Resurrection of the Silence

A Ranma ½ Sailor Moon Crossover by MV

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Warnings: First, tiny bit of language, violence.

Also, I'm going to use a bit of canon interaction for the wedding, but just for a bit, and it's NOT the same.

Note: Takes place during the wedding Ranma-wise, and after Galaxia SM-wise

Thanks to everyone over at the Fukufics forum for the inspiration and the information.

"Spoken Words"



Ranma Saotome, foremost practitioner of the famed school of the Saotome school of Anything Goes Martial Arts, was not having a good day. He had just returned from saving Akane from the Phoenix of Jusendo, Saffron, only to be denied of the cure to his curse, even if he had finally chosen to be able to live with it.

However, when he returned home, he was knocked out, dressed in a tuxedo, and had been told he had been getting a wedding that very day. And his patience was waxing thin.

He ran towards Akane's room, wondering in his head why Akane would finally agree to marry him.

Tomboy's never even given a second thought to it before, he mused to himself. Wonder what made her agree now.

He burst into Akane's room, intent on finding why the girl he…….was fond of… was suddenly having a total reverse in position.

He opened Akane's door quickly, mindless of the fact that 99. of the time, this would have resulted in a "Ranma, you pervert!" and a quick retaliatory strike.

Lucky for him, this was part of that elusive 1.

"Hey Akane!" he shouted as he entered the room. "What's this nonsense about you agreeing to the wed….."

He broke off, stunned at the beauty of the girl who normally was the most plain of the fiancé brigade. He heard Akane's greeting in the back of his mind, but his brain was in a temporary reboot, as referenced in the easy to use Ranma's Head For Dummies: A Reference Guide for The Rest Of us chapter 1; when Ranma sees a beautiful female, depending on the severity of the situation, immediate shutdown of the core may occur, if this occurs, attempt a manual reboot.

He could only stutter incoherently as Akane turned to face him.

"Do you like the dress, Ranma?" Akane asked him. Ignoring his words, if they could be called as such, she continued. "I guess the Japanese style would have been better."

"Ah, no" Ranma was finally able to speak normally. "They are both c…cute. Wow", he continued. "You do look…pretty."

"That's it?" Akane's voice was absolute zero. Inside, however, the magma was boiling. She had just gotten dressed for her own wedding, and all the insensitive jerk could say was that she looked PRETTY?

Ranma, sensing the soon to be eruption, quickly attempted to placate her.

"Nonono," he reassured her quickly. "You're…." he broke off, looking at Akane's face nervously. "You don't look like yourself at all."

Akane was not amused. Her fiancé had just insulted her looks, AGAIN!She knew though, that if she punched him too far, the wedding wouldn't take place, and she couldn't claim Ranma as her own. So, instead, she merely slapped him.


The blood was already rising to form the imprint left on Ranma's cheek, but he said nothing, he merely looked down, and waited for the inevitable.

Akane turned away, ashamed at both Ranma and herself. She whispered.

"And to think, I was going to tell you about the Nannichuan…"

Ranma's face shot up instantaneously.

"We've got Nannichuan and you didn't tell me!" He was furious, but he knew that he had to recover the cursed water fast, before the panda or anyone else involved in the chaos of his life attempted to ruin his main chance at a cure. He would sort out his feelings, including the slap, later.

As he ran towards the dojo, he suddenly caught a whiff of an okonomiyaki, mixed with something he hadn't smelled before. As he attempted to catch the erstwhile projectile, his danger senses flared dangerously. The okonomiyaki exploded in his hands, and if not for the ki he had poured into his hands, would have likely caused some pretty hefty damage to his limbs. He heard Shampoo and Ukyo declare their intentions, as well as Konatsu's platitudes. But, as he was getting up, a familiar numbness spread over his body.

Kodachi's here…… Ranma thought morosely. Which means stick boy's here too…

"Ranma you cur!"

