Return to Monster World

By Ash Kaiba

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For those of you who have read this chapter, the story is going to be longer. Most of this chapter is new, compared to the old one.


Dark gray clouds covered the blue sky of spring. A small boy rushed through the bustling people, anxious to get home before the night storms arrive. The boy too was anxious…to get to the Kaiba Manor. A golden staff was clutched in his small hands as an upside down pyramid jingled in the chain links. Cars zoomed by, ignoring the people on the sidewalk and paying attention to those on the road. His eyes glanced down at the staff. Its golden ball with two wing-like appendages rested on top. It pulsed softly as he neared his destination. Hopefully, Kaiba will understand. This belongs to him. The boy believed as he ran harder.

His chest started to ache with wear. He never ran this hard before. Maybe he could stop and rest. But, he had to split up the rare possessions he has. After all, there is a thief in his circle of friends. It was too dangerous to possess more than one out of the seven. The staff was at the top of his priority list. Especially with its brain control powers, it was asking to be taken. The wide violet irises scanned the many skyscrapers that made up Domino City. The Manor is on this road. But where is it? He screamed in frustration. He slowed down to a walk. The pain in his chest started to lighten slowly as he inhaled. He scanned the buildings and sighed in exasperation. How hard is it to find a mansion in this place? He asked himself as he leaned against a wall.

Cold concrete rebuked him. The boy jumped back to standing erect. Its smooth surface surprised him. He placed his hand on it and followed it like a curious cat. The boy's pace picked up speed; his heart pleading that the building behind the wall was the Kaiba Manor. Fancy pillar spotted the wall, signifying that a rich person lived beyond the fence. As he continued, he spotted the steel gate that barred the entrance.

"Hello," he called. His voice wavered as he waited. Kaiba must still be at work. Mokuba is usually with him, too. I hate to intrude, but I have to get this to him. He thought as he struggled to get through the gate.

"Hey, you there!"

One of his security guards! Yes, he'll do!

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked. The guard's rough voice told the boy that the guard would strike if necessary. The tinted sunglasses blocked his eyes and matched the black and white suit he had to wear. "Well, kid. Mr. Kaiba will be arriving shortly and you're blocking the gate."

"Could you take this to him? I don't care if he finds it in his room or you hand it to him. I just want him to have it." The boy answered.

"What's your name, kid?"

"Sorry. I can't say it to any one. Thanks." The boy ran back in the direction he came from. The guard stood in surprise, his mouth hanging open. He snapped to his senses and took the object up to his boss's room.

The boy looked back at the Manor again, noting how pretty it was. White paint struggled to glisten, but could not. Proud that he succeeded, the boy joined the bustling traffic. I hope Kaiba sees it.


Lightning cracked as its twin, Thunder, boomed. The lightning lit up a wooden paneled room with two figures inside. The stained oak desk stood in front of the window. The black leather swivel chair gave no hint of its burden. A raven-haired boy cowered in two powerful arms. His comfort sat still, occasionally shushing the boy and ruffling his hair. Tears rushed from the amethyst as they looked up to the sapphire. Long, narrow fingers stroke the water away.

"I'm here. And I'm not leaving you…even if you fall asleep." The rusty voice replied. It sounded warm and gentle. Unlike what the public see and hear.

"I know…sniff…I know, Seto."

Seto Kaiba allowed a faint smile cross his lips. "How about you sleep with me tonight?" (A/N: NO! KAIBA IS NOT GOING TO HURT MOKUBA!) He asked as his little brother nodded. "Then, come on, Mokuba."

Mokuba Kaiba jumped off Kaiba's lap. He stood up to his older brother's waist. Kaiba told him that he would grow more. But, Mokuba would have to wait until his thirteenth birthday. The young teen took his brother's hand and together, they walked out of the office. Kaiba opened his bedroom door and suddenly released Mokuba's hand. A gold glow reached out from the king-size bed…something that was made of gold. Mokuba stood, clueless. Kaiba recognized it from Marik's hands in Battle City. The Millennium Rod…has come to him. His little brother called out to him. Kaiba shoved the Rod into his nightstand. He sat on the edge of mahogany framed bed and next to the matching furniture that held one thing he refused to accept.

"Just get ready for bed, Mokuba. I'll join you in your room."

The boy ran to his room. The teenager stood up and yanked his black turtleneck off. He glanced at the nightstand. How did it get here? I want nothing of it. I have to get rid of it. But, how? Yugi would know… After all, he has a knack for hocus-pocus stuff. He thought as he pulled his pajamas from his dresser drawer. The light blue reminded him of the clear sky the weatherman predicted for today, in which he was wrong. Kaiba's fingers pushed the metallic blue buttons out of their prison. He pulled it on as a jacket and jerked it straight. The buttons screamed as he forcefully slipped the slots over them. Kaiba's chest continued to growl in aggravation. How brought it here? He screamed. Kaiba threw his slacks as he lost himself to his own temper. He grated his teeth as he shoved the pants over his legs. Then, his pale feet stepped into his slippers. Kaiba approached the door and glanced back. The cold eyes appeared to be satisfied as he slapped the door. The bare hall beckoned him, leading his feet to his little brother.


The little boy opened the door and pulled his big brother in. Kaiba allowed the boy to lead him to the matching bed from his room. He let Mokuba climb in and tucked him in. The teen walked around and joined the boy on the other side.

"Good night, big brother."

"Good night," Kaiba whispered back, trying to restrain any of his venom to drip off his final words for the day.

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