His thoughts exactly.....Buck's feelings after he got saved (Left Behind fanfic) and kinda short, too

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the character(s) in this fanfic and they belong solely to Dr. Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins (and I had the priviledge of hearing Dr. LaHaye speak at my church....and shaking his hand, too).

The morning after he got saved, Buck roused from his bed, scratched his back and prayed. He felt a sense of comfort now that he was a Christian. He kneeled at the foot of his bed and prayed to God, thanking Him for saving him.

After getting adequately dressed, Buck picked up a Bible he had and started to read the book of Psalms.

"The Lord is my shepherd," he repeated quietly, reading Psalms 23.

After reading the Bible and having a cup of coffee, Buck thought to himself.

"Now I know where I'll be going once I die," he said. "Now I am a child of the Lord."

The morning news was on TV and the only thing it ever spoke of were the mass disappearances and Nicolae Carpathia - the Antichrist.

"I wish people could see him for what he really is," muttered Buck after he finished his coffee.

He felt like something was protecting him from harm once he got saved. He felt like he was falling and Jesus caught him in His arms.