He was only partially correct. Suddenly, his senses screamed of an attack from behind, and he threw himself forward.

Nope, now he's Katana boy Ranma griped as he dodged the furious swipe, ready for another attack. However, the deluded kendoist merely stopped, and spoke.

"How dare you attempt to marry the fair Akane Tendo without my permission!" His fan flicked out, and the word denied was clearly written. "I will not allow it!."

Ranma dodged the second and third slashes, trying to figure a way to disarm the lunatic without letting anyone else get hurt.

Since when did we need your permission?" He shot back. Suddenly, a fire pail, which of course, was full of water, appeared out of nowhere. Ranma cursed internally.

Damnit! My girl form is faster, but she's not going to be strong enough when this gets worse!

He steeled himself anyways for the change in his tactics, but instead of the familiar momentary discomfort he experienced during a change as his body shifted, there was a sudden lurch that he had never felt before.

Ranma Saotome, considered by many to be the best martial artist of his generation, if not soon to be of all time, was swept away by the sudden onslaught in his head, and all faded to black.

It's so quiet……was his last conscious thought.


Akane Tendo, last practitioner of the Tendo School of Anything Goes, stared on in equal parts horror and anger, the former towards her home, the latter towards her aqua-transsexual fiancé.

That jerk! She thought to herself as she watched Ranma let himself get glomped by the Black Rose. He can have his floozies for all I care.

She watched as Ranma pulled away, and a glimmer of hope appeared. Hmph, as if I ever wanted to get married to that pervert she continue her ponderings as Ranma dodged Kuno's seemingly pathetic attempts.

Suddenly, she saw Ranma slip, and the pail of water headed straight for her. She wasn't concerned though. Jerk or not, Ranma was strong enough finish off Kuno and hopefully help her stop her fellow fiancés. She turned to see the thrashing of Kuno, but Kuno had stopped his attacks, and appeared to be…..staring?

She stopped her mental wanderings, and looked at what should have been Ranma's girl form.

It wasn't.

Whoever this….being was, it definitely wasn't Ranma.

Instead of the petite redhead that she had expected, this….woman…was about as tall as Mr. Tendo, and there was no mistaking her as the young girl Ranma-Chan had always appeared as.

She held herself with a quiet dignity that Ranma, even when she had been temporarily amnesiac, had never shown even the slightest bit of.

Her eyes, rather than the energetic blue shine of Ranma's, were now violet, darkened by things only she knew, and squinted slightly in preparation for violence.

Her hair was no longer short, and the Dragon's whisker was nowhere to be seen. Instead of the short pigtail that (usually) distinguished both of Ranma's forms, her now dark violet hair was much thicker, and reached past her new height's waist, and down to past her legs, and now paved the floor around her figure, partially covering her appearance.

Ranma's white Tuxedo had also vanished. In its place was a dark blue sleeveless blouse, with a generously low cut in the chest. It was accompanied by a pair of dark green pants that seemed to flow down to the floor. This person's bust was about the same as Ranma's girl form, but on this taller body, it seemed more natural, rather than the oddities that had seemed out of place on the smaller Ranma-Chan.

But these went almost unnoticed by Akane, as well as the rest of the regulars of Nerima. They, along with Akane, were staring at the new symbol located on this woman's forehead. Squarely placed on the woman's forehead was a black 5-pointed star, and it, more-so than anything else on the new woman's form, was disturbing to Akane.

It was apparently the same for the rest of the people gathered in the dojo, for Ryoga, Mousse, and Genma stopped fighting over the cask, and Shampoo, Ukyo, Konatsu, and both the Kuno siblings were staring apprehensively at the new player in the game of Ranma's life.

In the appearance of the new figure, no one noticed Happosai sneaking towards the casket, his normal appetite for females diminished by the ki, or lack there of, he was sensing from this new beauty.

Even though Akane was intimidated by the new figure, she needed Ranma for the wedding. Managing to control her voice, she brazenly demanded,

"Where's Ranma, you hussy? You better not be a new fiancé! This is MY wedding."

