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Chapter One: Preparations…

It was Christmas time once again and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was buzzing with excitement. All the students were talking back and forth about what they were planning on doing over Christmas vacation, where they were going, and, for those people with a huge appetite, bragging about how much they were going to eat. Everyone was having a great time with their friends. Well, everyone, that is, except two.

"You spoiled, egocentric, pathetic, foul mouthed, sadistic little snob!" Hermione Granger stormed through the huge double doors and into Hogwarts. Her entire back was covered with green while the tips of her hair held traces of silver. She stormed right past the doors which led to the Great Hall and continued for the stairs. Draco Malfoy came storming in behind her, his long strides helping him to keep a steady pace behind the angry Gryffindor. The front of his robes were splattered with red and gold.

"Don't you insult me like that and walk away, you two-faced, lying, book-loving, mud-blood of a teacher's pet!" Hermione stopped and turned around.

"How dare you call me that foul name?" she all but hissed at him.

"How dare I?" gaped Draco as he came to a stop next to her. "I could ask you the same thing. No one talks to me in that manner!"

"Well, then, perhaps it is time that someone did!" shot back Hermione. "Someone has got to put you in your place."

"You'll pay for that one, Granger," he muttered in a dangerously low voice. Anyone else might have buckled under the glare and the way he had said that, but not Hermione. She absolutely refused to allow him that much satisfaction. With one last huff, Hermione turned on her heel and jogged up the stairs. She knew she had to get out of there before she did something she might regret. Well, she may not regret beating that stupid ferret into a bloody pulp, but she would most definitely get in trouble for it- whether Draco deserved it or not.

Besides, Draco had been the one to start it. He had been the one to 'accidentally' spill paint all over her; though she knew it was no accident. What else could she do but retaliate?

Draco noticed several of the scared first years looking on in wide-eyed wonder.

"What are you looking at?" he yelled before he, too, ran up the stairs.


Hermione stormed into her rooms and thrust her trunk open. She needed to take a shower before she went down to join Harry and Ron for lunch. She muttered to herself the entire time.

"Stupid… self-righteous… I just want to… his bloody pale throat…" Ginny looked up from her magazine and looked at Hermione with a curious look.

"I take it decorating the outside of the castle was not as easy as Dumbledore thought it would be," she said with an amused smile. Hermione glared at her.

"Just because Dumbledore asked me to decorate the outside of the castle with that prat does not mean I have to like it," she growled. Ginny held up her hands in defense.

"Okay, no need to get all angry at me. It was merely an observation." She laughed as pushed herself up from lying on her stomach into a sitting position on her knees. "But you have to admit, he's one good looking prat." Hermione glared at her as she shut her trunk angrily, a towel, shampoo, hairbrush, and a clean set of robes in hand.

"Not you too, Ginny," she frowned. "I thought you of all people would not fall victim to what that prat wants you to think." Ginny shrugged.

"Well, he may not be the easiest person to get along with-," Hermione snorted at this, causing Ginny to quirk a brow. "-but you have to admit… he's got the looks to pull off just about anything." Hermione stood and glared her.

"Good looks do not compensate for manners, breeding, intelligence, or respect." Then, she narrowed her eyes at Ginny. "Does Ronald know you think this of Draco?" Ginny shrugged.

"I doubt it," she said. "I've never said anything to him, and I do not think he would suspect me of thinking so, anyway." Hermione sighed.

"Alright, just do not let Ronald or Harry know," she breathed before heading to the bathroom. "They would go absolutely crazy."

"Hermione?" called Ginny just as Hermione was in the doorway of the bathroom. Hermione glanced at her over her shoulder. "Why don't you call Ron anything other than 'Ronald'?" Hermione shrugged.

"Because that is his name," she said.

"Yeah, but why don't you call him 'Ron'? Why is it always 'Ronald'? Why do you always have to be so proper with your best mate?" Hermione thought of this a moment before she answered.

"Honestly? I do not know." With that, she closed the door and left Ginny to read her magazine. Ginny only shook her head, laid back down upon her stomach, and continued to read the magazine's choice of the twenty-five most eligible bachelor wizards in the U.K. She smiled when she saw that number eighteen was a Quidditch player.


Draco slammed shut the door to the bed chambers he slept in. Rushing over to his trunk, he threw it open and pulled out all of the things he needed to get the gunk off his face.

"Pushy… self-important… like to take her by her scrawny neck… bloody bush head…"

"Draco, would you calm down?" asked Blaise Zabini as he arrived at the end of Draco's bed and leaned against one of the posters. "What's eating you, mating?" Draco snapped his gaze up at Blaise.

"I can't very well calm down when someone as uptight and pretentious as Granger is forced to be your partner for decorating the outside of the stupid castle for Christmas." Blaise snickered.

"That bad, huh?" He sat on the edge of Draco's bed.

