Nightmare on Privet Drive

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Chapter one: Alone with Vernon

It all started only a few days after his return from Hogwarts. He'd been making dinner for his Uncle. His Aunt and Cousin were off shopping for some larger clothes for Dudley.

"Cook faster will you!" His Uncle demanded, impatiently. Harry glared at him over the frying pan.

"And don't you give me that look", he pointed to Harry dangerously. Harry rolled his eyes and concentrated on the stove. "Dam little shit", Vernon grumbled.

As Harry looked away his Uncle stared at him the entire time. Something was different about the boy. He seemed… older, more…mature, more…attractive. Even though he was still thin, he could see the muscle patterns through his t-shirt. And he noticed how milky white his skin was. Flawless skin, save for his scarred forehead. It was nothing like Petunias, wrinkled and full of age moles.

Finally Harry brought over the plate of food and gave it to his Uncle. Vernon grabbed his wrist as he turned to walk away. Harry turned around, startled but not too concerned.

"Sit", Vernon demanded.

"Sit?" Harry questioned. He'd never been asked to sit at the dinner table.

"Isn't that what I said boy?" Vernon grumbled, his voice strangely low and hoarse.

Harry took a seat at the other end of the table. "Not there", Vernon spoke. "Next to me."

A strange feeling came over Harry. He hated his Uncle, but he'd never been afraid of him. After all, Harry had faced Lord Voldermort. But the way his Uncle was behaving was freaking him out a little. If Vernon ever gave Harry attention, he always had a motive behind it. And Harry was beginning to wonder what his Uncle could possibly be up to now.

Harry got out of the seat and sat next to his Uncle. Vernon began eating, but stared at Harry the entire time. Harry looked away, feeling extremely uncomfortable under his Uncles' gaze.

Harry wasn't sure what to do. He just sat there, for what seemed to be an eternity. Usually his Uncle scoffed down his food, but it seemed as though tonight he was taking his sweet time. Harry sighed, looking out the French doors in the kitchen.

Suddenly he heard silverware being dropped and his Uncle got up. "Come with me."

Harry watched his Uncle leave the room. He was really worried now. He tried to think if he had dome something wrong. "Uh… Uncle Vernon", Harry called after him. "Am I in trouble?"

"You will be if you don't follow me."

Harry pushed in his chair and sighed deeply. What could he have possible done to upset his Uncle. Not that Vernon ever needed a reason.

Harry followed his Uncle upstairs. His curiosity and fear doubled when they passed Harry's room. 'What the hell?' He thought, getting frustrated. What was going on?

They stopped in front of Vernon and Petunia's door. Vernon opened the door. Harry stood still. Very still.

"Go on", Vernon nodded. Harry didn't move. "Now!"

Harry quickly entered, standing right beside the door, flat against the wall. Vernon entered and closed the door, fidgeting with the lock before fully entering. He went about the room, shutting windows, closing curtains, turning family photos around.

At this, Harry's heart beat like crazy. Something bad was going to happen. Something he didn't want people to hear. Something he didn't even want photos to witness.

Vernon walked to a table on the side of his bed and pulled out a bottle. He quickly guzzled down some of it and put it back. As he approached, Harry thought he might faint due to his rapidly beating heart.

"Take your shirt off", Vernon finally spoke. Harry was frozen. Unable to speak, he shook his head 'no'. Slap! Harry was backhanded across the face, making his lip bleed.

Purely on instinct, Harry grabbed the doorknob. 'Shit!' Locked. Quickly he ran passed his Uncle and dodged under the bed.

"God dam you!" Vernon roared, trying to grab Harry's feet before they disappeared. Vernon stretched his arms, reaching as far as he could, but couldn't reach him. And no way could he ever fit under the bed.

Harry crawled to the center, praying that his Aunt Petunia would be home soon. As long as his Uncle couldn't reach him, he would stay under there as long as it took.

As Harry was lost in thought, caught up in his own fear, Vernon managed to get hold of a loose shoelace and pulled Harry closer to the edge. He grabbed Harry's legs and pulled him out quickly.

"No!" Harry screamed madly, clawing at the floor. He kicked and fought, trying to escape from his Uncle's grip. Suddenly Vernon was on top of him. Harry moaned loudly as is felt his ribs would be crushed under the weight. "Eh! You're…crushing me!"

"If you scream again, I swear you'll wish you were never born", he threatened. Harry's eyes were wide. Vernon was so close to him, Harry could feel his hot breath on his face. "And if you tell anyone about this, I'll flat out castrate you. Understand me?"

Harry's lips quivered as he tried not to cry. Suddenly Vernon got up and Harry thought as though he could breath again.