The figure merely stared on into space, ignoring her. Akane's blood boiled. No one ignored her, not Ranma, not the other fiancés, NOBODY!

"I'M TALKING TO YOU, YOU STUPID SLUT!" Even she was shocked at her choice of words, but they had been spoken hastily, and were unable to be taken back, even if she'd wanted to.

But the mysterious woman merely stared off. Slowly, her head rotated around, seemingly analyzing the various martial artists standing before her. Her gaze came to a stop when she spotted Happosai silently sipping from the cask, his back to her. Her violet eyes narrowed in anger, and without warning, strands of her hair were flying through the air. They moved silently, flying towards the perverted grandmaster, and Akane could tell that their intent was not friendly. She attempted to shout out a warning, but something was wrong.

Even though she knew that she was speaking, she couldn't hear her voice. It was like when there was so much background noise, you couldn't hear your own voice, except for one key thing, she noticed abruptly. The dojo had gone completely silent, save for the disruption of the strands of hair moving through the air. She could only watch, too far away to act, as the hairs shot towards the old master.

However, Happosai was clearly still on guard. He suddenly threw the cask between himself and the hair, and even as the strands wrapped themselves around the barrel, and in a frightening display, crushed the barrel utterly and completely, he was airborne away from the woman. He made several complex looking warding gestures, and suddenly, Akane could hear again.

But the effort had apparently taken much of Happi's power, as he breathing heavily, and did not appear to be well.

"Happosai!" Akane cried out. "Are you okay?" Even though there was no love lost in her for the perverted old man, he was probably their only chance of finding what was happening, as Cologne was apparently nowhere to be found.

"Stay back," came the gasped reply. "None of you have a chance. Run to the Neko Hanten. You'll be safe there."

Nevertheless, several members of the informally-dubbed Nerima Wrecking Crew ignored him.

"What have you done with my Ranma-Sama, you depraved little harridan?" Kodachi screeched as she shot several paralysis darts that she had pulled out of her black wedding dress.

The insane Rose expected the whore to dodge the traps, in which case, she would step right into her waiting ribbon, which she had shot through the floor.

She should have kept dreaming.

Even as the strands of hair broke away from the now destroyed casket of Nannichuan, and intercepted the erstwhile missiles and destroyed them, the woman leaped over the ribbon that had shot out of the floor, and landed easily to the side. Her eyes were glowing an eerie purple, and she spoke for the first time.

"So that's the way it's going to be…" Her glowing eyes brightened, and suddenly, she was in front of the insane gymnast. Before Kodachi could defend herself, the woman's hand was around her throat, choking her. She spoke in a loud whisper.

"So, little girl, you think you can take ME on?" Without warning, she leapt away, the would-be bride still in her hands. Kuno's blade passed harmlessly through where she had just been. Kuno stopped, and turned to face her.

"So, I see that this is the foul sorcerer's familiar." Even as the others gaped at his stupidity, he continued on. "Even though my sister doth be an ungainly wench, I cannot allow thee to harm her, as she is descended of my father. Defend thyself!"

He leapt, suddenly came down faster than Akane had ever seen him move, his sword poised to sever the hand still choking the Black Rose. The figure did nothing, and Akane averted her eyes in order to avoid the blood soon to be shed.

She half expected to hear something, the sound of flesh severing under steel, the clang of a sword hitting the floor, anything.

However, when no sound was heard, she turned around hesitantly. What she saw shocked her.

More of the newcomer's hair had moved around to cover her arm, and she could see Kuno's strain as he attempted to finish the cut and free his sister. However, the hair appeared to be far stronger than any of Ryoga's ki-infused bandanas, and held with no sign of breaking.

The woman moved her violent gaze towards the Blue Thunder.

"So," she spoke conversationally. "You want to get involved?"

Not waiting for a reply, more of her hair knocked the sword from Kuno's hand, even she knocked Kuno away with an open palm strike to the chest.

