Return to Monster World

By Ash Kaiba

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Chapter 5: Yugi's Course of Action

Bakura closed the door behind him. Exhaustion filled his fragile body. His mind kept telling him to lie down. But, his heart was still troubled. He had to work on Mokuba's piece. But, how can I…with him still around? If only I could work on it in secret… He whined as he stepped into the living room. Soft snores echoed in the air.

A brunette lay on the ugly couch. The chest rose and fell in perfect rhythm. For a minute, Bakura jumped back. KAIBA!! SHOT! I FORGOT HE… Oh, it's only Yami, he sighed. Yami Bakura snorted and rolled over. Thankfully, he is asleep. At least I can work on Mokuba's piece. He grinned, sneaking into the game room.

The board was still up. The chest of figures was also open. Bakura went to close it, his face growing worried. Like the other pieces, 'Seto' stared up at him. I'm sorry…he apologized, closing the lid. He left the chest at the end of the table and turned to his art desk. His pale fingers pulled on the drawer labeled "Lead figures". A blank stared at him. Bakura gripped his tool and worked at the material.

Next Day…

In front of Domino High, Mokuba Kaiba met them. Concern glowed in his eyes. A small blue uniform matched theirs, except for the crest on the chest.

"Bakura…do you think my brother is okay?" He heard the boy ask.

"I'm sure he is," Téa answered promptly.

The platinum blonde remained silent, unsure if he could say "maybe." His brown eyes

"So…this where you live, Bakura?" Bakura nodded. "And where my brother is?"

Mokuba's voice displayed his grief. His eyes told them that he believed them about what happened. The platinum credited the boy with an amazing amount of courage. His hands fiddled his pockets, trying to find his key. The teen had them out upon arrival. Bakura opened the door and motioned them to put on the inside shoes. They did and followed to the room with the Monster World board. As he opened that door, light clashed with the darkness.

"Well, well…if it isn't the vessel…You should be happy now." A rusty voice addressed them. "Ah… You brought friends. Now, why wasn't this brought to my attention, Ryou?"


"I still have the right of not telling you every move I move," Bakura hissed in fury. "What have you done to Kaiba's soul?"

"For me to know and you pip squeaks to find out," Yami answered, still using Kaiba's body and voice. "Now, little Kaiba, what will you be?"

"We've already done that, Yami!!"

The sapphires glowed in disappointment. "You're no fun, Ryou. Do you expect me to allow the boy to play while I don't know his stats?"

"You'll find out when the game starts." Bakura hissed.

"Very well," Yami howled as his maniac laughter filled the room. He inhaled as a long narrow finger pointed at his light. "You know the rules, Bakura. Same scenario… This time, the story of Kaiba's downfall will be played your characters."

Bakura nodded as he accepted his piece from his dark. Then, he directed the rest of the group by placing his White Wizard piece to 'Start.' A wooden eye glanced at the midget next to him. The Mutou appeared to be his normal, hinting that the King of Games is waiting for the right time. He also witness the hatred in Yami's eyes as he produced Mokuba's figure from the chest. Stubborn to the end, he relinquished them to their player. Yugi and Mokuba added their beast tamer pieces with Téa's magician piece in the middle. Joey's warrior and Tristan magic gunman brought up the rear. Yami adjusted Kaiba's face muscles and smirked. "Now, you may begin."

The group nodded. Then, Yami added, "What will you do?"

Mokuba turned to the older teens. It was obvious the boy never played a RPG before.

"I say we go to the village," Yugi replied. "And ask if anybody has seen someone with brown hair and blue eyes. A basic concept for any role-playing."

"I'm with Yugi!" Joey yelled.

"You each take five turns to enter the village," Yami Bakura announced.

The crew took turns, asking everyone for information on Kaiba. All they learned was that Zorc had a powerful sorcerer on his side. The sorcerer was weaker than Zorc, but rumors had it that he has magic that is based on flying mythical creatures, whom have died out a long time ago. Bakura stashed that report in his mind.

"Awright! Out into the open!" Joey yelled.

"Remember, we have to roll a 31 or higher to avoid any monsters." Bakura pointed out.

"Roll," the boy asked.

"Mokuba, we roll to determine what enemy we face. The closer we get to 31, the weaker the monster is." Yugi explained as Joey gave a pair of ten sided dice a roll.

"Aw'right, a 29! Come to Joey!"

"But, are we trying to avoid them?"

"Technically, Mokuba, yes," Bakura sighed. "But, the warrior wants a little warm-up."

The boy watched the 'Joey' piece take out a goblin. Then, the triumphant grin on the blonde's face.

"Now, it is your turn, Yugi." Yami hissed.

The warrior got lucky, but that won't happen again. Zorc's servant will appear…sooner or later…

"I roll," Yugi said out loud. "Uh oh…"


"Bad news, guys. I rolled 00."

"You what?" Tristan gasped as a figure came into their view.

The piece wore silver fabric with patches of platinum armor. The same fabric formed a turban and scarf around the figure's face. Hard blue eyes glared at their tokens.

"Now, to roll the judgement roll. Since Zorc's sorcerer appeared, all characters have a chance of being afraid. That is for the dice to tell." Yami replied. "You're first, Téa." But, if one of you fail, all of you will live in Monster World…for an eternity! He smirked, fingering the Millennium Ring around Kaiba's neck. The possessed eyes looked at the dice, content. "Oh, bad roll, Téa. The sorcerer makes his move first." He added, rolling his dice. They spun and landed on 00.

"No way!! A super critical," Yugi gasped.

"Final Destiny!"

One by one, their vision darkened. Yami…take over. Yugi pleaded as his soul left his body. Mokuba's empty shell slipped back into the chair, staring at the ceiling. Everyone else leaned on the table. Yugi blinked as his vision returned.


"I don't care who that guy is. But, I won't stop…until I find Seto!" Mokuba's voice cried out, causing the sorcerer piece to flinch.

"Yugi, do you think…"

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