Nightmare on Privet drive

Chapter 6: Truth behind the lies

AN: Sorry, I changed the title again. This is the last chapter in this story. Please enjoy...or pretend like you did.

Recap: Harry eyed the small bottle, then Fudge. "What is it?"


"What!?" Harry panicked. "Why?"

"Harry this is a rather large matter we are dealing with. We need a supportable explanation."

Harry's heart beat rapidly. No way would he ever let them know. Never. If they asked him if he knew who killed them, then that would lead to Lucius. Then they'd ask why Lucius would save him, and from what.

"Drink it", Fudge replied. "Now."

"I told you already, I didn't do it. And I don't know who did", Harry shot back.

"If you've nothing to hide, then you shouldn't mind drinking this."

Harry glared at the floor, refusing.

Fudge let out a frustrated sigh. "Dumbledore", he spoke, eyeing the old man. Dumbledore sighed heavily, knowing what measures the Ministry would go to.

Suddenly two Ministry workers pulled Harry's head back. "Ah! Hey!" Harry tried to fight them, but two others held him still.

"This'll be quick", Fudge explained, approaching Harry.

"No!" Harry panicked. Fudge pressed the bottle against Harry's lips, but Harry kept them sealed shut.

"Come on Harry. Open." Fudge squeezed Harry's cheeks against his teeth and jaw, painfully. Harry moaned in pain, but would still not open his mouth.

Next, Fudge moved to plan B, and pinched Harry's nose shut. Harry's eyes widened in shock. He didn't know how he would win this one. He held his breath until he got dizzy. Then his body's instincts took over, and he gasped for air.

Fudge saw his opportunity and emptied the bottle into Harry's mouth.

Harry choked on the liquid as it went down his throat, against his will.

The Ministry workers stepped back with a satisfied grin on their faces.

"Harry", Fudge began, knowing that the serum would take effect immediately. "Did you murder your Aunt and Uncle?"

"No!" Harry yelled, pulling away from the Ministry workers.

"Did you murder your cousin?" He continued.

"No", He answered again, coldly.

Dumbledore, though sure Harry was innocent, breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in his chair."You see Fudge", Dumbledore motioned. "Harry played no part in these horrible events.

"Wait, wait, wait", Fudge began. "We are not finished here. "I have just a few more questions."

Harry sank back in his seat, fearful of what Fudge might ask.

"Now Harry, tell me...", Fudge circled around the young wizard. "... where have you been these past few weeks?"

"... At a f..friends house", he answered, being careful of his words.

"What friend?"

Harry could feel the 'L' start to roll on his toungue. But before the serum forced him to speak, he thought quickly. "Malfoys."

Dumbledore furrowed his brow in confusion. He knew very well that Harry and Draco did not get along. However, Fudge had no knowledge of this.

Fudge huffed in defeat. He was sure that Harry had something to hide, seeing how the boy was acting. But there was no way that he could have lied.

"Very well." Fudge motioned for the others to leave. "Thank you for your time Harry...Dumbledore. Sorry for the intrusion." And with that said, he left just as quickly as he came.

Harry sighed as soon as they left. He felt a tremendous load being lifted off of him.

"You fooled them havn't you Harry.", Dumbledore broke the silence. Harry suddenly remembered the old wizard behind him. "But not me."

Harry didn't even move. Didn't even bother to turn his head to face him.

Dumbledore approached him slowly, the wheels in his head turning. Though he was old, Dumbledore was as smart as a whip, and could see right through anyone. He could always find the truth behind the lies. But, for the life of him, he could not see through Harry's lies.

Harry looked up slowly. His tired green eyes met twinkling blue. "Harry", Dumbledore spoke softly, leaning down to Harry's level. "What happened? Why is your family dead?"

Harry shook his head slowly. The Serum was wearing off, and was much easier to fight.

"You know. Don't you?"

"He...", Harry spoke, still unsure of what to say.


"...helped me", Harry answered, getting a bit teary eyed, thinking of Lucius in Azkaban, all because of him.

Dumbledore was still confused. "Helped you?"

Harry didn't want to continue the coversation any longer.

"Harry, who helped you?"

Harry kept shaking his head, side to side. Tears began to fall.

"Is the person who killed your family, the person who saved you?"

Harry stopped shaking his head, and focused his eyes on the ground.

"Harry...please. This is important", Dumbledore begged. "What did you need to be saved from?"

"My Uncle", Harry answered quietly, without thinking.

"Why would you have to be saved from your Uncle?"

Harry looked up at the old wizard, desperate to just leave and be left alone. "I don't want to answer anymore questions", he sobbed.

Dumbledore could tell that whatever happened was serious. He wanted to know what happened. But he knew Harry had a right to keep some of his life private. And too many people already knew too much about his personal life. So for once, he decided to just leave the boy alone. "All right Harry. No more questions", he smiled kindly. "Go see your friends. I'm sure they've missed you."

"Thanks", Harry smiled, wiping his eyes and running a hand through his dark spiky locks.

After he left Dumbledore's office, he was happy at first. For once he had been left alone. For once they didn't have to know everything that happened in his life. But after he'd had time to think about it, after he'd washed the tears away in the bathroom, he wondered if Dumbledore had figured it out. What if he knew. Who else would know. Would he keep it to himself. That was doubtful. What if the whole school found out. Found out that he'd been some freakish toy for his Uncle to have sick fun with.

As the school year went on, there was no news of Lucius being found out, or of anyone else being blamed for the death of the Dursley's. It was assumed to have been the work of the Dark Lord. Harry's friends were grateful, but also stunned to have found out through the 'Daily prophet', that he'd, for some reason had been staying at Draco's house. Draco, surprisingly had gone along with Harry's story. Harry assumed that his Father must have told him a few things. Which serve to greaten Harry's paranoia.

'Everyday. It seems like everyday, I get these sympathetic eyes staring at me. God, I feel like they can see right through me. Like they can read my mind. Do they know? I think they do.'

'There are days when I manage not to think of any of it. Not my Uncle or the Murders, or even Lucius, days when I just pretend I'm just like the person I used to be, as if none of it had ever happened. But those days are few and far between.'


AN: I kinda' rushed on the end. Hope it wasn't too bad. I guess it's better than not finishing it at all. :)