Kuno hit the dojo wall.

His outline could be seen on the other side of the wall.

After a few moments, he slid to the floor, his imprint against the wall left for all to see.

Needless to say, he didn't get up.

The figure toyed with the sword, apparently testing its worth. Then, she tossed it into the air. Hair surrounded the sword, and without a flicker of effort, the blade was broken.

Kodachi gasped, her face turning blue. Even though she had learned many methods of breath control in order to further her poisons, even she had limits that were vast approaching. She appeared to wilt, and the woman tossed her next to her brother.

"Weak." She muttered condescendingly as she strode towards the gymnast. "Not worth my time at all."

There was a flicker of movement, and her head swerved to avoid the ribbon that milliseconds before had been on a crash course towards her face. She grinned viciously.

"Ah, maybe I was wrong."

The Black Rose stood there gaping. Not even her Ranma-Sama was that fast. She knew she should have hit the other woman, but her brain could not process the information, still starved for oxygen. Tendrils suddenly made themselves known, and the last thing she saw was her own paralyzing potions moving towards her face.

"Hmm, guess you are weak after all." The figure said to herself as the Black Rose dropped to the floor.

"Prepare to Die!"

Ryoga had seen enough. Hitting a defenseless girl, besides the fact that Kodachi had been doing her best to maim this woman, was enough. He leapt towards the woman, only to be thrown back by a spin kick to his face. Thankful for his endurance training, Ryoga landed back on his feet.

"Fine, then take this! Shi Shi Houkou Dan" The green blast of depression shot towards the woman. The blast was one of the largest Ryoga had produced, as even though he was with Akari, he had still been invited by the bastard Ranma to his one time love's wedding. It was not on the scale of a perfect, but it was fairly close. Ryoga was sure it would be enough to get rid of the unwanted guest.

The figure merely held up its hand, as if to block the attack. Ryoga grimaced, and increased the blast, as he tried to make himself more depressed by imagining Ranma and Akane, together…..The sphere increased even further in size, but the woman merely stood there.

Her hand widened, and as the green sphere approached her, the ball of ki merely seemed to disappear into her outstretched hand.

Ryoga stared in shock. That was one of his best Shi Shi Houkou Dans ever. He gritted his fangs in determination.

"All right, I have no choice. PERFECT SHI SHI HOUKOU DAN!"

The sphere was of ki was immense, larger than anything Ryoga had ever produced. Shards of the dojo's roof shattered and fell as it ascended to the sky.

Ryoga gaped. That was far too big for even Ranma! While the lost boy was admittedly many things, he didn't want to be a killer!

He needn't have worried.

Even as the enormous ball descended back towards the Earth, the figure merely raised an eyebrow.

She placed her still open hand over her head, and as the ball reached the scattered remains of the Tendo Dojo, before anyone else could move, she appeared to concentrate, and the ball winked out as if it had never been.

Ryoga was beaten, and he knew it. He could barely stand up, let alone put up a decent fight. That last perfect Shi Shi Houkou Dan had taken near all of his reserves.

The woman turned to stare at him.

"Such a waste of lifeforce," she muttered to herself, and with a flash, she had cold-cocked Ryoga with her elbow.

She looked around. "Anyone else?" She asked in a shadow of Ranma's cocky tone.

"Happou Dai Karin!"

The bombs were launched, and the woman had no chance to dodge. She crossed her arms in a blocking position as the fuses burned out. The resulting explosion rocked the dojo, as Happosai had gone for an overkill.

When the smoke cleared, however, the woman was merely charred. Her clothes were dusty, and her hair was mussed, but she was unhurt.

"Is that all you've got, old man?"

"Release Ranma now!" Happosai yelled back. "Brat or not, he's still my student!"

Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo gasped. Ranma was possessed by this….thing?

"Nice try, old man. But no can do, its still me in here, after all. Just felt like stretching out after that long nap. Man, I have gotten rusty."

