic assured. "After all, he's the one that stopped the Dark Chaos Comet."

"But isn't he also the one who launched it?" Knuckles asked, sounding rather stupid.

Amber smiled and pulled the damaged echidna into a hug. "Don't worry about it Knuckles. I'll protect you from my big bad brother."

Knuckles blushed furiously as his eyes widened. "WHAT?"

Sonic dropped to the floor and was rolling with laughter as Amy and Rouge were simply snickering to themselves.

All the festivities were interrupted however, when a bright white light illuminated the area. Everyone's attention was immediately caught as Sonic stood off the ground.

The light cleared as Shadow landed on the ground, looking at the rest of the group.

There was an uncomfortable silence in the air, one which Rouge decided to break. "Shadow?" She asked, stepping forward.

His golden eyes shifted to her momentarily before his whole body wavered, and he fell to the floor, his fur returning to its natural black and red. Everyone immediately sprang up and ran to the hedgehog's side.

Rogue turned him over so she could see his face and saw that…he was sleeping!

"Man." Sonic said in disbelief. "What a bum! First he tries to kill us, and then he takes a nap!"

Rouge smiled as she pulled the dark hedgehog onto her lap. The sun slowly began to set in the background as Shadow nuzzled himself against Rouge's stomach.

The bat smiled warmly. 'I wonder if he's dreaming.' She thought to herself.

And to answer Rouge's question, yes he was.

But this time, his dreams were peaceful.

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Everybody tries to be straight,

But things are still unchanged.

It's useless to resist,

Their effort will be wasted.

Head straight for your goal by any means,

There is a door that you've never opened,

There is a window with the view you have never seen,

Get there, no matter how long it takes.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

No-one can break you, nobody can tear you,

You live an endless life forever.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again.

And again and again and again!

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

No-one can break you, nobody can tear you,

You live an endless life forever.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again.

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

You live an endless life forever,

(Oh dark, the darkness...)


Now, wake up (up, up, up, up...)

(Oh dark, the darkness...)

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

No-one can break you, nobody can tear you,

You live an endless life forever.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

No-one can break you, nobody can tear you,

You live an endless life forever.

Oh dark, the darkness that dozes in the dusk,

Throw it all away.

You see a light wherever you go,

You have to face it again and again

By: Julian-K

Author's Note- Well, there you have it, the finale to my fourth story, An Ultimate's Wrath. I would like to thank all of my reviewers, especially the ones that stuck with me since day one. And once again, thank you Sonic-Ruler for being one of my most loyal fans. Thank you to shadrougeforever and UltrraShaddow for writing such kick-ass stories and of course, to all the rest of you! Thank You!

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An Ultimate's Legacy.

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