"Worse," Draco muttered. He stood and closed the chest at the end of his bed. "After all, there is no reason why that lousy little mudblood should be allowed to speak to me in the manner she did." With that, he stormed into his bathroom. Blaise merely shook his head. Those two were always going at it. He wondered if there would ever be a time when they weren't fighting or yelling at each other from across the hall.


"Hermione, are you alright?" asked Ron as Hermione joined them for the last fifteen minutes of lunch.

"I'm… just… fine!" Hermione stabbed at her food with each word she said and all but snarled out the last word.

"You know, 'Mione," said Harry, "I've always found it easier to scoop my ice cream with a spoon as opposed to stabbing it with a fork." Hermione glared at Harry from across the table. "Or not." Harry looked back at his own plate. Hermione sighed as she dropped her fork.

"I'm sorry, Harry," she said as she placed her head in her hands. "It's just that Malfoy gets on my nerves. You know how that git can get." Harry and Ron looked at each, shrugged, and then looked back at Hermione from across the table.

"Yeah, we do," Harry agreed. Hermione sighed.

"I'm heading for Potions," she said. Ron frowned.

"You're already angry because of that stupid git Malfoy, now you want to go to Potions early? You do remember that Snape teaches that class, don't you?" Hermione swung her book bag over her right shoulder and glared at Ron.

"I'm angry, not stupid, Ron." With that, she left in a huff, leaving Harry and Ron in her wake.


Draco walked through the doors of the dungeons and saw Hermione sitting in the front, as usual, smack dab in the middle of Harry and Ron. He snickered as he walked up and stopped right in front of her. When she refused to meet his gaze, he cleared his throat. Even though it went against her better judgment, she looked up and glared at him.

"What are you supposed to be, Granger?" he asked, a sneer upon his face. "The meat in a bird-brain sandwich?" He laughed as he looked at Crabbe and Goyle, who stood on either side of him. Ron clenched his fists. Hermione rested her hand upon his, but never took her eyes off of Draco's.

"That's rich, coming from the guy who was transformed into a cuddly ferret and took a trip down Crabbe's pants." Harry and Ron could hardly contain their laughter. Draco's face scrunched up as though he had eaten a very sour lemon, Goyle was also trying to bite back a laugh, and Crabbe was as red as a tomato. Draco pointed a finger at Hermione.

"I had no choice in that," he snarled. "That was all Moody's doing. Or Crouch Jr., whoever it was at the time. If you ever mention that again, you'll regret it." Hermione smiled when she saw that Draco couldn't think of anything offensive to say.

"It would appear that our dear Malfoy here is speechless," snickered Hermione. She straightened up and looked at Harry and Ron in mock seriousness. "But be careful, you two. He may be speechless, but he can still hand out threats with the best of them." Draco wanted so much to retaliate as Harry and Ron let out laughs, tears falling from their eyes, but someone placed a hand upon his left shoulder. He looked around and saw Professor Snape standing behind him. He quirked a brow and made a crisp motion with his head, his greasy hair swaying, telling Draco without any words at all to sit in his seat. When he did, followed closely by Crabbe and Goyle, Professor Snape looked at the Golden Trio, his eyebrow still raised. When he spoke, his voice was the same old drawl.

"Perhaps you three should stop wasting class time and start working. If I wanted my time wasted, I would spend less of it in my dungeons and more of it dealing with the idiosyncrasies of the masses; including foolish children, such as you." His mouth twitched, as it always did when he was talking with the Golden Trio. Or, any child that was not a Slytherin. "As it is, I am bound to my job, which involves spending time trying to fill the young minds of insufferable know-it-alls." He looked directly at Hermione as he said this. "Five points from Gryffindor…" He looked at the three of them. "…each." With that, he went back up to the front of the classroom, leaving an enraged group of Gryffindors in his wake.

In the back of the classroom, Draco and his two cronies smirked. Oh, how they loved Potions class.


"Five minutes to go," Severus called. Hermione, Harry, and Ron were already done with their potions, no thanks to Ron. He had nearly ruined the sleeping potion when he placed too many unicorn hairs in it. And as they sat around, waiting for others to finish up, they heard Neville Longbottom making incoherent words.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-," He said.

"Mr. Longbottom, if you are going to sneeze, please get it over with," said Snape in a bored sort of tone. He barely looked up from his desk when he saw the bubbling green goop swell up and out of the cauldron.

"Get out!" he shouted to the class. The entire class began pushing each other to get out of the way in an attempt to exit the classroom safely. Hermione, Harry, and Ron were the first ones up, but Hermione fell and couldn't get up due to the amount of students stepping over her. So, she curled up into a tight ball with her hands over her head.

"Hermione!" shouted Ron and Harry, but it was too late. The other students were still pushing them to get out.

"Wait for me!" shouted Draco as he followed Crabbe and Goyle out. Unfortunately, he had not seen Hermione on the floor. So, he tripped over her, landing right next to her.

"Ouch, you stupid, little-!" The last thing either Hermione or Draco remembered before falling into darkness was an explosion and being covered in green, glowing goop.

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