The woman's voice had changed. Whereas Ranma's soprano had been slightly shrill and girlish, this woman's voice was now a smooth alto, sensuous and full



"Ranma, how dare you pick on Ryoga!"

Shampoo and Ukyo turned and stared at Akane incredulously.

"Um, Akane," Ukyo stuttered, her gunpowder okonomiyaki temporarily forgotten. "That was as merciful as I've seen Ranma fight towards Ryoga."

"I don't care." Akane had always hated being contradicted, and this was no different. "Look at what she's wearing! She's a pervert!"

The woman who had claimed to be Ranma looked down at herself.

"Hmm, I happen to like these clothes. Are you saying I'm indecent?"

"Yes!" yelled Akane, flustered. Where was the normal, sputtering Ranma who tried so hard to deny being a pervert?

"Hm, I don't think so." The woman claimed. "But it does appear I've worn out my welcome. I think it's time for me to leave."

"Demon!" Happosai's voice was more serious than it had ever been. "I will find you, and destroy you!"

"I think not, old geezer. Besides, I have places to see and people to meet."

She turned to leave.

"Oh, and Akane?"

Akane looked up, wondering what the woman could want.

"I honestly wasn't sure what love was. At least, until the slap." Akane's face went white. "Thanks for showing me what love isn't."

She turned again, but Nodoka's voice stopped her.

"Stop." The voice was strong, with no other trace of emotion. "If you are truly my son, you will change back, and marry Akane. It is the honorable thing to do."

The woman smiled sadly, and for a second, Akane caught a glimpse of Ranma in those violet eyes.

"Mother, I'm sorry, but I cannot. I have a debt that must be fulfilled. It precedes all of the current engagements."

"Foolish boy!" Genma spoke for the first time. "You will marry Akane NOW!"

The sad smile disappeared, and the eyes lost their emotion. Ignoring the outburst, the woman continued to stare at Nodoka.

"Mother, I'm sorry I never really got to know you. Maybe someday…."

The figure broke off as Happosai leapt over her to block the exit.

"You won't get away, Demon. All of us combined would fight to our last breath to save Ranma." Everyone nodded in confirmation. No matter what their reasons, they would rather have Ranma back, rather than this unknown woman.

The woman laughed despondently. It was a harsh sound, full of pain, regret, and despair. A single tear fell from her immaculate face, down to the floor.

"All of you could maybe have taken me before, but now…" she broke off, as Genma, Soun, Akane, Shampoo, and Ukyo, fists, bonbori, and combat spatula outstretched respectively, raced towards her, while Happosai started chucking more Happou Dai Karins, and Mousse started throwing everything he had managed to hide beneath his tuxedo.

Her eyes flashed once, and her hair was suddenly intercepting everything thrown and returning it with a vengeance while she effortlessly dodged and weaved through the melee.

Seeing that the brawl wouldn't end any time soon, her eyes dimmed, and she caught Ukyo's spatula with her fingers, used it to parry Shampoo's bonbori, and threw the weapons, owners still attached, towards the fathers and Akane, who collided in an ungainly heap. She looked over her shoulder at Mousse and Happosai, and noted with satisfaction at the scene before her. She had used Mousse's chains against him, redirecting them with precision, and had trapped both duck boy and the geezer to the wall. She knew it wouldn't last long, but Mousse must have coated the chains in some new magic something-or-other, as even Happosai's aura could not break them. She knew it was only a matter of time, though, before the fray was resumed.

She turned towards her mother, whose face seemed to be carved in stone, and bowed deeply.

"Goodbye, Mother." She whispered, and the pain in her voice as she spoke those words was plain for anyone to hear.

She straightened slowly, and would not meet Nodoka's eyes. She snapped her fingers, and a circular patch of darkness appeared on the floor of the dojo. Ignoring the shouted cries, she walked on top of it, then, without looking back, she disappeared into the darkness.


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