"Up!" Vernon ordered. Harry slowly got to his feet and stood in front of his large Uncle. Vernon took Harry's glasses off first, then his shirt. Then as he started with his pants, the young wizard started to cry. Vernon completely ignored him as he unbuttoned Harry's jeans and slid them down. Though still afraid, Harry was obedient and lifted his feet so Vernon could dispose of his pants. Next he slid Harry's boxers down. Harry covered his face with his hands, unable to bear it.

As he sobbed into his hands, he was unaware what Vernon was doing. When Harry finally opened his eyes, His Uncle stood before him, completely nude. Harry thought he was going to be sick.

As Vernon approached, Harry instinctively backed up until his back was up against the wall. Vernon leaned closer to touch him, but Harry slid down to the floor.

Getting frustrated, but not too frustrated, seeing as though he was about to get what he wanted, Vernon grasped Harry's shoulders and lifted him up.

"No!" Harry shook madly, trying to escape from his Uncle's iron grip.

"Don't you dare fight me", Vernon released one of Harry's shoulders, to grab his hair and pulled him in for a kiss.

Harry's eyes went wide in shock. Vernon attempted to open Harry's mouth with his tongue. At first Harry kept his lips as tightly closed as possible. But then he quickly opened them and closed his teeth down on his Uncle's tongue.

Vernon pulled back, a frightening howl escaping him, like some sort of wounded monster. Seizing his opportunity, Harry bolted.

"No you don't", Vernon mumbled with blood coming down his lip. As quickly as the fat man could move, he jumped on the poor boy, pinning him to the hard wood floor.

"Ah!" Harry gasped in pain. He was sure his Uncle had broken some ribs.

Vernon assaulted Harry's neck with wet kisses. Wet from both saliva and blood. Harry scrunched up his neck, trying to avoid them. He shivered in disgust, both from the kisses and from his Uncles' body being pressed against his own.

Vernon wrapped his arms around Harry and dragged him to the bed. Harry sobbed, now knowing that he couldn't put up a good enough fight. He could barely see without his glasses, and a few of his ribs were definitely broken.

As Harry was thrown on the bed, he clawed at the sheets, attempting to crawl away but got nowhere. Once again Vernon got on top of him, only this time, he straddled his waist. As Vernon's heavy body came down, Harry attempted to hold him off, but he couldn't possibly support his Uncle's weight, and he came crashing down, nuzzling Harry's neck.

"Why", Harry squeaked, starting to sob again. "Why are you doing-", Harry's sentence was cut short as an infuriated Vernon covered his face with a pillow. Harry scratched and clawed madly, trying to get the pillow off. His air was running short. Just as Harry thought he was about to either pass out or die, the pillow was removed. Harry gasped loudly, attempting to fill his aching lungs with air. His eyes were wide as saucers and his face was as white as the sheets he was lying on.

Vernon flipped Harry over on is stomach. Still trying to catch his breath, Harry was not prepared for the pain that followed. As Vernon penetrated the boy's flesh, Harry let out a silent half scream, half cry.

As Vernon continued, Harry could only cry in both pain and shame. All he wanted to do at the moment was curl up into a ball and die. He grasped the sheets in his fists, his knuckles turning a ghostly shade of white.

While the moans behind him became louder, the thrusts became faster and harder and soon Harry could feel his Uncle's sickly liquids dripping down his body.

Vernon collapsed next to the young wizard panting heavily. Harry remained stiff as a board and continued to grasp the sheets as if he let go he'd fall off the edge of the earth.

After Vernon caught his breath he got up and got dressed. He looked at Harry in almost disgust. "God dammit", he rubbed his face ferociously, as if trying to relieve some stress of or a headache. " Get dressed for fuck sake!" He demanded, throwing Harry his clothes.

Harry got dressed slowly. First he put his boxers on, feeling a small tinge of relief that his bottom half was covered. Then he put on his jeans, which took a while to button, since his hands were shaking so violently. Before he could put his shirt on he felt a fist collide with his face.

"What did you make me do!" Vernon bellowed.

Harry looked up from the ground fearfully. His Uncle was furious. Furious like he'd never been before. Vernon grabbed Harry by the neck and pulled him up. Harry looked into his Uncles crazed eyes. He looked mad, yet also a bit panicky. "I'm not gay you know! I'm not!"

"Ok", Harry choked out.

"Shut up!" Vernon dropped him to the floor and kicked him in the gut. "You don't believe me do you? Say it!"

"You're- " Harry began coughing violently. "You're not"-

"Say it!"

"You're not gay!"

"Good", Vernon looked slightly pleased. "Now if you breath a word of this to anyone, I swear to you, you'll never be able to walk again. Understand?"

Harry nodded.

"Good", Vernon sighed in relief, seeing that he was going to get away with what he had done. "Now get in the fucking bath. You smell like cum."

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